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Brief mod note...

Just a brief mod note as we approach the three-weeks-until-deadline phase....

First off, we hope that everyone's hard work is paying off and your stories/artworks are showing the fruits of your labor! Along with your beta, we mods are here to help as well should you need it. Stuck on a plot point and need some fresh eyes? Want to brainstorm ideas for that empty plot hole you just found and your beta is coming up blank? Email us!

Secondly, as the due date approaches and you realise you're never going to make the October 21st due date, please remember that if you are going to ask for an extension, you must attach your work in progress! No extensions will be granted without proof that you've at least started. Some idea of how much longer you think you'll need is also very helpful. Be reasonable - don't tell me you'll have it done sometime before the end of the year.

And thirdly....

As expected, we're starting to see some dropouts. Please do not arrange your own pinch-hitter. They are a last resort only (and a precious commodity!), and this early in the game, there is almost always another (and much simpler) solution. While we appreciate the desire to lighten our workload, please let the mods, er, mod and handle it.
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