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After collecting links from fic and art posted in the community and matching them with the masterlist, we have been able to ascertain that there are about 18 of you who did not receive fic or art in the last fest. Rather than go into fine detail about who missed out and who bailed, it seems prudent to...start from scratch. We can only apologise to each and every person who missed out - NQ and myself were two of them so we know how you feel. There are a couple of authors who have advised us that they will be writing their recipient's fic at some stage, but when, we cannot tell. Extended discussions will only serve to inflame an already unfortunate situation, as we have no access to details about why people did not submit their work and, really, what are we here for but to enjoy fic and art that has been written by some incredibly talented people. Rest assured that those who missed out last time, will be allocated to a reliable person should they choose to sign up for this fest.

So, to that end, we hope that you accept our sincere apologies for being unable to post any more fic/art at this stage, and you feel you can give the next fest another chance. If there is any questions, comments or if you emailed fic to the mod but it hasn't been posted or if, god forbid, I missed one, kick me and I'll fix it. I don't think I missed any though.

NQ will be posting the sign-up post for the 'Last Hurrah' tomorrow and we hope that you all sign up and we'll run a fabulous fest with lots of amazing H/D goodies for all.


lovely_slyth wrote Fusion for nmalfoy
mijan wrote In Plain Sight for _greensweater
dacro wrote The Cost of Family for 1ightning
celandineb wrote Teeth of the Hydra for mariquita_
rurounihime wrote Business As Usual for gauriel
incapricious wrote Waiting for Life to Start for fiona_fawkes
femmequixotic wrote Gone Down the Angel on a Lonely Night for empathic_siren
awaywithpixie wrote Mating Rituals for ohno_elephants
confiteor_3 wrote Good Shagging in Just Five Lessons for earthquakedream
silentauror wrote A Test of Character for emmagrant01
arsenicjade wrote Comfort Food for alwayzefree
furiosity wrote Good-bye to Yesterday for mijan
emmagrant01 wrote Draco Malfoy is a Stupid Wanker for oddnari
mereol wrote It's all in how you wrap it. for daisy_chan
norton_gale wrote The Reckoning for _hibiscus
coffeejunkii wrote The Longest Night for snottygrrl
empathic_siren wrote Boxing Day for femmequixotic
snottygrrl wrote What Child is This? for dacro
ravenna_c_tan wrote A Wizard's Memory for charlotteschaos
charlotteschaos wrote Long Time Coming for stillaseeker
jamie2109 wrote Tie My Heart Gently for sugareey
fleshdress wrote Friends in Precarious Places for tarie
florahart wrote But I Have A Penis for dragon_charmer
dragonfly_lily wrote A Man In Need Deserves Peace, Indeed for the_viper_room
faire_weather wrote Men Who Had Mothers for toujourspret
crumbfreebread wrote So Moved On for akahannah
enchanted_jae wrote A Time Of Miracles for beren_writes
anansay wrote Trauma of Temptation for rule_number_7
owens_mom wrote This Hope That You and I Will Bloom for enchanted_jae
fiona_fawkes wrote Happy Christmas, Harry for coffeejunkii
corvidae9 wrote In Retrospect for irya_angelus
titti wrote A Not So Fairy Tale for celandineb
wook77 wrote A Good Book for twistedm
nmalfoy wrote A Gryffindor and a Slytherin walk into a bar... for dragonfly_lily
klarsfeld wrote Track of Time for awaywithpixie
goth_clark wrote A Slice Of Life for lillithium
incognito wrote A Contract of a Different Sort for dark0feenix
nqdonne wrote How Chocolate Saved Christmas (as far as Harry Potter is concerned) for platformnine
megan_sage wrote A Day Like No Other for indigo_kitti
catrinella wrote Code of Conduct for anansay
kittehkat wrote Finding Harry, Finding Hope for peach_gurl
rule_number_7 wrote Care to Bet? for lotrwariogodss
yodels wrote A Week of Saturdays for tabiji
morganmuffle wrote Apologise for ravenna_c_tan
akahannah wrote Canned Heat for florahart
twistedm wrote Invaluable Assistance for confiteor_3
beren_writes wrote The Unexpected for incapricious
lotrwariogodss wrote Floorboard Revelations for monster
soda_and_capes wrote The Gunpowder Treason for complete
enderexnocide wrote a good universe next door for i_l0ve_my_az
1ightning wrote Resident Evil for rurounihime
dark0feenix wrote Not Through With You for mizbean
stillaseeker wrote Surreptitious for aoifeic
dadomz wrote Rock Hard Vice (or Twelve Days ‘til Boxing Day or In which Harry Denies He’s Gay Eleven Times) for crumbfreebread
gauriel wrote The Matchmaker for owens_mom
platformnine wrote Beauty in the Breakdown for yodels
i_l0ve_my_az wrote Sleepwalker for klarsfeld
indigo_kitti wrote Noir for soda_and_capes


skarch86 drew Closer for kittehkat
naadi drew First Kiss for lovely_slyth
lillithium drew Quidditch One-on-One for stormwynd
_hibiscus drew Masquerade for phoenixw
irya_angelus drew Tied up for corvidae9
heyhoolou drew Merry Yule, Harry for goth_clark
hill_ drew Garden of Earthly Delights for dramedy
peach_gurl drew Winter Parting for dadomz
sugareey drew Bliss for calyxess
daisy_chan drew Bare for mereol
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