Not Quite Donne (nqdonne) wrote in hd_holidays,
Not Quite Donne

Ten days til fest start!

LJ may have gone into panic mode this week, but there's still tonnes of yummy H/D fic on the horizon: only ten days until the fest starts!

Out of 90 participants/submissions, we only have 37 still outstanding. Several of those are pinch hits, and many we expect to receive this weekend (*throws stern modly look to those with a June 4 extension due date*). Over all jamie2109 and I are very pleased - trust me, only about a third outstanding at this point is pretty good.

That said, if you still have a submission outstanding, your extension deadline is looming and you're having any problems, please contact us. Even if you are embarrassed that you do not have your submission completed yet, it is imperative that you contact us - depending on circumstances, we can be flexible with an extension, or at least try and help you if you're having a narrative block. If you ignore our emails and comments and think we'll go away, well, we will: if we don't hear from you within five days of your passed deadline, we'll boot you from the fest.

On that note, if anyone has heard from or has news of noa_luna please contact us. We will be posting any other MIA participant notices here after the next extension deadline passes.

But in happier news! Posting will start on June 9th (US/UK time)/June 10th (Australia time). We will post three gifts a day, with the exception of a few days when we will post only two. Please friend and watch the comm to keep up with all the amazing fic and art we will be posting - I've already read and seen a lot of it and there is some really fantastic stuff coming.

In conclusion. Keep in touch with your mods. We love email. Really.
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