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Author: eeyore9990
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Title: Swirl Stick Thingies and Other Magical Oddities, 2/2

Part 1


Harry looked around the Room of Requirement which had been set aside for the exclusive use of himself and Draco, taking in the huge fireplace, the comfortable looking seating area, and the… the huge fucking bed. He gulped and took several deep breaths, trying hard not to panic. This was just sex, for pity’s sake! It shouldn’t lead to him being this terrified.



So why did he jump three feet when Draco called out to him from across the room?

"Relax, Potter. Snape gave me a potion that’s supposed to hold off the side effects of… that is, I’m not going to go all," Draco paused here to flail his hands about, "animalistic sex-fiend on you."

Harry blinked at that before scowling a bit. "Snape gave it to you?"

Draco smirked a bit. "Dumbledore made him do it. If brewed effectively, it should give us ten hours before the… before my other nature tries to reassert itself."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Which probably means he made it so that it’d wear off in an hour, just long enough to lull us into a false sense of security."

"Yes, well, all the more reason not to get started right away, then." Draco rolled forward onto the balls of his feet, obviously a bit primed for this.

Harry’s eyes widened in shock. "You’re… you’re looking forward to this!"

Draco raised one eyebrow and shot Harry a look that clearly told him what an idiot he thought Harry was. "Look, Potter. We’ve basically been thrust into a situation where we have to have sex. Now, I don’t like you, and you don’t like me, but that’s certainly no reason for us not to enjoy the hell out of this. It’s sex. Besides, it’s not as if you’ve never done this before."

Harry dropped his gaze, fighting a blush as he mumbled something that he hoped sounded like agreement.

"Potter?" Draco’s voice sounded odd, and Harry looked up to find Draco looking at him with a weird sort of expression on his face. It was a cross between a grimace and a grin, and it was not a good look for the other boy. "You have done this before, haven’t you?"

Harry scowled darkly. "When have I had the time, Malfoy?"

"It’s sex, Potter! You’re seventeen! You make the time for sex! Good god, man. How on earth did you manage a Patronus without remembering sex?! We all thought you’d traded in on the whole ‘Boy-Who-Lived’ thing back in third year to pull that off."

Harry scratched the back of his head, avoiding Draco’s gaze as he mumbled about finding out he was a wizard, and flying, and his parents.

"Well," Draco said briskly, still looking rather befuddled. "It’s not as if I don’t have any experience, right? So we’ll just—"

Harry shot him a look of incredulity and interrupted with, "You really think I’m going to trust you in this? No, thanks! I’ve done some reading up on it, Hermione too, and I’ll be doing the…" He waved his hand toward the bed.

Draco’s face turned ugly with the beginnings of temper. "Look, Potter. You don’t have any idea what you’re doing. I do. This isn’t something you can learn from a book. Trust me on that. Besides, I have a reputation to maintain."

"You just don’t want to bottom!" Harry accused.

Draco gave a short laugh at that. "Potter, with the right top, bottoming is absolute perfection. However, I will not allow a virgin anywhere near my arse. You don’t know what you’re doing. Topping requires a finesse that you simply don’t have, and I’m not going to spend the next few days in agony because you decided to be a fucking Gryffindor about this! Now, take off your clothes, get on the bed, and prepare yourself for a night of orgasmic pleasure!" By the time he was done, Draco was in Harry’s face, shouting at him, one finger pointed imperiously toward the bed.

Harry, however, was genetically incapable of agreeing with Draco Malfoy about anything, so he shouted right back, "No!"

Draco’s eyes narrowed to slits and he growled for a moment before his face fell into pleasant, blank lines and he smiled coldly before saying, "Fine. I’ll do it myself then."

That’s how Harry found himself stretched out on the excessively large, though extremely comfortable bed, spread-eagled, each limb bound with magical ropes to a different bedpost. When Draco crawled on the bed a few seconds later, Harry panicked.

Draco wasn't wearing any clothes.

Correction, Draco was completely naked except for the school tie he still had looped around his neck, the knot of which sat perfectly in the hollow of his throat.

Harry opened his mouth to ask about that, but all that came out was a wheezing sort of sound. He shut his mouth and gulped, eyes locked on the intricate twisting of green and silver against that pale skin.

Draco laughed softly and lowered his head. Harry's eyes flared wide and he made a gurgling noise this time, but Draco wasn't attempting to kiss him as he'd thought. Those thin lips skimmed along Harry's jawline until they reached his ear.

"The sounds you're making, while amusing, are quite different from what I'm used to. Please note that you should be striving for groans and moans. The occasional whimper wouldn't be out of place. Nor would screams of my name, the names of various gods, or simply shouts similar in nature to 'Shove your huge cock up my arse!'"

A burst of laughter escaped Harry then. "Not bloody likely, Malfoy. Although, you do have a future in comedy if this whole spoiled prat thing doesn't work out for you."

Harry couldn't be certain, but he thought that perhaps Draco had meant for him to find that amusing. A warm feeling stole over him then, and he finally managed to relax slightly. "You know, you don't have to keep me tied up. I'll, erm, you know. Even without the ropes and such."

"Potter, those ropes are as much for me as they are for you. I happen to enjoy the sight of you like this, helpless and spread out for my pleasure. Besides, knowing you, you'll try to one-up me on everything I do, and we'll be here all night. Just… relax and enjoy what I'm about to do to you. After, if you like, I'll allow you to return the favour."

"Favour?" Harry asked, sceptical.

Draco simply smiled and began slowly slipping the buttons free on Harry's shirt. He bent his head to Harry again, this time by-passing everything to place sucking kisses on his neck. He rolled his head back slightly to give Draco easier access to the area, rewarded with a light nibble on the tendon there.

Harry didn't realise he was twisting his wrists against the ropes until the pain of the friction caught his attention. He stopped then, for a moment, until Draco spread his shirt open and ran the sharp edges of his straight white teeth over Harry's collar bone.


Draco chuckled at the first whine that came from Harry when he nibbled on the protruding edge of bone at Harry's shoulder. As he continued to unwrap the other boy from the clothes that had always made him appear undernourished, Draco realised that, far from being too thin, Harry had a delicious body. Muscles strained in his arms and shoulders as he pulled against his restraints, and his flat stomach showed a rather nice delineation of musculature there. His chest, while not too broad, was just thick enough to make Draco's mouth truly water.

Draco blinked as he realised that this duty, while far from being an inconvenience in any event—it was sex, after all—he was already incredibly aroused at the thought of fucking Harry Potter. It had nothing to do with their past and everything to do with the fact that Potter was… well, hot.

He hummed and brushed his lips over the same place he'd just been nibbling before moving down to lick lightly around the very edge of Harry's left nipple. He continued that until it was pulled tight and Harry's chest was rising and falling rapidly. Then, Draco laved the whole thing with the flat of his tongue twice before he opened his mouth and sucked on it.

Harry moaned under him, his back arching as every muscle in his chest, neck, and shoulders strained with the effort to break free of his bonds. Draco chuckled around his mouthful of flesh and began to nibble. He knew what this felt like, and was not surprised when Harry began to frantically mumble incomprehensible words and twist under him.

He brought his hand up to Harry's other nipple and rolled that between his thumb and forefinger, drawing even more delectable noises from the overwhelmed boy. He kissed his way from one nipple to the other and treated the second to the same procedure he'd used on the first. By the time he was ready to move on, Harry's breathing was ragged and his hips were pressing rhythmically into Draco's stomach, the evidence of Harry's arousal digging into him.

Draco kissed his way down Harry's belly, nuzzling into the thin trail of hair that started just below his navel as he quickly applied his fingers to the task of undoing Harry's trousers. He slid the belt free quickly and slipped his fingers under the waistband, curling them around the metal button fastening. He swiftly unhooked the button and slowly and carefully lowered the zip on the trousers.

"Lift up," he urged, then slid Harry's trousers down to midthigh before realising that the ropes binding his ankles would prevent their total removal. With a muttered oath, he quickly spelled the ropes away and pulled the material free of Harry's legs, taking a moment to remove his shoes and socks first.

From his position at Harry's feet, Draco looked up the line of his body to see the flushed and sweaty face, the shirt-framed, reddened chest that was nearly heaving as Harry tried to get enough oxygen into his lungs, and the very obvious arousal that was only shielded from sight now by the plain white briefs.

Sliding his hands up Harry's inner thighs—nicely muscled, as well—Draco moved forward and pressed his lips to the erection stretching the soft cotton. He moved them up and down, aroused ever more by the sharp cries that were coming from Harry now. With a wicked grin that Harry couldn't possibly see, Draco wrapped his lips around the head of Harry's cock, through the cloth, and sucked hard.

Harry cried out and bucked his hips as he quickly came from that stimulation.

Clicking his tongue against his teeth, Draco said, "Oh, look, your y-fronts will be all sticky now and we can't have that, can we? Let's just get rid of this spoiled garment, shall we?" Not even bothering to strip them off properly this time, Draco just banished them over to the pile of clothes at the end of the bed.

Dropping down onto his elbows between Harry's spread thighs, Draco blew a light stream of breath over Harry's damp cock, drawing another groan out of him. "Don't fall asleep just yet, Potter. We still have quite a lot of ground to cover tonight."

"More?" Potter croaked, head coming up as his eyes opened wide.

"Oh, yes. Much, much more."

Summoning a pillow to him, Draco told Harry to lift his hips and slid it, doubled over, under them. Pushing Harry's thighs apart a bit further, Draco whispered a cleansing spell and used his thumbs to part the firm globes of Harry's arse. Moving closer, the whiff of Harry's musky scent hit him and Draco had to take a moment to just breathe.

He smelled so fucking good.

Deciding he didn't need to wait any longer, Draco pressed his mouth to the spot just behind Harry's balls, sucking on that skin there before he moved his mouth down and began to flicker his tongue over the entire area until he reached the tightly furled entrance. This he laved with long strokes of his tongue before covering it with his mouth and sucking.

A sharp cry from above him brought his attention back to Harry, whose cock was once more nearly fully erect.

Draco moaned, the vibration passing from his mouth into Harry's arse, making the other boy's breath catch before he began to shiver uncontrollably. Draco smiled slightly before he pointed his tongue and pressed it firmly to the clenching hole under his mouth. He pushed hard until it was fully gripped by the tight ring of muscles, then pushed more, attempting to get as close as possible, to fuck Harry with his tongue before he fucked him with his body.

"Draco!" Harry screamed, his voice raw.

Draco hummed again, but had to throw his arms around Harry's hips as the other boy started bucking uncontrollably. He continued to lick and suck for several more minutes before he decided that he'd tortured himself enough for the time being.


Harry's mind was a complete blank. He was one giant ball of aching need at this point.

When Draco finally pulled his tongue out of Harry's arse, Harry whimpered and rolled his hips, not knowing anything but that he wasn't quite ready for those brilliant sensations to end. But then Draco did something even more brilliant, if that was possible, and began to lick and suck on Harry's balls.

When something wet prodded against Harry's arse again, he didn't even realise that Draco's mouth couldn't possibly be in two places at once. When the wet thing slid carefully but easily into his arse, Harry finally realised that it couldn't possibly be Draco's tongue, because his tongue couldn't possibly stretch that far, unless he had taken one of the twins' Ton Tongue Toffee's and…

Harry's eyes crossed at the thought of what Draco's marvellous tongue could do if it were engorged like that.

The wriggle of the thing inside accompanied by a wicked suck on his left ball, brought Harry's attention back with a jolt. The thing was, apparently, Draco's finger, and Harry let out a hiss when it glanced over something sparkly inside him.

Draco released his ball with a rather smirky-sounding, "Say hello to your prostate, Potter."

"Guh," was Harry's response to that, but he was certain Draco understood it to mean, "Fuck off, prat, and do that again." Of course, he was only certain because Draco did do that again, but still, it was as wonderful this time as it had been before.

The finger withdrew, and Harry would have complained, but then Draco put his hot mouth around Harry's cock and sucked him straight down his throat, so he thought that perhaps it wasn't really an appropriate show of appreciation to complain at that juncture. Besides, the finger came back soon enough, though it was thicker this time? No, there was two of them. Oh, Draco really was brilliant at this.

He'd have to remember to tell Hermione that Justin had been right.

Draco's movements became hurried then, and it wasn't more than a few heartbeats before the two fingers were joined by a third and then were gone completely as Draco released his cock from that talented mouth and moved up, gripping Harry's wrists as he lined up their bodies. Something thick and solid was pressing against Harry's arse this time and he nearly begged, but Draco leaned down and stuck his tongue in Harry's mouth, shutting him up.

Harry writhed on the bed and ripped his mouth from Draco's, pressing up toward the other boy who had gone perfectly still above him. "Stop teasing me, dammit!" he demanded, almost missing Draco’s whispered, "Fuck."

"Yes, that’s the idea, you prat. Now, come on, already!"

Draco’s fingers tightened around Harry’s wrists, causing him to open his eyes—when had he closed them—and look up impatiently. Draco was staring at him with an expression that could only be called regret. "It’s wearing off, Potter. I can feel it."

Harry swallowed roughly, losing a bit of his arousal. "The potion?"

Draco nodded, then tossed back his head, eyes squeezing shut. "I—just don’t fight it! You’ll be all right if you just… don’t fight it." His breathing became harsh then, and with every breath, his cock rubbed lightly against Harry’s arse, making his eyes cross as his stomach twisted once more with need.

"Potter," Draco said, and his voice had changed. It was deeper somehow, or rougher; husky in a way that his voice had never been before, and it rubbed over Harry like a feather, driving him wild. The brush of silk across his chest made him snap his attention back to Draco, and what he saw nearly made him lose his mind.

It was Draco… but not. The pale, pointy features had changed, become softer in some areas, more angular in others. Harry would have thought him beautiful if he wasn’t so very masculine. Draco’s skin was no longer pasty-looking, but ethereal in it’s pure whiteness. His hair draped around them, a few strands swirling teasingly, temptingly over Harry’s chest.

His eyes were once more that flooded grey colour and Harry felt like he was being sucked into them.

"I'm the Crown Prince of England."

Harry blinked for a moment, wondering vaguely where that had come from before Draco laughed and the sound of it, just the sound of his laughter, made Harry gasp as a few beads of come leaked from the tip of his once-again fully erect cock. With a groan, he canted his hips, pushing against Draco's cock, wordlessly begging for more.

Draco smiled with lips that had gone from thin and pinched to full, with a deep pink flush that called to Harry, making him lift his head off the pillow, strain toward Draco, tongue flicking out as he tried to move closer, taste those lips, that smile. Draco rocked his hips and lowered his head at the same time, capturing Harry's mouth with his own as the head of his cock pushed just inside Harry's arse. Harry whimpered around Draco's tongue, pulling away with his lower body as he tried to push forward with his mouth.

It hurt. Not horribly, but it certainly wasn't nearly as pleasant as everything else leading up to it had been, and Harry was really okay with going back to that. Now. Please. He attempted to communicate that to Draco, but all that came of it was a deep purring sound. It was obviously meant to soothe Harry, and it did, to an extent, but now he wanted to stop. Just… stop.

His hands were still caught above his head, locked in Draco's grasp, and he began to panic slightly when he couldn't get free. Twisting didn't help, though, because all it accomplished was to help Draco push further into him. He tore his mouth away and turned his head to the side, closing his eyes to keep from getting enthralled by Draco's beauty again.

"Stop. Please, just…"

"Harry." Draco lowered his head and whispered into Harry's ear, his hair a nearly impervious curtain in front of Harry's face so that he could feel it stirring with every short breath. "Relax, Harry. Look at me."

"Uhh, no thanks. I mean, you know, just… don’t want to lose my mind again, you know? And really, we can stop now, because we did. I mean, you… and that's enough, right? Please?" Harry realised he was becoming slightly hysterical, rambling even, but he really didn't want to do this anymore. His hands were opening and closing above his head, and when he twisted his wrists this time, Draco released them, both from his grip and from the ropes binding them.

He immediately brought them down and used them to push at Draco's chest. Instead of moving away, Draco lowered himself to lean on one elbow while he brought the other hand down to grip Harry's jaw, turning him so they were face to face, though Harry still stubbornly refused to open his eyes.

"You don't have to look at me, but I need you to listen."

God, that voice. Harry shivered slightly and felt a new stirring in his stomach. Really, this on again off again arousal was rather wearing.

"I can stop now." Harry was set to let out a sigh of relief until Draco continued. "But if I do that, I'm not sure what will happen. For now… I have some control. It's sort of overwhelming, but I do have some control. So I can stop. But I'm almost certain that if I do that, the Veela will take over again. If that happens… the only thing it wants is to mate, Harry. Do you understand that?"

Anger surged through Harry then, anger at life, at fate, at Snape for putting them in this position to begin with, at Dumbledore for not being able to pull this particular rabbit out of his hat, at the Malfoys for not dealing with this honestly, at… everything. He opened his eyes then, nostrils flaring as he pulled his anger around him, let it seethe through him. As defences went, it wasn't the best, but it was all he had.

It wasn't enough.

As soon as he looked at Draco again, he felt his anger start to drain away, leech out of him until he was laying there, staring at the beautiful creature above him—and, masculine or no, there was really no other word to describe Draco now but beautiful—as his body relaxed into the bed.

"Better?" Draco asked softly.

"I defeated Voldemort. The Wizengamot named me the youngest Minister for Magic in the history of Britain. Of the world, even."

Draco chuckled, which made them both gasp. The small, involuntary movement of his body with the laughter had pushed him slightly further into Harry, not much, but just enough that he was brushing lightly against Harry's prostate. Harry threw back his head and arched his body, shockwaves of sharp pleasure radiating through him at that contact.


Draco moaned as Harry's arse clenched around him and swiftly grabbed Harry's hips, keeping him from bucking Draco off. He didn't want to lose the ground he'd gained already, and… oh god! Harry's hips twisted upward again, hard, forcing Draco fully into him.

"So… fucking… tight."

Harry's eyes came back to meet his, and the colour of them hit him all over again. So green, so wide and open and… trusting, somehow, despite everything. So fresh and pure. So… so fucking corruptible. Draco groaned again and pulled out slightly before thrusting back in. The sound Harry made then sent unadulterated need slamming through Draco.

He was fucking hissing in Parseltongue and it was the sexiest thing Draco had ever heard before in his life. Well, okay, since he'd hit puberty, anyway. Hell, he'd heard Harry speak Parseltongue before, but he hadn't been able to identify the heat that struck him then, at the age of twelve, as the desire that was beating a steady rhythm in his body now.

Making a very conscious effort to slow down, Draco lifted his head and looked down at Harry again, stilling the movement of his hips. "Tell me it's okay, Harry."

"I can't believe you're stopping now, Malfoy, you fucking girl. Next you'll be wanting to talk about feelings or something. Move, dammit!"

Draco laughed again, and again it caused them both to moan, but this time Draco didn't hold back. Rising up onto his knees, he gripped Harry's hips and began thrusting, slow and steady, but with a hard push on the end that jolted them both. Harry wound his hands in Draco's hair, pulling him down into a frantic, needy, sloppy kiss that made their positions slightly awkward, but Draco didn't care. He continued to thrust, continued to pull the occasional sexy hiss from Harry, until the need to come began to overwhelm him.

Draco muttered a spell, and knew it had taken effect when Harry arched his back with a scream of pure pleasure.

"What the fuck? What the fuck is… oh, god!"

"Special," thrust, "spell I found," thrust, "family library."

"What… what… ahhh!"

"Everything my cock feels, yours does," Draco said, pulling out to switch positions. Harry whimpered and tried to grab him back, but Draco soothed him with another one of those weird purring noises. It made his whole chest vibrate, and he'd really have to explore that later, but for now, he really just wanted to fuck Harry into the mattress and come already.

He rolled Harry onto his side, pulling his top leg up and bracing it on his shoulder as he slid back into that tight, hot hole. With short, fast jabs of his cock, he pistoned into Harry until the only sounds that came from the other boy were the hisses of Parseltongue, a guarantee that he was hitting that spot perfectly, over and over. That stimulation, combined with the spell that ensured Harry was feeling what Draco was, and Harry was rippling with another orgasm within moments.

Draco ducked under Harry's leg until they were face to face again and gave up all control, allowing the Veela to take over and drive into the willing, lax body under him until he came with an other-worldly screech. He felt his cock flaring inside Harry's body, pulsing over and over and over until he thought surely there was no more fluid in his body to spare and he'd shrivel up.

God, he'd never come like that before. It was… he wanted to do this again. Right now.

"Draco?" Harry murmured, face turned into Draco's neck so that with every word his lips brushed caresses against the sensitive skin there.

Draco just panted in an inquiring way, needing the oxygen.

"When can we do that again?"

Draco wheezed out a laugh and pulled back to look at Harry, completely amazed to see that his eyes still held that indefinable innocence that called to him like nothing ever had before. "Is right now too soon?"

"Can we vote for Head Boy? Because I'll be your fucking campaign manager. You're brilliant," Harry said before pushing forward in that—rather charming, now that Draco had a moment to think about it—Gryffindor manner of his to crush his lips to Draco's in an amazingly sweet kiss.


Somewhere deep in the bowels of the castle, a bitterly sarcastic bastard of a wizard was watching a potion turn from purple to blue. He sat back with a laugh and picked up a glass of Firewhisky. "To your futures, Mr Malfoy and Mr Potter. And to your children's future."

He closed a book—titled, "Male Fertility Potions and How to Slip Them, Unsuspected, To a Horny Veela Under the Twinkling Eye of a Suspicious Headmaster"—and slid it back onto his shelf.

The End.
Tags: [fic], rated: nc-17, round: summer 2007

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