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Deadline Reminder: ONE WEEK until submissions due

There is now less than one week until submissions are due. If you need an extension you should either have already emailed the mods or should email them on or before May 20th. No extensions will be granted beyond that date. You should also email us if you are having any issues - we are here to help!

Here's a quick lowdown of submission rules, though they are listed in detail here.

1. Your fic must be beta read.
2. You must include all HTML tags in your fic (italics, bold, etc.). Basically, your fic should be ready to c&p into an LJ post, with all formatting done.
3. You must use the following header (which has been edited from the initial post to include a disclaimer, FYI)

4. Please use this format for your email subject: hd_hols SUBMISSION, yourljname
5. Note in your email to us if you *want* a secondary Britpick on your fic (for when we proofread) - this would mean you'd like us to catch any British spellings you may have missed. Also note any stylistic choices, such as not using canon style, if applicable.
6. Email your submission to by the end of the day, whatever your time zone, May 20th, 2007. Please note that your mods are in the Australian and UK time zones, so after a certain time, we will be unable to answer questions/grant extensions. Please note that time zone differences will be no excuse for late submissions or extension requests: we will be using time stamping to determine what time your entry/request came in!

Please email us with any questions! We already have some submissions in, and it looks like it will be a fantastic fest!
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