Not Quite Donne (nqdonne) wrote in hd_holidays,
Not Quite Donne

Deadline Reminder

Hello all! This is just a reminder that your submissions are due in two and a half weeks, on May 20

You should be finishing up your work and sending it to be beta read, if you haven't already. Remember that we will be only be granting one extension and you MUST REQUEST THIS EXTENSION ON OR BEFORE MAY 20. We don't want to hear from you on May 22 asking for an extra week. At that point, we will have reassigned your prompt. This is to avoid anyone stringing us along and us ending up mid-fest without gifts to post for people. If you think you will need extra time, email us NOW, or at any point up to May 20, at

In general, if you are encountering any problems whatsoever, don't hesitate to let us know. We'd like to be aware of what's going on with all of you sooner rather than later, so we don't have to go frantically tracking you down in two weeks. We're still happy to ask your recipient questions, help you find a beta reader (you'll find a list here, but we're happy to help you personally, as well) or negotiate an extension. We mods are friendly and we'd like to hear from you! Positive progress reports also welcome! (tell us if you're almost done! If it's at beta! If you're really happy with what you've written!)

Early submissions would also be welcome, for anyone who is done or close to done. We welcome the reading material! :D,,

Don't forget to put your LJ user name in ALL email communication so we know who you are!!!

Note that this reminder will also be emailed, for those who may not be watching the comm.
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