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Mod update

Hello all,

Just a friendly reminder of a few things. Less than one month to go now before the deadline for submissions.

Anyone with time issues should have contacted us by now, so we hope that you all are well on the way with your stories. Any other problems you may be having, please don't hesitate to contact us at hdhols@gmail.com

You can also take this opportunity to remind yourselves of the submission rules here. After an enquiry to that post, some slight changes have been made to the beta requirements, which are basically along the lines of the following:

I've amended the wording: the above was an example of something that could contribute to a collective issue: we're not having a hard-and-fast rule about canon spellings. It's when a writer has clearly discounted canon altogether, in addition to poor SPAG, etc. to the point of indicating the story having not been beta read, that we may canon-pick spellings/suggest a canon-pick beta. Those who make the stylistic choice not to capitalise every word are free to do so, but please mention it in your submission email so we don't canon-pick when proof-reading. Those who don't have a stylistic objection to JKR's style should use proper capitalisations/spellings, though.

On the same token, for the curious, we are not enforcing a uniform spelling style (ie: British verses American). However, if a writer uses a few British spellings, and appears to be attempting uniform British spelling but has missed several words, we will correct those, with their permission.

There is also a list of people who have offered their beta services to those who require it. You can find the list here.

Lastly, if you are interested in being a pinch hitter, you can still sign up here. We seem to be doing well so far in the lack of drop outs and subsequent reassignments, but as the time draws near, we may need the assistance of a pinch hitter or three.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled program...


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