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Not Quite Donne

H/D Hols Last Hurrah 2007: SIGN-UP POST!

Welcome to the official start of the H/D Holidays Last Hurrah! Please copy and paste the sign-up form below (so as to retain our pretty formatting!) and comment to this entry to sign up.

Participation is capped at 90, so the first 90 people are guaranteed a spot in the fest, with any subsequent sign-ups relegated to our pinch hit list (but don't worry: we'll let you know when and if we reach that cap!). Please refer to this post for further information on the new form.

Sign-ups are closed, as we have reached our 90 person participation limit. All further sign-ups will be added to our pinch hit list. We will be posting a separate entry for pinch hit sign-ups, as well.

The Rules
1. Fanfic should be:

- At least 1000 words in length, beta read/free of spelling and grammar issues.
- It should also contain any and all HTML that you wish included (such as italics). We will NOT go back and edit these in for you; your fic will be posted as it is received.
- Not part of a series, or a sequel to a fic that the giftee may not be familiar with.

2. Submissions are due by May 20, 2007.

3. There is a limit of ONE EXTENSION per fest participant, and said extension must be requested BEFORE MAY 20. No extensions will be granted beyond this due date, sorry.

4. While we are not enforcing a specific blacklist policy of those who dropped out of the first wave, this is not a total clean slate. If you are known to be a frequent sign-up-and-runner, we will not allow you to participate. Chronic ditchers make it harder for everyone, and we want this wave of hd hols to go off with no hitches!

5. Submissions should be emailed to hdhols at You can also contact either NQ or Sue with comments and questions.

Please note: unlimited posting access for members has now been TURNED OFF. If you still have a story that needs to be posted, please email the mods at hdhols @
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