Tara (taradiane) wrote in hd_holidays,

Admin notice: AO3 collections

*dusts off*

Some of you may have received AO3 notifications today regarding your fics that were used for hd_holidays. snowgall has taken on the task (her genius idea!) of trying to get the fest fics that are already on the archive into their respective annual collections. You are free to accept or decline, but just know your stories are not being altered in any way.....the fics are just being collated into an easy-to-find tag, basically.

That being said, for the years that the fest was not utilizing AO3, I highly encourage you to reproduce your wonderful stories and artwork over there! I am still paying the monthly cost of the domain/sub-domains/hosting and will continue to do so until, well, I die (LOL) - because I know they still get hits and it's a minimal cost to me. Our fandom has scattered far and wide, but if any of you are still in contact with former fandomers (or current ones who just don't use LJ anymore), feel free to spread the word!


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