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Author: badcook
Recipient: radcliffe_bass
Title: Tiny, little drops
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Summary: Being a singer, and a good one at that, was Harry’s dream come true. Until the day that Draco left him.
Rating: PG-13 -Some suggestions, but not detailed, methinks-
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warning(s): None
Epilogue compliant? No
Word Count:
Author's Notes: I had this one cracky idea that I wrote and then let die with no hope for revival. So I switched lanes and got this out. It’s a little bit of h/c and has a little of that getting-back-together cliché, which the prompter asked for. Sorry if it may seem rushed (because it kinda was) but I hope it meets your expectations, radcliffe_bass!

Standing on the centre of the stage, Harry revelled in the screams and shouts of his name, feeling more alive than he had ever felt before.

He had never expected to find something else he was good at, apart from hurting and killing after the war. So turning his passion to singing and finding out that he was very good at it had been a great joy to him.

Lost in the lyrics of a song and the roar of the crowd, the sudden ‘pop’ of Apparition surprised him as well as the audience, shocking everyone into silence. Draco appeared in front of him, reaching out a hand to cup his face gently. In the background, Harry could hear the security being given orders to take the unknown man off the stage but Harry was too busy trying to pull away from Draco’s grasp to pay them much attention.

Before he could do so, Draco surged forward and planted a kiss on his lips, the contact sending a familiar tingle down his spine. Kissing back was as natural a reflex as the sudden screams of the fans witnessing their idol being kissed on stage by another man. When Harry realized what he was doing, he pushed Draco away with a horrified expression, anger starting to swell at the thought of Draco ruining his concert and career with this one stupid act.

But before Harry could lash out on Draco, two beefy arms reached out and grabbed a hold of each of Draco’s sides, hauling him away from Harry. Cruel satisfaction and relief dominated Harry’s mind at seeing Draco dragged off the stage. Really, what was his lover thinking, doing this in front of thousands of fans? He had almost jeopardized Harry’s job by making such a scene.

Shaking his head in disbelief, he turned to look at the progress of Draco’s leaving and was taken aback at seeing Draco staring directly at him, his gaze intense, but his expression unreadable. Being dragged backwards must be uncomfortable but what caught Harry’s breath was the sad smile gracing his lips. And then, before he disappeared behind the heavy drapes, Draco mouthed something inaudible at Harry and he was gone.

Harry tried to shrug the heavy feeling of unpleasantness settling in his gut away, pushing Draco’s face and expression to the back of his mind for now. He would deal with them and Draco later, after the concert. Flitting through words in his brain, Harry couldn’t help but try to twist and bend the words in his vocabulary, trying to fit them into the movement of Draco’s lips. However, nothing else that registered in his mind slotted into place- all except for goodbye.


The post-concert adrenaline enveloped him completely. The after party was a great success too. Feeling high from his performance, Harry was now heading back to his suite at the five-star hotel he was staying at with Draco. Entering, he called out to Draco. He had decided to forgive Draco for his earlier actions, as his manager had told him that his popularity was still assured, with many thinking of it as an assault by an overzealous fan. He was feeling randy now and hoped that Draco was ready for a pounding between the sheets.

Hearing no response, Harry called out again, walking towards their bedroom. Reaching it, he flipped open the doors and looked inside, searching for a glimpse of blond hair. The bed was made and nothing was out of order. Not seeing Draco, Harry wandered over to the bathroom to check. Empty. Feeling confused as to where Draco would be, Harry searched throughout the whole suite, hoping that Draco was somewhere in their room. Peeking into a few more rooms, and seeing them all empty, Harry went back to their bedroom. Sitting on the bed and looking around the room at nothing in particular, the partially open wardrobe door caught his attention.

Feeling apprehensive and suddenly recalling Draco’s earlier actions, Harry slowly walked towards it, reaching out a hand to open it further. It was empty. Cleared of everything Draco usually put in there whenever they stayed at a hotel. Frantic, Harry ran to the bathroom, seeing that the toiletries Draco brought were also gone.

Draco couldn’t have left just like that. Harry couldn’t believe it. Feeling his legs give out, Harry sank down to the cold tiles of the bathroom floor. Burying his head in his hands, Harry mulled over his past actions, wondering what he could’ve done to make Draco leave him.

Realisation dawned on him as the answer came almost too swift for him to handle, it being obvious with the way he had treated Draco during their one-and-a-half-year relationship. He had deemed his career too important to be ruined by being seen with another man. He had made Draco promise to keep their relationship hidden, even his closest friends and manager hadn’t even known. He never considered Draco’s feelings in that decision, leading them to this day, the day that Draco finally left him.

Feeling a painful twinge in his heart at the thought of that, Harry slowly picked himself up off the floor. He couldn’t just let Draco leave. He would find him and try to salvage their relationship, the separation from Draco too cruel for him to handle for the rest of his life. Determined, Harry set out to find Draco, sure that he could find him if he put his heart into it.


Harry entered their home through the front door quietly, having Apparated to the front steps just a moment ago. He reached up a hand to rub at his face, bristles of hair scraping his palm as he had forgone shaving for a few days now. Heaving out a tired sigh of epic proportions, he leaned his back against the door and closed his eyes. He hasn’t slept properly for a week now, ever since Draco disappeared on him.

He had stayed up on most nights, trying to figure out where Draco had went and why he had left without at least telling him, bursting into great bouts of anger and depression at the thought of never seeing Draco again, throwing breakables everywhere and generally making a mess of his suite. Though being a great nuisance, the hotel staff kept mum and ignored him as best they could- going about their daily routine of cleaning and replacing the things he destroyed. They were quick to pick up on that he did not want to be disturbed, after a cleaner was shouted into tears when she inquired if he needed anything else.

He was feeling so, so tired and so very sad. Missing Draco was painful, not knowing where he was and where their relationship stood was even more terrible. It was taking its toll on him, his shoulders sagging as if carrying the burdens of the world. He hadn’t even felt this tired when he went on the hunt for the Hocruxes.

Thank Merlin that his tour had only one concert left after Draco left, or he wouldn’t have been able to give a performance, as he couldn’t even muster up any fake enthusiasm. His fans were sure to feel weird about it but he couldn’t make himself care after discovering that Draco had really left him with no way to contact him at all.

He had asked around, flooing many of Draco’s friends and even dared try the Manor, asking everyone if they had seen Draco or contacted him. Negative answers and confused glances were all he received, with the additional eyebrow raise from Lucius when asked if he’d seen his son.

Suddenly, a loud moan distracted him from his thoughts. Interest piqued, Harry started to head in the direction of the source. He didn’t think there was anybody here, as this was an unplottable place, and only he and a few friends, including Draco, could come through the strong wards he had set himself.

At the thought of Draco, Harry felt his throat close up and a smidgen of hope began to make its way into his heart. Maybe it was Draco in here, with him. It was their shared home after all, both of them chipping in to buy the house together. Getting excited, Harry hurried his pace until he reached the hall leading him into the living room.

His steps faltered when he heard pleasurable moans and groans from behind the closed door. Bile was quickly rising in his throat at the thought of Draco bringing another man into their home for a shag. He could clearly hear Draco’s drawn out moan, easily identifying it as he often heard it himself. Another man’s muffled groan surfaced and Harry could feel nausea threatening to overtake him.

Steeling himself, Harry flung open the door, fully expecting to find Draco and another man writhing on the couch, but instead found himself staring at a video of the both of them together on the 52-inch flat screen TV he had purchased for their home. Feeling extremely relieved, his joy further surged at the thought of Draco being in their home, as it was evident that Draco was the one who had put the video on. Who else would want to watch them have sex and knew of the video? No one apart from Draco of course.

Encouraged by the thought, Harry quickened his pace out of the room, listening hard for any sound that Draco might make to signify his presence. Turning the corner, he was abruptly stopped by the sight of Draco making tea in the kitchen. Leaning against the entryway, Harry took in deep quiet breaths, trying to calm his racing heart. Not wanting to ruin his peaceful admiration of Draco after a week or so of not seeing him, Harry did not announce his presence and took his time absorbing Draco’s face and movements.

Draco was wearing a grey sweater -which complimented his silver eyes- and a white pair of trousers which were long enough that they touched the floor. His feet were bare, long white toes peeking out from his trousers. It took him some time to actually notice that Draco was walking and moving about with a slight limp. A limp that Harry knew all too well, it being the ‘I-was-shagged-six-ways-to-Sunday’ limp that Harry had more than once induced when he felt particularly randy.

Anger immediately flared up in his belly but Harry tried to tamper it down. He didn’t want to jump to conclusions and make things worse. It would be their first conversation after a week of separation and he didn’t want to mess it up, even though it ate at him.

The cling of teacups being set down on the marble table distracted him from his thoughts. He looked to see that Draco had set down two teacups, jumping when Draco suddenly voiced out,

“You might as well come in and have some tea, Harry. Your spying skills do need to be brushed up on, spying from the doorway is for plebeians, you do realise.”

Slowly, Harry walked to the table and pulled a chair out, sitting himself down in front of one of the teacups. Having nothing to do while waiting for the tea to steep, Harry fiddled with the empty teacup, tracing the designs on it with his finger. He was trying to put his words together, opening his mouth to question Draco’s actions and trying to subtly question Draco about his affair, if he had one.

“So, busy night eh?” Harry hinted, looking pointedly at Draco’s hips. So much for being subtle- Harry never was in the first place.

With a small laugh and sly glint in his eyes, Draco said,

“Yes, it was a busy night indeed. Rough and extremely pleasurable too, as I’m feeling a little sore- but in a good way.”

On hearing that, Harry exploded with anger and possessiveness, feeling fear also gnawing away at him, the thought of Draco having already moved on with another man and letting them touch what he only ever did crushing.

“Who was it? Who was the one who touched you, gave you pleasure, made you…..”

Draco watched calmly as Harry ranted, waiting for him to finish. He took note of Harry’s distraught expression, feeling a little bad for making Harry make that expression. After a minute or two more of non-stop talking, Harry finished his speech with betrayal tingeing his voice, defeat apparent in his stance and eyes unbearably sad. He apparently thought that it was too late for him to do anything.

Eyes softening at seeing Harry’s kicked expression, Draco tried to explain himself clearly.

“I did enjoy last night. Very much so, after quite a number of days having gone without my usual amount of daily sex. Someone was being obnoxious, you know, ” Draco said, waggling his eyebrows as he did so.

Before Harry could say something, Draco held up a hand to stop him and continued.

“The dildo I bought as a temporary replacement for you was a tad bit too big, I misjudged the size before forcing it into myself, and clearly this is the result of not enough preparation. That, and I was maybe a bit too vigorous in my actions. Abstinence does that to you, ” Draco finished with a smile.

Harry visibly deflated with relief, and decided to man up and apologise. Reaching out a hand, he clasped Draco’s hand to his chest, trying to put his thoughts into words.

“Draco, I’m so sorry for the things I’ve done to drive you away. I know I’ve been a real tit to you during our relationship, making you keep mum about our relationship and ignoring you and being generally cold to you in front of others. I’m sorry I did all that and more, but I’m most sorry that I hurt you and made you leave. With you gone, I realised that I needed you more than I ever knew I did and it was a constant ache, a reminder of my mistakes whenever I turned around to see that you weren’t there. The past week has been hell for me, and I don’t want to think of what it would’ve been like if you had never come back here and I had never found you again. You’re important to me, more than my music, more than anything else in the world. I- I love you Draco. I hope that you haven’t given up on us and that you’ll take me back. We’ll never hide what we are ever again.”

Draco was taken aback at the sincerity of Harry’s words. He had wanted to only give Harry a taste of what it was like to be ignored, never having the intention to leave him for good, and never expecting Harry to react the way he did..

“Harry, I never did mean to leave you. I was just going away for a while, but if you did think that, then I’m sorry. I do forgive you for being a right tit as I myself can sometimes be one too, but not having to hide our relationship anymore does sound great. Thank you if you would be able to do that for me. I love you too, Harry.”

Standing up and walking over to envelop Draco in a hug, Harry felt true happiness in holding Draco once more in his arms. Happy with the way thing turned out, Harry suddenly remembered the video playing in their living room.

“So, that video you were playing… did you really miss me that much?” Harry teased.

Draco turned red at being caught watching the video, mumbling something in return and hiding his face in Harry’s chest. Feeling laughter rumbling in his chest, Harry hugged Draco all the tighter to himself, feeling at peace for the first time in his life, safe in the knowledge that Draco was his, and would forever be if he had anything to say about it.


Tags: [fic], rated: pg-13, round: winter 2012

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