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Author: killerangels13
Recipient: bsmog
Title: Together in the End
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, Harry/Charlie
Summary: Sometimes the road is bumpy and unsteady, but if you hold together you will make it safely to the end.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warning(s): Five year old boys, plotting, make-up sex, abuse of breakfast foods
Epilogue compliant? Not where the main characters are concerned
Word Count: ~7800
Author's Notes: Happy Holidays bsmog!! I tried to get as many of your prompts in as I could. A huge thank you to C for the beta, you helped make the story make sense. All remaining mistakes belong to me. Thank you to the Mods for putting this together and keeping everyone on track, you guys are all very special.


Harry had been working in the study when he heard the shout from the front hallway. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t convince Teddy to not shout when he came into the house and was ultimately glad that they had found a way to get Mrs. Black off the wall.

“HARRRY!” Before Harry had a chance to get downstairs the door burst open and Teddy came flying in. “Harry, why didn’t you answer me? You weren’t downstairs and I didn’t know where you were.”

“You need to stop shouting through the house. And I wasn’t expecting you; I thought you were spending the day at Grandma’s house?”

“He got an owl and insisted he had to come and share it with you.” Harry looked up and couldn’t help smiling when he saw Draco leaning against the door frame. “Mother was over visiting Aunt Andi,” Draco offered in response to Harry’s silent question about his presence.

“HARRY!” Pushing the parchment out of his face Harry turned his attention to Teddy. “Victoire is having a party. She turns four this year.”

“She does? Well, we’ll have to find a very special present for her. Is that why you came over, because you want to go get her present? When is the party?” At five it was hard to tell what days Teddy might be interested in the younger girl or want nothing to do with her. Today was one of those days when Harry wasn’t sure which direction he was headed.

In the most grown-up way Teddy announced “She’s having a Quidditch party,” as if Harry should have known that. This time when Harry looked up Draco just shrugged his shoulders, trying not to laugh.

Harry led Teddy to the sofa and helped him up on it. “I’m not seeing the problem here. You know how to fly and I thought you liked spending time with your cousin. She came to your party so I think you should go to hers”

“But Harry, she’s a girl. Girls don’t play Quidditch.”

This time Draco couldn’t keep from laughing and when Harry glared at him he left to go make some tea. Having a suspicion of where he’d gotten that idea, Harry now had to work at changing it. “That’s not true, lots of girls play Quidditch. Your Mum was an excellent flyer and liked to play on occasion. And you’ve been to Aunt Ginny’s games and seen her play.”

“But they’re all old so of course they can play. Victoire is too young.”

“She’s only a year younger than you, and is rather good on a broom. Let’s look at the invitation and see what it actually says.” Teddy shoved the invitation back at Harry who had to duck to keep from getting his eye poked out. Grabbing hold of the waving hand he plucked the parchment from it and read it over. “There will be various races and activities, maybe even a pick-up game as long as the teams will be evenly matched. That sounds fair enough.”

“Can I bring my own broom? Grandmum got me a new one for my birthday. But now we have to go get a present, right? You and Draco can take me to Diagon, I haven’t been to the broom store in forever and we can get ice cream too. Please Harry, please?”

“How do you know Draco isn’t busy this afternoon? Maybe he doesn’t want to take you shopping.”

“DRACOOOOO,” Teddy was off the sofa and tearing out of the room before Harry had even finished talking. There was a screech from the hallway and Harry was pretty sure he heard a hastily choked expletive before Teddy and Draco reappeared in the doorway. “Please Draco, please? Pleeeeaaaase?”

“What do you need my permission for? We’re at Harry’s house; he should be the one to give approval.”

“Harry said I had to ask you. We want to go to Diagon to get a present and you have to come with us. Pleeeeaaaaase? And ice cream, we need ice cream too.”

“But we have tea, we can’t go now. It’s against the rules, you must drink the tea when it’s fresh or the tea bandits will come to get you.” Draco set the tray down on the coffee table and took a seat on the sofa with Harry. “Come now Master Theodore, you don’t want the tea bandits to get you, do you?”

Harry draped his arm across the back of the sofa to play with the hair at the nape of Draco’s neck as they sipped their tea. He liked that Draco let it grow out a bit and left it loose and natural. He smiled to himself when Draco closed his eyes and leaned back into the caress, it wasn’t often that Harry got to be this close with Draco in the middle of the day. Teddy sat on the floor between the sofa and table with a pout and Harry noticed that his hair was slowly returning from the almost Malfoy blond it had been when he’d arrived to the tawny brown it always got when Teddy was pouting. Though he didn’t actually have any tea, he let Harry and Draco have theirs and played with the sugar cubes left on the tray.

When asked what kind of present he wanted to get for Victoire he said he didn’t know, but they had to go shopping that day. Eventually Harry convinced him that they couldn’t go without some idea of what they were getting and since they had a few weeks they would go next weekend.

After a bit Teddy got bored and went to find his room to play in while Harry and Draco finished their tea. They could hear him talking to someone in the hallway so weren’t surprised when Ron wandered in. Harry removed his hand from Draco’s neck, but left his arm across the back.

“Isn’t this quite the domestic scene? Did you save any tea for the rest of us?”

“Stuff it, Weasel. If you want tea you’ll have to make your own.”

“Sure, Ferret, I wouldn’t want any that you’ve made anyway. Are you sure you want to drink that Harry, he could have poisoned it.” Ron dropped into the open chair and conjured a cup to help himself to the tea.

“I’ll take my chances, can’t be worse than the stuff you make. I thought you were out with Hermione all day, did you get into a fight again?”

“She had to go into work, something about an emergency with the communication software and it not connecting to the network. Said she’d be over for dinner later. You sticking around, Ferret, or running away?”

“Sadly, I must decline such an exciting invitation, perhaps next time. But now I must be getting the little terror back to his Grandmother. Gentlemen, if you’ll excuse me,” Draco set his cup back on the tray and stood to leave. He let his hand trail over Harry’s knees as he strode from the room and they heard him go upstairs to find Teddy.

Not two minutes later there was the pounding of feet on the stairs accompanied by a screech. “Ahhh!” Teddy came barreling back into the study. “Save me, Harry, save me. The tea bandit’s trying to get me. I’ll drink my tea, I’ll drink it.”

Harry just managed to set his tea down before he was tackled by the five year old. Draco followed him in more sedately. After a short struggle, much laughter, and a promise from Harry that they’d go shopping the following weekend Teddy allowed himself to be taken back home.


Harry was in his study later that evening working on more editing after Ron and Hermione had retired. Most of the time Harry enjoyed being able to work from home, but it also meant odd hours on days when he got interrupted if he didn’t want to fall behind. He was just thinking about calling it a night when there was a soft knock on the door frame. “You don’t have to knock and you could have come back for dinner if you wanted to.”

“I share an office with Weasley all week; I really don’t imagine he wants to see me at his dinner table. Though Hermione is rather pleasant to talk with. Besides, we don’t need them thinking there’s more to my visits then just bringing Teddy over.” Draco advanced into the room and came to wrap his arms around Harry.

Though he wanted to resist, Harry found himself leaning back into the familiar embrace. “You may share an office but I know you aren’t there often. Being the department’s top Aurors, you always seem to be out doing something when I stop by. Besides, they already know we’re sleeping together, what more is there for them to suspect?”

“We aren’t sleeping together; I’ve never stayed the whole night.”

“You could.” They had had this argument many times before and the outcome was always the same. No matter what he said or did Draco wouldn’t stay or spend more than the occasional evening with Harry and his friends. After two years of Draco and Ron being partners in the Auror Department they had become friends in their own right and by extension Draco was friends with Hermione.

Harry doesn’t remember when he and Draco had become friends, but he does remember when they started this strange non-relationship they have. It had been at one of those celebratory parties the Ministry threw to mark the one year anniversary, another one that Harry hadn’t wanted to attend. He’d managed to escape to a well concealed balcony only to find that it wasn’t entirely empty; Draco was already there taking refuge from the merrymakers.

They had formed an unsteady truce after the war when Harry returned Draco’s wand to him. After that they could be cordial in each other’s presence and even worked together a few times before Harry withdrew from the Auror program. Eventually they found they could carry on entire conversations when they met, but hadn’t before sought the other out.

That night they had both been a little sloshed and somehow Harry had confessed that he didn’t want to be at the party, let alone with a date he had no interest in; he liked Ginny well enough, but she just didn’t hold his interest like he had thought she did. Next thing he knew Draco had him pressed against the side of the building and was snogging him and it wasn’t entirely unwelcome.

After that night they would find an opportunity to get away whenever there was a Ministry function. They met a time or two outside of those functions too, but it wasn’t until Draco and Ron become partners that their non-relationship really got started. It was a convenient excuse to see each other, and as long as there wasn’t any outright flirting in public they were okay. But Harry was tired of pretending that there wasn’t someone in his life, or that he was seeking bachelorhood.

“Potter, you with me?” Harry was brought out of his musings when Draco stated to nibble on his ear. He wanted more and Harry wasn’t sure how long he would let himself be content with what was being offered. Standing up he pulled Draco tight and Apparated them both up to his bedroom where clothing was tossed aside to get to skin.

Harry found himself being backed up and knew they were headed in the general direction of the bed. He was caught unaware when they hit the edge of it and their momentum sent them sprawling. Draco followed him down, breaking the kiss only long enough to whisper a spell that would prepare them. This particular spell was a little invasive and quick acting, designed for those occasions when there wasn’t time for normal preparation. They didn’t use it very often, mostly when Draco had been away on a mission and they were feeling impatient

Harry rolled over and got up on his knees having learned that was the best position when Draco was in this kind of mood. Grabbing onto his hips Draco lined himself up and with one sharp thrust entered Harry. Though the spell made the penetration easier Harry was still tight and the pleasant burn made him arch his back in pleasure.

Draco reached up and interlaced his fingers with Harry’s, bringing them flush from hip to shoulder. With his back arched and head turned to the side Draco was able to ensnare Harry’s mouth in a kiss that conveyed all the passion they wouldn’t let themselves express otherwise. The position was a little challenging to maintain with the rhythm Draco had set so they couldn’t hold it for long. Draco settled for licking and nipping along Harry’s spine and shoulders where he knew he was most sensitive.

Releasing one of Harry’s hands Draco brought it back to wrap around Harry’s straining erection. With a few precise pulls and twists in time with a couple more precise thrusts Harry was coming and Draco followed him almost immediately. Unable to hold himself up any longer Harry slumped onto the bed with Draco on top of him. They remained entangled until they had caught their breath, then Draco slowly pulled out and rolled over to the side.

Draco slowly traced the pattern of the tattoo that graced Harry’s right shoulder. “Does it help? Is the pain and sorrow lessened?” it was the same question he asked every time he saw it, and Harry always had to consider before answering.

Harry remembered when he had first seen the Celtic tree. Still feeling lost and broken a year after the war was over and he was hiding out in the library at Grimmauld Place when he came across the book on mystic knots. Named the Dara Knot it stood for destiny, strength, and endurance; all qualities that Harry had had to contend with during the way. The knot-work tree kept calling to him so that he would often find himself in the library at night when he couldn’t sleep to look at it and study its intricate details. Eventually he took the book and went to get the tattoo done in an ombre effect from brown to bright green.

He had been hoping that it would be able to help him find some peace within himself and start living again. That if he had a tribute to those that were lost or offered help in the war, a reminder of what was accomplished, he would accept that he hadn’t been able to save everyone. Though it had been a slow progress it was helping, and since Draco was a part of the healing process he was always carful to be honest with him.

“It has helped. Though the pain of losing everyone is still there they don’t haunt me anymore. I know someday even that will be just a shadow but that I have to let it work itself out. What about you, does hiding your Mark make your pain and sorrow less?” Harry countered rolling over to face Draco.

“Regret, not sorrow. Besides, everyone knows I have it, that doesn’t mean they want to see it. If it’s hidden they can pretend it’s not there and that I hadn’t thrown my lot in with the wrong sort. You’re the only one who wants to see it, not that I understand that.”

Harry ran a finger down Draco’s forearm before lacing their fingers together. “It’s a part of who you are, maybe not a good part, but it shows what you overcame to become who you are.” Not wanting to get into another argument on the topic Harry brought Draco’s hand down to kiss the back then curled into him to get some sleep.


“HAAARRRRRYY!” the screech was accompanied by the sound of feet running down the hallway and headed for the kitchen stairs. Harry wasn’t sure how he managed, but Teddy always seemed to know which room he was in when he got there.

“I know you said we were going shopping tomorrow, but I just had to come over tonight,” Teddy wasn’t even in the room proper and was already talking to Harry. “This way we don’t have to waste any time in the morning and you don’t have to come get me. I’ll be here already and we can get a really good early start. I’ve even given some thought to what I want to get, but I can’t tell you what it is because it’s a surprise and even you can be surprised when we find it. Of course I don’t know where we’ll find it so I might have to tell you before we go shopping, but no one else, not even Draco. He’ll have to be surprised when we find it too.”

Harry was amazed at the amount of energy the boy always seemed to have. It seemed as though he didn’t take a single breath and at the same time climbed into one of the chairs and started to serve himself dinner. Of course Harry hadn’t been expecting company so only had one place set, but he quietly got out additional settings after Teddy was settled.

“I apologize for barging in on you like this,” Andromeda entered the kitchen more sedately. “I Flooed and Kreacher said you were home so Teddy insisted on coming right over. I’ve left his bag and things in the hall upstairs.”

Having moved the Floo connection to the study where he spent more time Harry sometimes missed with someone wanted to talk at meal times. “That’s not a problem; the two of you are always welcome here. May I offer you some dinner, unless Teddy’s eaten it all.” Teddy looked up at them and grinned with tomato sauce all over his face.

“Thank you, but we’ve already eaten. You’d better get some before it’s gone though. I can see myself out, and feel free to bring him back at any time; I don’t imagine you want to look after a boisterous five years old all weekend.”

“He’s not usually much of a problem, but I’ll remember that. Thanks for bringing him over.” Andromeda dropped a kiss on top of Teddy’s head and waved to Harry on her way out. “So, what’s this mysterious present you want to get for Victoire?”

“Ah what hinking un od toes –” Teddy looked up with noodles hanging out of his mouth.

“Not with your mouth full. I don’t understand gibberish and that is not how a well behaved young man should act. Now would you care to try again?”

Teddy swallowed his mouthful and even took a sip of juice before talking. “I was thinking she would like one of those fuzzy creatures like Uncle George brought over that one time. He said they were easy to take care of and Grandmum says she doesn’t think Victoire has one yet. She said they don’t make it to London often so probably doesn’t have one.”

Harry had to think back to what it was that George had brought with him last time there had been a get-together. He had been trying for a new breed of the Pygmy Puff and had some with him. Harry was pretty sure Bill would not be pleased with one of those and hoped maybe he could convince Teddy of something else.

“We can take a look when we get to Diagon Alley tomorrow. But we should probably have another idea as well; we don’t want to spend all day just wandering up and down the street.”

“Is Draco going to join us? I asked him last weekend and he said he would.”

“I believe he said he would think about it. Why don’t you write him a note after we’ve finished eating and you can ask him.”

Harry had barely finished talking when Teddy finished his juice and charged back up the stairs, no doubt in search of parchment. Not wanting his study to be destroyed, Harry placed a warming charm on his plate and followed after the boy. When Harry entered the study Teddy was perched on the back of one on the chairs trying to reach the latch on Jethro’s cage.

Wingardium Leviosa.” Harry cast the spell just as Teddy tumbled over the back. “That didn’t look like note writing to me. What were you trying to do?”

“I was going to let him out so he was ready to send the note. I was going to keep hold of him.”

Harry gently set Teddy on the floor and went over to the desk. “You don’t need Jethro until the note is written. Now come over here and we’ll write it together.” Harry pulled a piece of parchment and a pen out of a drawer. Though Teddy liked to use the quills he wasn’t much practiced and was always breaking the tips so Harry had bought him a multi colored set of pens.

A short time later the message was on its way and Teddy was off running through the house. Harry had been looking forward to a quiet evening by himself, but was also pleased that his godson was there visiting.


Diagon Alley wasn’t as bad as Harry expected it to be; being the end of April the students were still at Hogwarts. There were still plenty of people around, so he had to keep a good eye on Teddy, who wanted to go into every store they passed. Having convinced Teddy that a pet may not be the best idea they were looking for the perfect gift. They’d found lots of okay gifts, but nothing Teddy was convinced would be good enough.

Draco had met them for shopping and was currently showing Teddy around Quality Quidditch. Harry took the opportunity to nip into Eeylop’s for more owl treats and was now lounging on the bench outside waiting for the other two to finish up.

“Boyfriend troubles?” Charlie Weasley asked sitting down next to him and following his gaze across the street. Draco and Teddy were now looking at the broom in the window where they were visible from the street.

“Can you really have boyfriend troubles if you don’t have a boyfriend?” Charlie was the one person Harry felt he could openly talk to about his feeling for Draco.

“Still claiming you’re not dating? Is he seeing anyone else? Are you?”

“He never says; I haven’t actually been curious enough to ask. As much as he comes over I’d like to think he isn’t, but…”

“Does he come over just for sex or does show up at random times too?”

“Mostly he’ll use Teddy as an excuse to come over during the day. Some evenings he’ll show up for dinner or to play chess with Ron, and will be affectionate if no one else is there, but goes back to indifferent if someone comes into the room. A few nights a week he’ll stop by for sex and though we’ll fall asleep together he’s always gone in the morning.”

“I could talk to him; ask him what his intentions are. Then you can get your answer and move on, either with Draco or find someone new. Do you know if he got an invite to Victoire’s party next week?”

“He hasn’t said anything about going when Teddy’s been talking about it. He’d make it out to be a date if I were to ask him, and he fervently avoids anything that feels or looks like a date.” Harry looked up to see Draco watching the two of them out the window; while Harry would say that he didn’t look jealous he didn’t look pleased to see them. As affectionate and tactile as Draco was when they were alone he was aloof when they were out and would get affronted if Harry showed any inclination toward anyone else.

“See if you can get him to agree to come and I’ll give some thought to your problem. But now I must be going, tell Ted hello for me.” With that Charlie left giving Harry a quick squeeze and ruffling his hair as he stood up.

Teddy and Draco came out of the Quidditch shop then and though they hadn’t found a present Teddy was excited to tell Harry all about the new brooms. They continued to wander the street looking for the perfect present until lunchtime when they headed to the Leaky for a bite.

Hoping Charlie would be able to help him, Harry waited for an opening to get Draco invited to the party. The perfect opportunity presented itself while they were waiting for their food. “So Teddy, is Andromeda staying with you when you come to the party next week?”

“No, Grandmum can’t stay, she’s not bringing me, said she had a luncheon to go to. I thought you were coming with me? You said you’d be there.”

“I will be there. But I’m going out the day before to help get things ready,” Andromeda had asked if he’d be willing to take Teddy to the party, but if this worked out then he’d have to Floo Bill about coming in early.

Their food arrived briefly interrupting their conversation. Harry watched as Teddy worked through the problem and hoped that Draco didn’t realize he’d been fibbing. Suddenly getting an idea Teddy turned to the adult next to him in the booth. “Would you take me to the party, Draco? You can stay too; Grandmum was invited so she wouldn’t have to make the trip twice. Please Draco, please?”

Harry watched as Teddy’s hair slowly became Malfoy blond and saw the moment Draco resigned himself to attending a Weasley birthday party. “Your argument is exceedingly persuasive.” Harry could tell he was trying not to give in too easily and they were both aware that Teddy wouldn’t accept no for an answer. “Very well, I shall accompany you to the party.”

After lunch they made their way to the Portkey station in Diagon to see about catching a trip to Bath. Draco had been telling Teddy about the toy store he visited as a child and Teddy thought it sounded like just the place to find the perfect gift. Tucked down an alley a short walk from the Portkey station, they entered Flaversham’s Emporium. Upon seeing the selection Harry wished he was five again and could run around exploring everything. Eventually they found a castle play set complete with a dragon that breathed fire and a knight in armor with a live-action horse that Teddy declared was the perfect gift. Once they had the gift wrapped they headed back to the Portkey station to return to London and Grimmauld Place for a spot of tea.

Draco declined Harry’s offer of dinner, even after Teddy asked as well. Harry also knew that meant he wouldn’t have a late night visitor; Draco was concerned that Teddy would walk in on them and neither of them was really prepared to try to explain that one. After tucking Teddy into bed Harry sat in his room reading and wondered if Charlie could be right; could there be a way to get Draco to make a commitment?


Bill had been grateful for the offer of help, so Friday morning found Harry headed for Shell Cottage to assist with setting up. Being six months pregnant, Fleur had enough to do trying to keep up with Victoire without helping with the set up. Charlie, George and Angelina arrived mid-afternoon with the last of the decorations. After dinner the guys headed into town for a bit giving the girls a quiet evening at the house.

“Have any luck with your dragon, Harry?” Charlie asked as they sat down with the first round of drinks.

“Trouble in paradise? Or is someone rocking the love boat?”

“Draco’s in a one man boat trying to paddle up stream.” Charlie replied kicking George under the table.

“But he’s bringing Teddy tomorrow; that has to count for something, doesn’t it?” Bill asked taking a sip from his pint.

“I kind of tricked Teddy into asking him, he never would have come if I had asked.”

“What if he thought you had another Beau?” George suggested looking as if Christmas had come early. “This could work; someone to flirt with and be all cozy with. It would have to be someone who won’t get their feelings crushed in the end. Someone who will be at the party and is single; as far as Draco knows anyway.”

“I’ll do it.” Three heads turned to look at Charlie like he had grown a second head. “He didn’t seem too happy when I accosted Harry last week in Diagon; make him think that wasn’t just a chance meeting.”

“But wouldn’t Draco know you know he and Harry are together? I’m not sure this would work; it could backfire causing Draco to just leave rather than confront Harry. Or get Ron to punch Charlie for interfering with Harry’s happiness. Then we’ll all get a scolding from Mum for ruining Victoire’s party.”

“We’ll just have to tell Ron and hope that Mum doesn’t notice anything. Incidentally, does she know that’s why you and Gin broke up?”

“I think she suspects, but has never said anything to me.”

“Let’s not tell Ron.” Again everyone turned to Charlie with apprehension. “If Harry and Draco aren’t as together as Harry would like Ron would have no need to defend him. I’ll keep an eye on him and if he starts to get overly worked up I’ll talk to him.”

“But how is Harry flirting with Charlie going to get Draco to confess his undying love for Harry?”

“If he believes he and Harry are exclusive he’ll either confront me or Harry about it. If he doesn’t see them that way he’ll just be miffed that he’s at the party seeing Harry happy and can’t do anything about it. Perhaps he’ll leave early or he’ll stay and fume. Either way he’s bound to ask Harry about it at some point.”

“Why can’t Harry just talk to Draco about it rather than go through this charade?” Always the practical one, Bill tried to do things the simple and direct way.

“Because I’ve tried that and he always manages to avoid answering, usually by distraction, or we get into an argument. Though I agree with Bill, I’m not sure we need to go through all of this, what if it doesn’t work?”

“It’ll work; I saw it in a movie once. So this is what you have to do.” While George finished outlining the plan Harry sat there feeling like he was on a runaway train and was hanging on hoping he’d make it to the end in one piece


When Harry entered the kitchen the next morning it was to a scene of chaos. The room was still a mess from the day before and Molly was due any time with the food for the party. And Victoire was standing in the middle of the room crying unable to be consoled by her parents.

“What’s wrong? Can I do anything to help?”

“Uncle Harry!” Victoire threw herself at Harry. “It’s raining and now my party is ruined. How can we have a party if it’s raining?” the distraught girl clung to Harry and continued to cry into his shoulder. Unsure what her parents had already tried and confused as to how he always ended up playing counselor to the little ones Harry did his best to try and smooth out the situation.

“Your party doesn’t start until later, I’m sure the rain will have stopped by then, it just wants to make sure everything is clean and bright for the party. Besides, all the best Quidditch players think of rain as a new challenge, not as a setback. Now dry your tears, Grammy Molly will be here soon and you don’t want her to know you’ve been crying.” Victoire gave a weak sniffle and nodded with her face still buried in Harry’s shoulder. “How about we go get you dressed and then see what still needs decorating?”

Harry carefully picked the girl up and carried her upstairs to clean up and get dressed. When they arrived back downstairs Molly had got there and taken charge of the kitchen. After a brief greeting they were sent back out to the lounge to help George with the decorations in there. Between the two of them, Harry and George were able to keep Victoire distracted from the rain and soon guests were starting to turn up.

When they got there Teddy made straight for Harry to show off his broom and the child size Quidditch gear Draco was letting him borrow. It was easy to get caught up in the excitement of the children and Harry even had a smile for Draco when he greeted him. Just as Teddy ran off to find the other kids Charlie wandered over to them.

“You don’t mind if I borrow Harry, do you? Thanks.” Without waiting for a response Charlie dragged Harry away. When Harry looked back Draco was still standing there glaring at the two of them.

“He didn’t look too happy,” Charlie commented as they headed into the yard. “Perhaps this will work in your favor after all. As long as we’re out here let’s set up for the games, I imagine Victoire will want to get started now it’s stopped raining.”

All the kids were excited to get outside, though Teddy was disappointed they were doing most of the activities without brooms he soon got caught up in the excitement and was running around as much as the rest of them were. He was currently watching Draco coach Teddy and one of the other boys as they worked at the Quaffle toss that he didn’t hear Charlie come up behind him.

“Fun day isn’t it?” Charlie slung one arm around Harry’s shoulders and leaned in closer than necessary. “Look happy now, he’s watching us.” Harry turned to smile at Charlie glad that the charade was easier that he had feared it might be.

“You are enjoying this way too much. Is that why you haven’t settled down? You’re out to break as many hearts as you can?”

“Ah, but I have settled down. You see I’m married to my work and no one can tear me away. Oops, Ron’s making his way over here; I’m going to make myself scarce.”

“Hey mate, what’s with you and Charlie? I thought you and Draco were together?”

“We are, sort of. Don’t worry about Charlie; he’s just being a friend. Got to go, they’re starting the snitch hunt and I have to help ref.”

Harry had a fun afternoon chasing the kids around, flirting with Charlie, avoiding a lecture from Hermione and trying to keep an eye on Draco. He knew it was getting near time to head back inside so was checking to make sure all kids were rounded up from behind the shed when Draco finally caught up with him.

“What are you doing with Charlie Weasley?”

Focused on chasing all kids back to the party Harry hadn’t been aware that Draco had followed him. “Having fun. I didn’t realize that would be a problem.” He tried to sound casual and non-defensive but was afraid it came out as an unsure question.

“It is a problem, you see, because I don’t share.” As he was speaking Draco had advanced causing Harry to retreat until he came against the shed wall. Unsure what Draco had planned Harry stood there not daring to more or react. When Draco suddenly smirked at him Harry was unprepared when Draco leaned in to ravish his mouth. Too stunned to react Harry just stood there and by the time he had gathered his wits Draco was pulling away.

“You still back there, Harry? We’re ready to do the cake,” Charlie came around the corner just as Draco took a step back. “I see you’re all set then, I’ll just tell them to go ahead. Holler if you need anything.” Charlie winked at Harry as he turned and headed back to the house.

“Care to tell me what’s going on?”

“Care to tell me why it bothers you so?”

“If you have to ask, perhaps things aren’t working and we should be having a different conversation.” Draco turned to head back around the shed and rejoin the party.

Harry really didn’t want to get into an argument, nor did he want to have this conversation when there were children around, but he knew they had to talk. Practically having gotten permission from Charlie to abandon the party Harry grabbed Draco’s arm before he could get more than a few steps and prepared to Apparate them back to Grimmauld Place.


Tinworth to London was too long a jump to side-along in one leg; fortunately there had been no one about when they popped into and out of a stray alley in Trowbridge. When they appeared in Harry’s room he dropped Draco’s arm and paced to the window. He wasn’t really sure where to start or if Draco would even listen to anything he had to say, and was hoping to have a minute to pull himself together.

“As much as I love being in your room, I don’t think sex is going to fix things this time.”

Harry turned to face Draco crossing his arms in front of him. “I’m not you, Draco, I don’t use sex to avoid conversations. And since you’re always avoiding talking about this I thought I’d try a different tactic, which at least seemed to get you attention.”

“My attention? Merlin, Harry, you always have my attention. You think I like being out with you yet not being with you? All afternoon I wished I was the one who was flirting with you and sharing casual touches. But I couldn’t, could I? All I could do was watch you with someone else.”

“Maybe that’s because you won’t be seen with me like that when we’re out. I don’t want to keep it a secret anymore. I’m tired of being evasive when asked about my love life or if I ever intend to settle down. I want to be with someone who’s not afraid to be seen with me or to tell my friends about us.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that’s what you wanted?”

“I’ve tried to tell you, but was never able to. You were always avoiding situations where it would be obvious. I always told you you could stay the nights and that Ron and Hermione already knew and didn’t care. ”

“They may not, but what about the rest of the Weasleys? Or the rest of the Wizarding world? They won’t be so kind if they find out we’re together, even less so since we’ve been together for a few years.”

“I don’t care what the rest of the bloody world thinks!”

“You should at least think about it. Why do you think I didn’t want people to know? I’ll either be accused of doing something to make you want me or be seen as your reformation project. You have an image to uphold after all, and I wasn’t going to be the one to ruin that.”

“Is that why you think I’m dating you? So that I’d look good in the press? Fuck Draco,” Harry threw his hands up in the air and turned back to peer out the window. “The first eighteen years of my life I did what everyone expected of me. I was constantly being reminded of who I was and what I was supposed to be doing. If I had wanted to continue in that vein I would have stayed in the Aurors.”

Harry turned back into the room to face Draco. “I’m dating you because I want to. Because I have feelings for you and enjoy the time we spend together. If you’ll recall, I’m not the one who wanted to keep all of this a secret. And I won’t any longer, so now you have to decide if this is what you want.”

“Didn’t want to keep it a secret? You’re the one who wanted to go into Muggle London for dates. If that’s not keeping it secret then I don’t know what is.”

“That’s not keeping it a secret; it’s going somewhere where we can be together without being on the front page of the paper in the morning. I want to have a normal life, normal relationships. If you can’t do that with me then I want to be free to find someone who will.”

Harry hadn’t wanted to get in an argument, but needed to know where they stood. He was about to think that Draco wanted to give up on them when he took a tentative step forward. “I want you. I want to be with you, and if you think we can make this work we’ll do it together.” Harry released the breath he hadn’t been aware of holding when Draco closed the distance between them and caressed Harry’s cheek. “I’m not perfect, and some people are going to hate us, but I’ll be yours for as long as you’ll have me. And from now on we’ll discuss all changes that we want to make or concerns we have. Agreed?”

Needing more, Harry pulled Draco to him and claimed his mouth in a searing kiss. “Agreed, from here on we’re in this together.” Tugging at clothing Harry guided them across the room until Draco’s knees hit the bed and he fell backwards onto it. Harry continued to remove Draco’s clothes, kissing down his chest as more skin was revealed and stopping to tease each nipple into a taut peek.

He deftly undid Draco’s trousers and pushed them and his pants off with light teasing caresses down the outside of his thighs and back up the inside, being sure to stay away from his straining cock. Pinning Draco’s hips to the bed Harry continued his exploration down his taut stomach relishing in the way it quivered under his admonitions. Leaving his cock untouched Harry’s kisses followed the same path that his hands had going down then back up first one leg then the other. By the time he got back up to his hip Draco was pleading for release.

Wordlessly Harry summoned the bottle of lube from the bed table and poured some into his hand. Slowly kissing his way back up Harry reached between them to prepare Draco. After only two fingers Draco declared himself ready so Harry added a bit more lube and sitting back on his heels slowly stroked himself, making sure he was well coated.

When he was ready Harry pressed Draco’s legs up to his chest and slowly entered his lover. Once he was fully seated he adjusted Draco’s legs to go around his waist and lay back down so that they were chest to chest and mouth to mouth with Draco’s straining cock pressed between them. Moving with deliberate slowness Harry set a pace he knew he’d be able to keep up but was slow enough to drive Draco to the edge without going over.

They took the time to relearn each other’s taste and while Harry kept Draco’s hips planted on the bed Draco took the opportunity to run his hands up and down Harry’s back. Though he would scrape and squeeze trying to get him to speed up Harry never relented in his pace. When he shifted angles and hit his prostate Draco’s cock jumped between them and they both let out a strangled moan. Keeping the new angle Harry sped up, hitting his target with each thrust causing Draco to dig his heels in and throw his head back trying to get more pressure.

Enticed by the exposed pulse point, Harry dipped his head to lap at it. Sensing that Draco was close Harry nipped at Draco’s throat then after running his tongue over the spot to soothe it sucked it into his mouth just as he thrust forward. As expected Draco cried out as he came in hot spurts between them. Not being able to resist the clenching around his own cock Harry gave into the desire to let go and after another couple of thrust was emptying himself into Draco’s tight arse.

After a minute to catch their breath Draco removed his legs and Harry slid off him to the side. Not wanting to break the contented moment they lay there lost in their own thoughts until Draco’s stomach made its presence known.

“Sorry, I guess we missed the cake and ice cream.”

“You’ll just have to take me to dinner to make up for it I guess.” Draco replied, reaching over to brush Harry’s fringe out of his face.

“Why don’t we stay in and I’ll cook? That way we don’t have to actually get dressed again.”

“I do like that plan better. But I’m not going anywhere near your kitchen starkers so you’d better have something that I can put on.”

After scrounging up some sleep pants and a t-shirt for Draco Harry led the way down to the kitchen. After a quick fire call to Shell Cottage to check on Teddy and being assured that they would watch him for the night Harry set about making dinner.

In their newfound desire to be touching each other they never got around to eating dinner. While the sausages burned in the pan and the eggs broke on the floor Draco took Harry bent over the counter. Leaving the mess where it was, though they managed to turn off the stove, they headed for the shower to clean up and have another leisurely round.

It was some time later when they were cuddled into Harry’s bed that they heard Ron walk past on the way to his room. “Stay the night?” Harry whispered into the back of Draco’s head.

“I require breakfast in the morning. And not just toast, a full English breakfast. With fresh coffee; I have an affinity for fresh ground coffee.”

“You hate coffee, but the rest I can manage. If there are any eggs left; we really should have cleaned up.” Pulling Draco closer and tucking the blankets around them Harry let himself be lulled to sleep, content in the knowledge that he wouldn’t be alone in the morning.
Tags: [fic], rated: nc-17, round: winter 2012

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