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Happy H/D Holidays, dragon_charmer! (2 of 2)

Author: lotrwariorgodss
Recipient: dragon_charmer
Title: Curiosity Doesn't Always Kill 2/2

Part One

"No, no, no, Jacob, the 'c' is always hard, just like Accio and Reducio. Now try again."

The dark-haired boy nodded, absorbing Draco's advice, and spoke. "Amicitia."

"Good. And this one?"


"Yes, now go back to…"


Draco smiled warmly. "Very good, Jacob; you are rather adept at following directions, which is more than I can say for your deviant father."

They both heard an indignant huff come from the kitchen. "I heard that!"

Jacob giggled and Harry peeked out from behind the threshold of the kitchen to grin at them. "If you don't stop telling my son terrible things about me, Draco, I might be forced to recount a certain story about a little white ferret."

The blonde shot him a glare laced with mischief. "Do it, and I know a good one about the only boy in twenty years that ever had to take remedial potions."

Harry's smile remained on his face, but it fell slightly and his eyes grew pained for a moment. Once he blinked, however, the moment was gone, and he turned to his son.

"Hey, Jake, think you could go outside and check on the warding stones for me real quick?"

Jake tossed his Latin book next to Draco on the couch. "Sure, Dad." He nearly ran out the door, releasing his excess boyish energy after enduring his lessons. Harry disappeared back into the kitchen

"Draco, could you come into the kitchen with me, please?"

In the months since he and Harry had had their rather revealing dinner, he and Draco had got closer than Draco ever remembered being with another of his friends. Once Harry realized that Draco wasn't trying to pick fights with him every time he caught his eye, he started returning smiles and seeking him out for teaching advice, and even approached him about Latin lessons for Jacob.

Draco had never been fond of children, but Jacob (he still refused to call him 'Jake' as Harry did) was different. He was calm, studious, sometimes a bit broody, but otherwise a happy child. He and Harry made a contented, if not small, family and Draco envied them for that.

Once he and Harry had become close, their heated arguing of their younger years had been replaced with…well, perhaps not outright flirting, but whatever it was, it was damn close. They saw each other at least as much as any other couple and Draco couldn't remember the last time he'd eaten or spent a weekend alone. Without any family of his own, he liked to think that Harry had "adopted" him as well, though with hopefully much more wicked intentions than he'd had towards Jacob.

He had decided, in the passing months that despite what Severus said, Harry was an exceptionally difficult man to read, and thus he hadn't yet been able to tell if Harry saw their friendly banter and time spent together as just the building of a healthy friendship, or the start of a deeper relationship. Draco knew himself well, and he knew he wouldn't make a move until he was sure he wouldn't be rejected, but his chances of rejection would continue to be high if he didn't watch his mouth. He had fallen into the Potters' good graces and was determined to stay there – it was apology time.

He slouched down into one of the chairs at the kitchen table. "Remedial Potions hit a little too below the belt? I'm sorry, Harry."

Harry chucked lightly. "It's not about that, Draco, though there is a story behind the Remedial Potions that you should probably hear." He shook his head and sighed. "No, I…I need to ask you for another favour." When the blond simply gestured for him to continue, he did. "I need you to watch Jake for the afternoon, and not just watch him, but do something with him, something fun."

Draco raised an eyebrow and tapped his fingers on the table. "You know I will, Harry, but…"

"But what?"

"Well, not that it's any of my business, but usually you give something of an explanation for your excursions," you always tell me where you're going, what you're doing, everything, "so do I get one this time?"

Harry sighed again and looked away. "Yes. Of course. It's just…"

Draco rose, a little dejected, but understanding. "It's alright; you don't have to tell me everything."

He turned to go, but was stopped by a strong hand around his wrist and the slightly panicked look in Harry's eyes. "No! I want to, it's just…difficult." Draco waited patiently, the warm hand around his wrist a pleasant distraction from the near rejection.

"My ex-wife somehow found my new address and she's been sending letters for the past month or so claiming that she misses us and wants to see Jake again. I've told her we aren't interested, but I'm afraid if I don't let her she might start fighting for custody over him, and that's the last thing he needs to go through, especially now that we're settling down. She's coming this afternoon, and I'm hoping to convince her that it would be best for him to not see her, but it might take a bit, so that's why I'd like you to take him out."

He released Draco's wrist and sighed. "I'm sorry, I'm just…do you…am I doing the right thing?"

Draco nodded. "I think so. You're looking out for him, and that's all you can do."

"I –" Harry started, but was interrupted by the opening and subsequent slamming of the back door.

"Warding stones are fine, dad. Can I go to the lake after my lesson?"

Harry smiled and tossed him a cookie from a jar by the sink. "Actually, no. Draco's going to take you out so I can get some grading done."

The boy smiled and cookie crumbs tumbled out of his mouth. "Really? Cool!"

"Go up and get dressed so that you'll resemble a decent human being."

Jacob stuck a chocolate smeared tongue out at Draco before rushing up the stairs.

Harry reached into his pocket and pulled out something small and gold. He took the few steps necessary to stand directly in front of Draco, so close that the slightest lean in would have him pressed against…

Draco heard a slight cough and was mortified to discover that he had closed his eyes. Snapping them open, he immediately saw Harry smirking at him and was just about to tell him off for being a terrible tease when he felt a heavy weight resting on his chest.

"It's a Watch-Me amulet, one of the Weasley twins'. I used to use it when Jake was little; it's charmed to provide a small amount of surveillance to whoever needs watching. I've locked it to me so you'll know when it's safe to come back."

Draco nodded, sexual frustration forgotten at the look Harry was giving him. The other man grabbed his wrist again and looked over his face carefully.

"I know how difficult he can be to distract once he has his mind set on something, so if you can't keep him away don't worry about it; I'll have to deal with it sooner or later."

Draco nodded again and, hearing pounding footsteps on the stairs, he pulled away from Harry's grasp and composed himself.

"I'm ready!"

Draco looked back at Harry and fingered the chain around his neck. "Let's go."


Draco sighed and tucked his wand back in his pocket. It had happened, just as Harry predicted it would. Jacob was running off towards the Floo, faster than Draco could catch him, hell-bent on showing his father what Draco had spent the afternoon teaching him. Only problem? His former-mother was at the house, and Draco didn't want to see her almost as much as he didn't want her to see Jacob.

He opened the clasp of the amulet Harry had given him, hoping that she was gone, or at the very least that she and Harry weren't having a heated row. A small hologram bubbled up from the back of the pendant and Draco could make out the figure of a woman, slender, attractive, with a look of heated fury in her eyes. The beginnings of a deep hatred blossomed in his gut. He could make out Harry's form next to her, his face set with determination and an eerie sort of calm. Draco listened.

"Do you have someone else, is that it?"

"Not that it's any of your business, but I'm mending some fences with an old acquaintance whom I'd like to think could be my 'someone else'."

Draco's breath caught in his throat. Mending fences…Harry hadn't seen anyone outside his normal circle of friends for months now…could he really be talking about…Draco? His heart did a little flip and he listened more closely.

"Oh? And how is she taking the news that you'll never be able to give her children?"

Harry snickered and Draco hoped Harry was picturing Draco with a pregnant belly shrieking about his destroyed figure. "Oh, I don't see that being one of our main concerns, Rachel."

Just then, Draco heard the Floo roar to life in the next room followed by a loud, happy cry of "Daddy!"

Harry gave Rachel a look that would have chilled the heart of any Dementor. "Stay here. I don't want him seeing you," he whispered harshly before turning on his heel and going to his son.

"Jake, you're home! Where's –"

"Dad, dad, watch me!"

Harry chuckled and nodded. The little boy pulled a small, unfinished wand from his pocket and scrunched his eyes together as hard as he could. Now was as good a time as any. Draco closed the voyeuristic amulet, Apparated with a small crack behind Harry, and leaned on the mantle. He caught Harry's eye with a smug gleam, then gestured to Jake as if to say 'watch him, not me, Potter'. Harry flushed and turned back to his little boy who looked as if he were preparing for the house to explode around them.


A soft but steady glow lit up the tip of his rudimentary wand. Jake opened one eye hesitantly, but on seeing that he'd performed the spell, he opened them both and gave his father a radiant smile. Harry let out a joyful laugh and held his arms out so that Jake could run into them.

"That was brilliant, Jake! I'm so proud of you."

The little boy glowed at the praise and returned Harry's embrace. He said a quick "Thanks, dad," before running off to various corners of the room and filling them with light.

Harry turned and gave a wide smile to the blond lounging against his mantle. "I assume this is your doing." Draco smirked. "Where'd you find him a practice wand so fast?"

"Oh, one never knows when one will find something just lying around the house." The grin that had been plastered on Draco's face since Harry's elusive confession to his ex-wife only widened.

Harry rolled his eyes. "Right. Well thanks; he really seems to love it." Jake was across the room, his wand half-buried in an old mouse-hole, shouting the spell and laughing in delight when light spilled out of the orifice.


A quiet voice froze them all, with the exception of Harry, whose face morphed into a grimace.

The little boy looked up from his mouse hole with alarm and looked back and forth between Harry and Rachel nervously. "Dad…what is she doing here?"

"Oh, Jake," the woman's eyes filled with tears as she stepped further into the room. "You've grown so much. God, I've missed you."

She began to walk towards the boy with open arms, but without hesitation, he ran to Harry who held him tightly with a protective arm around his shoulders.

"I told you, Rachel, he doesn't want to see you."

She ignored Harry and kept walking toward them. Draco pulled his wand. Harry's eyes found his, but when he saw the wand clutched in Draco's fist, he shook his head, instead gesturing from the boy clinging to his legs to the kitchen door with his eyes.

"Jake, come give mommy a kiss!"

Draco took Harry's hint and took pity on the poor child. "Jacob, why don't you come to the kitchen with me and I'll show you how to make an egg fly." He stretched out his hand towards the boy and ignored the poisonous look Harry's ex was giving him.

Jacob looked up at his father with wide, scared eyes, and Harry released him. "Go with Draco, Jake."

He looked momentarily crushed, but nodded dumbly and rushed to Draco's side, grabbing his outstretched hand with a near bone-breaking force. Draco led him through the kitchen door and pocketed his wand. Jacob's eyes stayed deliberately fixed on the ground and he was careful to stay out of arm's reach as he scurried past the woman into the kitchen. It helped that Draco placed himself between her and the boy, a fierce desire to protect rising up in his chest like he'd never felt before. The angry whispers began before he'd even shut the door.

"So," Draco drawled once they were safe in the kitchen, "I can show you that egg trick if you like." He tried to let go of the little hand in his own, but Jacob's surprisingly strong fingers refused to surrender Draco's hand, so Draco tightened his own hold. The boy sniffled and Draco pulled him over to the kitchen table. He sat, and to his amazement, Jacob crawled up into his lap and rested his head on Draco's shoulder. The man patted him awkwardly, quite sure he had never learned what to say in this sort of situation.

"Don't worry, she'll be gone soon."

The little boy nodded and said, "So will dad. He doesn't want me anymore."

Ah, so the boy didn't care a whit for his mother, he was just worried about Harry. Draco sighed. "That's not true, Jacob; your father loves you more than anyone."

He shook his head violently and started to cry. "No, he loved her first and now he's tired of me and mad at me because it's my fault she left and he still loves her and he's going to send me back and I'm too old for anyone else to love me now!"

There was nothing Draco could do but wrap his arms around the small frame in his lap; the boy was hysterical. No matter how many times Draco whispered that Harry loved him and that he was safe here with his family, Jacob continued to cry until Draco stopped whispering all together and just held him and rubbed his back.

A few minutes passed before Draco noticed movement in the corner of his eye; his gaze shot to the door where Harry was standing, hand over his mouth and tears in his eyes. After only a few seconds of hearing his son's hushed sobs echo in the room, he shook his head to compose himself and knelt next to the chair, placing a steady hand on Jacob's shuddering back.

"Jake? Love?"

The little boy rose his head from Draco's shoulder and sniffled. "Dad?"

Harry held his arms out and Jacob very nearly fell into them, gripping Harry's arms like a vice, burying his little face in the man's shoulder, determined to make leaving him just as hard on Harry as it would be on him. Fortunately, that wasn't going to happen.

Suddenly, it didn't matter that Jacob was half his height and well past the age when most children were carried in their parents' arms – Harry lifted him off the ground and held him tightly to his chest, murmuring things in his ear that Draco couldn't quite make out. After a moment or two, Harry whispered something and nuzzled the boy's cheek as Jacob nodded. He pressed a soft kiss to the little ear and started walking toward the stairs, only pausing to mouth the words 'give me a minute' to Draco over his son's shoulder.

Draco nodded and watched them walk up the stairs before he turned to go back into the sitting room. A nasty surprise waited for him there. That…woman was standing over by the fireplace, running her fingers over a picture frame that held one of Draco's favourites – Jacob with popsicle-sticky lips giving Harry a kiss on the cheek.

Draco frowned behind her back, his wand hand twitching at his side. "I thought Harry told you to leave."

She turned and glared at him, hands on her hips. "I don't want to; I want to see my son."

Draco held his ground; he'd faced down far more intimidating enemies than this wretch of a woman before. "He's not yours, and this is not your house. Now get out."

"I do not have to listen to you."

If Draco had been anything but human, he knew he would be growling by this point. As it was, he put on his frostiest Malfoy glare and sneered at her. "You are scum, and I don't just say that about any of your kind anymore. You are not welcome here, and if you knew what was good for Harry and Jacob, you'd stay far away from them for the rest of your wretched life."

The woman's eyes filled with pain and indignation as she glared at Draco. "Who are you to tell me what to do?"

Draco pulled his wand from his pocket and snarled. "Someone who cares for them more than you do. Now, I said get out."

Her face screwed up in anger, but as she opened her mouth, Draco shot a stinging hex at her chest. She yelped, her eyes filled with fear, and when Draco raised his wand again, she ran out the door. Draco was tempted to laugh, but the thought of Harry upstairs trying desperately to convince his son that he was loved subdued him. He made himself comfortable in the sitting room and prepared himself to wait, most likely for much more than the promised minute.


As Draco predicted, he had been sitting in the parlour for the better part of an hour before Harry came trudging down the stairs, looking as though he had aged a year in the time he'd been gone. He caught sight of Draco and seemed almost surprised to see him, but exhaustion took over and he collapsed on the sofa before he could express it. Draco frowned and stood.

"Long day?"

Harry sighed deeply and rubbed his eyes. "Yeah."

Draco unlocked the liquor cabinet, pulled out a large decanter of scotch and walked back to the armchair across from Harry. He poured the other man a drink and received a weak smile for his trouble. Draco poured his own drink and sat back in silence, waiting for Harry to break; it was only a matter of time. Harry curled his body over his knees, arms crossed over his thighs, fringe falling down and obscuring his face. Draco continued to watch him, sipping his drink every few minutes. The silence swelled between them, growing thicker, pulling like gravity with every passing minute. Harry's hands rubbed at his eyes again.

"Harry?" Draco said softly. The dark-haired man raised his head to reveal a face wet with tears and eyes that were as red as they were pained. With a disapproving frown, Draco sighed gently and rose to sit next to Harry on the sofa. He placed a hand on Harry's shoulder as the man began to sob in earnest. He wasn't very good at being the comforting sort, or so he'd thought, but he found his feelings toward Harry had grown so strong that it was easy to project that comfort out and try to share in his pain.

Draco wrapped his arm around Harry and pulled him closer, only slightly surprised when he buried his head in Draco's chest. It seemed his shirt was doomed to be in a constant state of Potter-induced sogginess that day. Draco held him tighter.

"You're so much better off without her, Harry." He mumbled something into Draco's chest. "What was that?"

Harry pulled his head away slightly and sniffed. "I said, it's not her."

"If it's not her then why are you so upset?"

Harry shook his head and whispered, "Jake." His next intake of breath was shaky and his sob a bit louder. "God, I love him so much, Draco, and I've failed him. I swore he'd never feel like I was going to abandon him or that I didn't love him like I was his real father. He's my baby, and I made him cry."

Draco sighed. "He knows you love him, Harry, and you are his real father. He's just afraid, like any child – give him time to see how much you love him and he'll trust you again, probably a lot sooner than you think." He ran his hand down Harry's arm. "You've done all you can, now it's up to him."

Harry's sobs subsided quickly after that, but his hands stayed clenched in Draco's shirt sleeves and his head didn't move from Draco's chest. As his breathing evened out, his grip slackened and Draco was sure he'd fallen asleep. It was like someone had delivered a present straight into his lap – he couldn't resist. Gently, Draco ran his fingers through the other man's hair, placed a kiss on the top of his head, and whispered, "Everything will be alright, Harry."

Harry tensed in his arms and raised his head – not asleep after all. Oh fuck, Draco thought, alarm setting in quickly. Harry's eyes, when they met Draco's, were clear and determined and stayed open even when he leaned in and pressed his lips to the corner of the blond's gaping mouth.

Draco gasped, his entire body filling with heat at such a little touch of skin, which of course gave Harry the perfect opportunity to run his tongue over Draco's bottom lip. Harry released his grip on Draco's sleeves and covered his shoulders instead as they both brought their lips together for a proper kiss. God, it was better than he'd ever imagined it could be, even with Harry's cheeks still covered in tears. Draco brought his hands up to cradle Harry's face and used his thumbs to smear the wetness away so that it could be forgotten.

He felt a shiver go down Harry's spine, and the kiss became more forceful, tongues sliding against each other, sucking, grabbing, lost in the climax of tension that had been building between them for months. Draco slid one of his hands from Harry's face around his neck and tightened his fingers in his hair. He tugged slightly with every thrust of Harry's tongue in his mouth.

Harry put a hand above Draco's heart and gave a gentle shove that sent him sprawling over the length of the sofa. With his fingers still tangled in the hair at the nape of Harry's neck, the other man fell on top of him and reconnected their lips with a heady moan. Draco's fingers slipped beneath the waistband of Harry's denims while his other hand slid up Harry's back underneath his shirt. The muscles underneath his palm were taut and moved to arch Harry's back and drive their chests closer together.

Harry's hips ground down with the movement and Draco groaned when he felt another burning hot length against his own. Harry's gasp when Draco's nails dug into his back broke their kiss, but he immediately buried his face in the hollow between Draco's face and shoulder and planted sloppy wet kisses all across his neck. Draco bucked his narrow hips against every thrust Harry made and shifted his body so that they would both have a solid thigh to rut against. Their rhythm was feverish and sloppy, but neither of them cared as they panted and moaned and found rapture in each other's arms.

Suddenly, through the haze of need and overpowering arousal, Draco heard a pitiful cry and prayed the noise hadn't come from him. Harry stilled above him briefly, but once he resumed kissing Draco's neck, he couldn't stop his hips from rocking and continuing their mad rush towards completion. But only a few seconds later, the cry came again, and this time, Draco heard it loud and clear.


"Fuck," Harry cursed under his breath as he panted in Draco's ear.

It was Jacob, calling out for his father, for Harry, and as much as Draco wanted to be calling out Harry's name himself, he knew this was more important.

"It's alright," Draco said softly, pushing Harry to the side and subduing his near-painful hunger for the man. "Go to him; he needs you."

Harry reached down again and tucked an errant strand of hair behind Draco's ear. "I know, but…I want you."

Draco shook his head and sat up. "And you'll have me. Later. You don't want him to feel cast off again do you?"

Harry sighed and shook his head, wincing as he climbed off Draco and stood next to the sofa. "I…" He shook his head again. "I have to go."

Draco watched him walk up the stairs, the blood in his veins cooling, but still so hot. When Harry paused halfway up and turned back, Draco's arousal flared again. Harry smiled, another of his brilliant, heart-stopping smiles, and it was all Draco could do to smile back and hope that as he watched Harry disappear up the stairs, he wasn't watching his only chance disappear with it.


Draco – Can we meet tonight? We need to talk. That sounded ominous, it wasn't meant to. Bollocks. Please meet me?

Harry – How do you manage to be so inarticulate even in your writing? 10 o' clock, my quarters.


The clock on Draco's wall was still chiming the hour when a series of knocks landed on his door. As expected, when he opened it, Harry stood there, his face an adorably awkward portrayal of his nerves.

Draco smiled and turned away. "Come in, sit down."


Harry sat down on the small sofa and Draco, because of very strategically placed stacks of essays and various chair-occupying objects, was forced to sit next to him. He poured them both drinks before starting the inevitable conversation.

"How's Jacob?"

Harry looked startled, as if he hadn't expected to be asked any questions, just pounced upon and snogged within an inch of his life. Ridiculous. Anyone with manners knew it was bad form to pounce before talking of any kind had taken place. "Better. We talked this morning and I think he understands. He's just so used to being abandoned…it's hard for him to believe that someone really loves him."

"And what about his father?"

Harry stared down at his hands in his lap. "Oh, I'm fine."

"That isn't what I mean, Harry."

"You mean…is it hard for me to believe that someone can really love me?" Draco nodded and Harry blushed. "Ah…no. I believe that it's…possible…"

"I hexed her," Draco blurted.

Harry's eyes widened and he failed miserably in repressing a smile. "You did?"

"A stinging hex right in the chest."

"She knows about the Muggle Protection Act, Draco, you could get in a lot of trouble."

"I figured she did, but she wouldn't leave, and…"


"And I hate her."

Harry laughed. "Hate her? Draco, you don't even know her."

Draco scowled at him. "I know what she did to you, that's enough for me to hate her."

Harry sobered, looking more serious than Draco had ever seen him. He looked down at his shoes. "I'm sorry about last night."

Draco waved his apology away and propped his arm up on the back of the couch. "It's alright. If you had stayed with me and left him to cry by himself, I don't know if I could have forgiven you." He smirked. "Leaving me with a hard on I could have cut glass with and the best few minutes of my life? That I can forgive you for."

Harry's eyes glazed over with want just as they had the night before and he reached a hand down to stroke Draco's cheek. "Think we could pick up where we left off?"

Draco leaned into the touch and moved closer to the other man. "Why else do you think I invited you here after hours?"

Harry chuckled deeply and pressed Draco back onto the sofa, and this time there were no interruptions.


"You want me to what?!"

Draco cringed. "Please, Severus? Granger and Weasley have a newborn, and tomorrow's the full moon, otherwise you know we wouldn't ask you."

The aging Potions Master crossed his arms across his chest and glowered. "I still don't understand why the whelp is coming to me. He's not even yours, Draco!"

"Not yet, but he will be soon, so you need to be nice to him and get to know him."

Severus still looked sceptical, and Draco sighed. "Look, he's a really good kid – quiet, nice, loves to read – all you have to do is feed him and keep him entertained."

Severus sighed in resignation. "I know I'm going to regret this, and if I do, I assure you, you shall as well."

"Threat accepted; we'll be right over."


The portkey dumped three bodies and a suitcase onto a dreary little porch. Harry brushed off his robes and looked at the dark house connected to the porch with disdain.

"I really don't know about this, Dr –"

He was interrupted by the front door swinging open and crashing against the wall with a loud bang. Draco sighed at his theatrics, but prepared to endure whatever abuse was coming.

"I would just like to preface this little arrangement by saying that I have no wish to keep watch over a baby Gryffindor for my entire weekend, and I expect to be generously compensated."

Harry's face immediately twisted in indignation, but Draco settled him with a touch of his hand on the man's lower back while he rolled his eyes at Snape.

"Oh get over it, Severus. My money's not on Gryffindor for his sorting anyway; he'll be a Ravenclaw, I've no doubt."

The old man looked unconvinced. "Oh really."

Harry nodded and wrapped an arm around Jacob's shoulders with a proud smile. "He's learned most of the first year's Charms and Defense lessons, and he's even quite skilled in Potions, for his age."

"Is that so?" Snape raised an eyebrow and regarded the boy with frosty curiosity. "Let's see if the son exceeds the father, shall we?" He grinned wickedly, but Jacob didn't so much as flinch. "Where might one find a bezoar?"

Without batting an eye Jacob said, "A goat's stomach, sir. It's used for –"

"I know its uses, boy; don't attempt to lecture me!" Snape looked slightly taken aback by the boy's quick answer, but he only wasted a second before asking the next question. "What potion results from a mixture of powdered root of asphodel and an infusion of wormwood?"

"Hmm…Draught of…" He scrunched his eyes together for a second then looked up to Draco for confirmation. "Draught of the Living Death?" Draco gave him a wide smile and a nod and Jacob looked back to his questioner with confidence. "Draught of the –"

"Yes, yes, I heard you. Now, tell me the difference between monkshood and wolfsbane."

At this one, the boy finally looked puzzled, and Snape smirked in triumph. Until Jacob opened his mouth. "Difference, sir? I thought they were the same."

The disapproving frown on Severus's face melted into one of genuine astonishment. "Indeed, they are. There might yet be hope for the Potter line." He looked at Harry curiously, the words How did you manage this, Potter? all but tattooed across his forehead.

Harry shrugged and smiled. "Don't look at me; you know how many cauldrons I exploded in your classroom."

"I suppose I have my godson to thank then, for one less dunderhead in next year's class."

Draco was about to protest when Jacob decided to advocate for himself.

"I learned it myself. Sir."

"Well with all your expertise in brewing, perhaps I can find something useful for you to do."

Jacob's eyes lit up. "Really? Cool!"

Severus cringed at the expression, but didn't look quite as reluctant to take the boy in as he had been before. Draco could not say the same, however, for Harry.

Harry knelt down in front of the boy and covered his shoulders with his hands. Jacob looked wary, but determined, a look Draco had seen on Harry more than once.

"Jake, I won't go if you don't want me to. Just say the word."

"If you go…you'll come back for me?"

Harry pressed a kiss to his forehead in reassurance. "Of course I will. We both will. Sunday night we'll be right back here ready to take you home."

The little dark-haired boy looked back and forth between Draco and Harry and smiled. "I trust you."

Harry smiled and wrapped his arms around his son, holding him tightly.

"Da-ad…" Jacob protested, but Draco could see his little hands slinging to Harry just as tightly.

As always seemed to be the case, the warm moment was broken by Severus's acidic voice. "I know my doorstep is quite scenic, Potter, but I don't think it has quite enough room for the sort of…mischief you two will doubtlessly be causing over the weekend, so if you would kindly remove yourselves, I will slam the door and you can go away."

Harry let go of his son and stood up to give Severus a nasty scowl. Draco took the tender moment to lean down and touch his own lips to the boy's forehead. For a moment, he almost feared that Jacob would now consider him an evil step-mother figure, but seeing the smile on his face when he pulled away quelled that fear in an instant. Draco smiled back and tousled the boy's hair.

"Be good, and watch that one," he gestured to Severus. "He's a bit grouchy."

Jacob giggled and nodded. He took his knapsack from Harry and shouldered it, giving his father one last trusting and loving look before following Severus into the house.

"Mr Snape, did my dad really explode cauldrons at school?"

Draco watched Harry's eyes widen as he heard Severus laugh, probably for the first time. "Oh the stories I could tell you about your father. Shall we start with the first day of classes?"

Harry opened his mouth in indignation, and was nearly toppled off his feet by the sudden rush of his son's luggage sweeping through the doorway, swiftly followed by a loud slam of the door.

"Snape, you git! If you corrupt my son, I swear I'll –"

Draco shut Harry up with a demanding kiss and didn't stop kissing him until he felt the now familiar arms wrap around him. "He'll be fine, Harry, stop worrying. Now, didn't you say you had some…curiosities to satisfy?"

Harry smiled and slid his hands down to grab Draco's arse. "Mmm, it is my turn to be the curious one."

Draco smirked and took the Portkey from his pocket, clasping his hand with Harry's and resting it in their joined palms. Severus had always told him that his inquisitive nature would come back to bite him on his bum, but this was one bite on his arse that Draco was more than happy to take for the sake of his curiosity, and with the amount of teeth marks on the rest of his body, he suspected that Harry would be quite happy to administer it.
Tags: [fic], [long/chaptered fic], rated: r, round: summer 2007

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