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Betas needed!

Our normal crop of betas have signed up as participants this year, and we have a few folks who are in need of assistance.

To make it easy for them, we are making this beta sign-up post so that you may volunteer your services.

If you are an experienced beta and are willing to proofread a story (or two!), please comment with your information using the template below. I will point participants who need a beta reader towards this post - so please include valid contact information!

Kinks/genres you consider your specialty:
Highest rating:
Squicks/Limitations (things you WON'T beta, i.e. deathfic, rape, etc):
Would you beta a fic that featured secondary pairings outside of Harry/Draco and/or a threesome? How about infidelity fic?:
Strengths/specialties (grammar, canon style, constructive criticism, plot/clarity, sex positions, britpicking, etc.):
Average turn-around time:
Max word count you can handle:
Who have you betaed for in the past (we need experienced betas!):

Please keep in mind that if you are a participant, we do not mind you signing up to beta but ONLY if your own fic has been finished and turned in!

REMINDER: Submissions are due on October 21st - that's exactly one month from today!
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