Not Quite Donne (nqdonne) wrote in hd_holidays,
Not Quite Donne

Mod post: tagging and general things

First of all, hello! I am happy to be coming on as the new mod for hd_holidays. Thanks to legomymalfoy for setting up such a great comm and for trusting me to lead it through its next season. That said, the second wave of hd_hols will be running much sooner than it might otherwise, due to the impending release of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows. More information will be following in an official intro post, but, basically: get ready to give it one more go. Sign ups will follow within the month and our second wave will run June 10 - July 10, so we can get our last hurrah in before OotP (film) and DH are released.

A note on tags: since tags were opened to all members, they've got a bit messy. As it is, there are over a hundred, since every participant has their own tag. I'm afraid we just can't have separate tags for fic titles, etc. So I've closed off the creation of new tags to members, but you can still go in and tag your entries using the pre-existing tags. I'm going through all the stories with missing tags and taking care of them, however.

Just generally, feel free to comment or email me with any questions about the summer wave, though most things should be answered in the forthcoming post. We will also be posting a masterlist for the winter wave shortly.

So watch this space!
Tags: [admin] mod post

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