Tara (taradiane) wrote in hd_holidays,

Submission template...

We know that some of you like to have your submission template at the start as you begin crafting your gift...so for those folks and everyone else - here is you submission template!

When you do send in your submission, please format your email subject line as follows: SUBMISSION - USERNAME FOR USERNAME (so, if it were me, it would be SUBMISSION - TARADIANE FOR DYSONRULES). Also, it really helps us if you put your username in the file name of your attached doc/jpg. There is nothing worse than a file named hols2012.doc and I open it up and have no idea who has written it or who it was written for.

PLEASE FILL IN THE AUTHOR NAME! We will switch it to anon before posting, obviously, but this is just an extra measure of making sure we know whose fic belongs to which author. Please put this header at the top of page 1 of your word doc. It really does make it easier for us, and is no effort for you. ARTISTS, please don't forget to include this header in your submission email!


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