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"Last Hurrah" Holiday Exchange new sign-up template.

Hi! I'm jamie2109 and I'll be assisting the lovely nqdonne in this second wave of H/D goodness. Any questions you may have, you can direct them to NQ and any bribes you might want to make can be directed to me. *smirk* I take paypal.

However, this post is not about how much it will cost you to get the author/artist of your choice, heh, it is about bringing you the template for new sign-up form. So, without anymore references to corrupt administrators... (and seriously, I hope you realise that I am kidding.)


Sign-ups for the "Last Hurrah" will run from February 19 - 26.
All artwork and stories are due to the mods by May 20.
The fest will run from June 10 - July 10.
There will not be a specific theme for this exchange, but summer holiday themed fic or alternate end-of-series (7th year fic) is encouraged.

There is more information about this exchange here, and more information will be posted with the sign-up post.


We have redesigned the sign up template and are posting it here for you to familiarise yourself with and begin to plan your request. Because the H/D ship is so huge and encompasses such a diverse range of talent in specific genres, we become particularly attached to specific types of stories/artwork. Therefore we have attempted to cover these preferences.

You will see that we have added a section on fandom cliches and one on what you consider to be your strengths in writing/drawing.

What this will do is give you the chance to specify what things about the boys you hate or love. For example, you might detest slut!Draco, or even bottom!Draco and you might detest him smoking, or either of them smoking. You may really not like fics where the boys are in their 40's, or you may love that type of fic. You may adore romance, or dark!fic etc... It will give you the chance to set down some of those things in the hope that we can design a fic/art more to your personal likes (apart from smut kinks).

Lastly, we're asking that you let us know what you consider your strengths to be. For example you might excel at angst, but fail totally at humour, so there is no point allocating you to someone who wants a humour fic, right?

Please use the following template when you sign up:

Email (required):
Fiction or artwork (SUBMITTING):
Fiction or artwork (RECEIVING):

For the gift you would like to RECEIVE
Kinks, genres or special requests:
Squicks/Things you'd hate:
Common H/D Cliches you adore:
Common H/D Cliches you LOATHE:

Two or three prompts for your gift(optional) :
Name of someone you trust (and can keep quiet) that the person creating your gift can contact with questions about your preferences (optional):

For the gift you will be GIVING
Kinks/Things you will gladly write/draw:
Kinks/Squicks/Things you REFUSE to write/draw:
Highest rating you will write/draw:
Your writing/drawing strengths, or genre you feel most comfortable writing/drawing:

So, keep your eyes peeled for the sign up post which will be posted on February 19th.

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