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Author: enchanted_jae
Recipient: lotrwariorgodss
Title: The Last Time
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, Snape
Summary: Draco chose to spy for the Order; he only wishes he didn't have to report to Potter.
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warning(s): Explicit sexual activity, pwp
Word Count: 1646
Author's Notes: I truly enjoyed the prompt, lotrwariorgodss. However, it caused the smut!bunny to bite. My apologies for the lack of plot.

"I don't understand why I have to report to Potter, of all people!"

Snape fought the urge to roll his eyes, settling instead with leveling a glare on his young charge. "Potter is the one who will most directly benefit from the information, and it is imperative that he receive it in a timely fashion, directly from the source."

Draco huffed in annoyance, but it was obvious from the implacable look on his mentor's face that there was no avoiding another meeting with Potter. "Very well," he conceded begrudgingly, reaching for his cloak as he headed for the door.

"Draco." Snape's voice pulled him up short, and he turned to look back at the man who'd become like a father to him. "Do be careful," came the admonishment. "There are spies on both sides of this conflict." Draco gave a curt nod and exited quickly, closing the door quietly behind him.


There had been no defining moment that had caused Draco to switch sides in this war. Rather, it had been the gradual realization that the Dark Lord and his forces were becoming more and more desperate, whereas Potter and the Order seemed to become ever more determined. It was obvious to Draco who was going to prevail eventually, and he intended to be on the winning side.

To that end, he had approached Severus Snape--the only person who was known to have acted as a spy for the Order and survived to tell about it. Snape had barely escaped with his life once he'd been discovered, and the Order had been itching to replace him within the ranks of the Death Eaters. Draco had been gleaning information from the Dark Lord's camp and feeding it to Potter's side ever since. He had discovered that spying was dirty business, but if it would help end this conflict more quickly, so be it.


"He has to have said something!" Harry cried in frustration, the palm of one hand slamming onto the scarred surface of the table emphatically.

"Potter, I have attended to every word he's said in my presence," Draco insisted, striving to remain calm. "I assure you, he has made no mention of the final Horcrux."

Harry stood and began to pace about the confined space of the dingy room. The war had all of them on edge, him especially, and he found it difficult to sit still at the best of times. "I can't destroy Voldemort until I know for certain he cannot come back," Harry said tightly. He whirled to face to other young man and said, "We need that final Horcrux, Malfoy!"

Draco surged to his feet, as well. "I can't just bloody well walk up to him and ask, you know!" he snapped in irritation.

Harry was frustrated and spoiling for a fight, and unlike the members of the Order, Malfoy was unfazed by him and wouldn't back down. "You could try to steer the conversation in that direction," he growled, pacing closer to the spy.

"Are you out of your mind?!" gaped Draco. "Haven't I taken enough risks for you?" he demanded. "I'm tired of bending over backwards and getting nothing in return except some vague promise of..." The rest of his words were lost in the crush of Potter's mouth against his own. Instead of struggling to free himself, however, Draco rose to this latest challenge and fought back in the same vein, devouring Potter's mouth with an angry hunger.

Their teeth clashed audibly, and their tongues battled for control. Draco's back hit the wall with a thud, and he broke free of Potter's lips to drag in an unsteady breath.

"God, you drive me insane," muttered Harry before he latched on to Malfoy's neck, biting him hard enough to hurt before soothing the mark with a swipe of his tongue.

"Bastard," hissed Draco, although he had no idea if it was in response to Potter's words or his actions. He fisted his hand in Potter's hair and yanked his head up to mash their mouths together once more. When a thigh wedged itself between his legs, Draco instinctively rubbed his aching hardness against it.

For Harry, it was too much temptation to resist, and he stepped back far enough to allow himself to spin Malfoy around and push him against the wall once more, face first. He was desperate to bury his throbbing cock deep inside of Malfoy, and he wasn't going to take time with the niceties. Harry fumbled for the catch of Malfoy's trousers, working the button loose and tearing the zip down. He grasped the waistband in both hands and yanked the other man's trousers and briefs down to his knees in one tug before hastily undoing the flies of his own trousers and withdrawing his swollen cock. He widened his own stance to bracket Malfoy's hips and thighs and moved in close behind the blond.

Draco shivered as the cool air caressed his naked arse. Part of him knew he should protest what was obviously about to happen, but the greater part of him was sunk too far in his own need to care. Right now, he ached, and Potter was conveniently available to take care of the ache. The other's rough hands on his hips and hot breath on the back of his neck were whipping him into a frenzy of desire, and he arched his back in supplication while snarling in demand, "Now!"

With nothing to use as lubricant, Harry settled for spitting into the palm of his hand and using it to slick his cock. It would have to do. Guiding himself into place, he breached Malfoy's body with a short, hard thrust, ignoring the other's garbled cry. Malfoy had wanted this, and he would adjust. To make amends, Harry swept the blond's hair from his nape and pressed an open-mouth kiss there. Malfoy relaxed and hummed his pleasure, and Harry's hips jolted into motion, pumping back and forth and subjecting the other to a flurry of strokes.

Draco's breath was driven from him by each forceful thrust of Potter's cock, and his fingers scrabbled at the rough wood in front of him, as if trying to gain purchase. The sex was rough and raw, and it burned, but damned if he hadn't needed exactly what Potter was giving him. He shifted his stance and tilted his arse, enabling the thick cock inside of him to rub against his prostate as it worked in and out of his hole. Draco didn't want rubbing, however; he wanted a good, hard pounding on that sensitive gland. "Harder," he demanded, pushing his hips back into it.

Harry muttered a curse and grabbed Malfoy's hips in a bruising grip, fucking him now with unrestrained force. Malfoy didn't seem to mind. He was clawing at the wall in front of him and arching back to take more of Harry's length. All the while, he was making the sexiest sounds--harsh, panting moans that indicated he was enjoying this shag as much as Harry was.

Harry himself began a one-sided dialogue, punctuated by his own harsh breaths. "Needed this...Malfoy...so good...should have...fucked you...over the...table...instead..." Seized with the desire to do just that, Harry abruptly grabbed the blond about the waist, spun him around and pushed him two steps to the table, all without losing penetration.

Draco found himself suddenly slammed down on the table, and he brought his hands out to catch himself. The maneuver had been awkward at best with his trousers and pants hanging just above his knees and Potter's thighs bracketing his own, but they had accomplished it, and Draco found he preferred this position. Potter's cock was now driving deeper, and the angle better enabled him to bang Draco's prostate repeatedly. "Unngh," Draco grunted, as his eyes rolled back in his head at the sensation. Papers and a drinking glass went flying as he grabbed at the edges of the table and hung on. When one of Potter's hands finally wrapped around his cock, Draco came undone.

Harry felt the blond's climax around his cock almost before he felt it in his hand. Malfoy's channel clamped down on him in a sudden spasm just before his cock shuddered and spurted over Harry's fingers and the table underneath. Malfoy was almost silent in his release...his breath had been indrawn sharply, and now he simply writhed beneath Harry, riding it out.

When it was over, Draco crumpled wearily onto the table, his trembling legs threatening to give way. Unfortunately, he was being pinned in place by Potter's cock, which was still rutting enthusiastically inside of him. Draco buried his face in his arms and remained slumped there, passively enduring Potter's rough thrusts and lusty grunts until it was well and truly over as Potter slammed into him one last time and flooded him with the results of his orgasm. Potter then had the nerve to collapse on top of him.

"Get off," grumbled Draco, shrugging his shoulders. He could feel to other smile against his hair, which prompted him to add, "And don't say something along the lines of 'I already did', or I swear I'll do the Dark Lord's job for him."

Harry gave an exaggerated sigh before he levered himself upright and pulled out of Malfoy. The other straightened as well, muttering, "This was a mistake, and it won't happen again."

Harry looked up from fastening his trousers and rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah," he scoffed. "That's what you said the last time."
Tags: [fic], genre: pwp, rated: nc-17, round: summer 2007

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