dadomz (dadomz) wrote in hd_holidays,

Happy H/D Holidays to crumbfreebread

Title: Rock Hard Vice (or Twelve Days ‘til Boxing Day or In which Harry Denies He’s Gay Eleven Times)
To: Cait or crumbfreebread
From: Domz or dadomz
Rating: NC17
Warning: Sex, Alcohol, Mild Exhibitionism, Absurd Metaphors, Crude (and not artistic) sex descriptions and lotsa’ swearing—not a very good combination, I reckon.
Genre: (An attempt, rather, at) Slight Humour/Utter Cra(p)ck
Summary: Just how many times can you read the word sex?
Note: This is my first try at porn and humour—surprisingly, I’ve managed to come up with more or less twelve sex scenarios (most of which being connotative). I am not held liable for brain cell deterioration.
Tenchu: My respective beta-readers and guinea pigs, you’re all loffly.
++: This was posted on time however, I'm not quite sure as to why it never appeared. Anyhow, posting access is granted and so there's not much too worry about anymore. That and I worked for this fic so I'm posting it. LOL. It's horrendous, I know, but give me a break, I'm on my temporary leave from the fandom (just couldn't resist).

Rock Hard Vice.
Tags: [fic], rated: nc-17, round: winter 2006

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