Not Quite Donne (nqdonne) wrote in hd_holidays,
Not Quite Donne

Beta resource list: sign-up

Hello all! Some of you have expressed interest in our compiling a beta resource list for the fest. Not everyone has a regular beta and/or needs to find someone to help with a specific thing for a fic (knowledge of a foreign language, particular character, etc.), so it's not a bad idea to have one.

There are two ways of running this, and I'd like to get your opinion. 1) we post the list to the comm and writers are responsible for finding their own beta(s) from the list. 2) we keep it as a personal reference, and assign betas to writers as they email us seeking assistance. Obviously the second involves more work, but I'd like to hear how the potential betas feel about methods of contact. Please indicate your thoughts/preference above your sign-up.

Please pimp this to friends, including those not in the fest. We need anyone who would enjoy helping out!

Please note, this list is for those writing stories for hd_holidays only. It is not a general H/D beta resource list.
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