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Happy H/D Holidays snottygrrl - Part 2/2.

Author: dragonfly_lily
Title:The Balance of Extremes, 2/2


The family woke up all excited on the morning of Quentin’s party. Harry had seen no one but his children, Draco, Hermione and Ron since his induction into this world. Today he would get to see the Weasleys, Dean and Seamus and countless other Order members. The group was holding one guest as a surprise, and no amount of guessing could get anyone to share the identity.

Sirius and Quentin were running throughout the house hollering and being silly. As Harry laughed at their antics, Draco tried to get each of them to settle down and watch the telly. He wanted a nap out of them before they headed out.

Harry collapsed on the divan with Cissy and convinced the boys to cuddle into him. This made Draco smile and retreat to the kitchen to prepare some food.

Late that afternoon, Draco and Harry were getting dressed in their room. Harry no longer hid from Draco when either was undressed. In fact, he kept trying to sneak a peak, which amused Draco to no end. Neither said a word about it, though. Cissy, too young for the trip, was going to be left with a house-elf, Bilbee, who volunteered to come from the Weasley house and was currently getting the boys washed and dressed. At Harry’s confused look, Draco explained, “You wouldn’t let the Malfoy elves come here and I couldn’t just release them, much to Hermione’s disappointment. Some went to Hogwarts and two went to the Weasley’s to help out. Ron lives there with his six kids and his wife and Molly can’t do it all anymore.”

“Whom is Ron married to?” Harry asked, surprised the question had not come sooner.

Draco smirked. “Well, I might as well get that shock out of the way now. There will be plenty to come if I know you even half as well as I think I do. You’ll be meeting a Mrs. Pansy Weasley today.”

“Pansy?” Harry shock was evident. “Pansy, as in Pansy Parkinson?”

“How many Pansy’s do you know, Potter?”

Harry simply stared at him. “Ron and Pansy, huh? I guess I can kind of see that. They certainly eyed each other enough during our last year.”

Draco smirked and added, “Another couple to come out of the summer after your eighth year.”

He disappeared into the loo and Harry pulled on his shirt and trousers. Draco entered back into their room and before he could stop himself, Harry whistled. “Wow! You look good!”

“Of course I do, Potter.” Looking over Harry’s outfit he returned the compliment.

With a bit of a whine, Harry asked, “Do we really have to get so dressed up? I thought this was a picnic?”

“It is,” Draco responded. He was sitting on the bed and lounging back when he added, “But we always dress a bit nicer. I’ll bring a change of clothing for you in case you play a pick-up game of Quidditch later.

Harry smiled at the idea. “Won’t you play?”

“I…can’t,” Draco said evasively.

“Because you just had the baby?” Harry asked.

Nodding, Draco replied, “Something like that.”

Harry was just about to ask what that meant when Draco asked, “What other little bombs can I diffuse now before we’re in public? You’re bound to have a million questions. Ask me one now.”

“Did you ever finish school?” Harry asked and immediately felt bad for making the assumption that he hadn’t.

But Draco didn’t seem to mind the question and said, “No. I didn’t need it for my profession and I’ve never seen any reason to go back.”

Harry was fussing over tying a tie and couldn’t seem to get it right. Draco came up behind him and took over the duty, both of them looking into each other’s eyes through the mirror. As he finished, his hands slipped slowly down the front of Harry’s chest, as if he was smoothing out a wrinkle or two. But the tension in the room had become palpable and Harry swallowed hard. Draco’s fingers skimmed the top of his trousers and his finger caught in a belt loop. With a yank, Harry spun and was suddenly chest-to-chest with him.

Draco nuzzled his neck and said, “I miss you.”

Harry pulled away a bit and said, “Nothing to miss. I'm right here.”

“Not the same.” Draco was pulled him in again and kissed a spot on his neck, leaving his lips on the spot moment longer than necessary.

Harry jumped away and crossed the room to get his shoes. He heard Draco sigh and mutter an apology.

“Nothing to apologize for,” Harry mumbled and left the room.


The arrival at the Weasley house was nothing if not incredible. Harry was shocked by how good Molly looked for her age and how comfortable Pansy looked in her role as Mrs. Weasley. He learned that not only did the two have six children, but also that they had two sets of twins! Their oldest, Edward, was the same age as Sirius and the two were best friends. They ran off as soon as the family came through the fireplace. The first set of twins, Victoria and Elizabeth, came next and were six years old, William was five, and the last set of twins, Anne and Henry were two. When Harry asked about a seventh child, the look Pansy gave him scared him.

Ron ushered him out to the yard and he saw George and Fred and their families playing near the lake. Harry didn’t recognize the women to whom they must be married, but noted that they were twins, also. Ginny and Neville and their four children were splashing around in the lake close to the twins. Harry saw Greg Goyle and a woman that could only be Luna Lovegood sitting at a picnic table and wondered if they were together. The absence of children with them only confused him further.

“All right, mate, what do you want to do first?” Ron asked. “Hermione and her family will be here soon, and we have our surprise guest arriving any minute.”

Harry was nearly overwhelmed. Everyone looked so different and yet the same. A hand came down hard upon his shoulder and Harry turned at a shout of his name. Standing in front of him was Seamus and a very pregnant woman who was introduced as his girlfriend, Kate.

“Is Seamus my surprise?” Harry asked, laughing. “Not much of a shocker.”

Seamus pushed him playfully just as Draco was walking out the door.

“Watch it Finnegan. I won’t have you pounding on Harry,” Draco joked.

All of them laughed and Ron said, “Nope, he’s not the surprise.”

Draco pulled Harry into his arms and Harry groaned, a curl of desire blooming in his stomach. “We’re among friends and they’ll expect this,” Draco whispered in his ear, mistaking the groan as one meaning Harry was uncomfortable. “It’ll look strange if we’re not somewhat familiar.” He began rubbing small circles on Harry’s chest.

Seamus and Kate had turned to greet Molly who had just come into the yard. Harry really was enjoying the physical attention, but was quite sure his cock would be joining the party if he didn’t think about something different. “Tell me about the couples,” Harry prompted. “Who’s together? Who has kids?”

As Draco shared the tales, Harry relaxed into the touch and almost forgot that he was a stranger among friends. A comment about Harry needing to remember all of the kid’s names got him to focus suddenly.

“Who else knows about me?” Harry whispered, pulling away, suddenly nervous and feeling out of place.

Draco startled, surprised at the sudden question. He whispered back, “Almost no one. We haven’t told a soul but your mystery guest and Dean Thomas.”

Harry looked astonished. “Why Dean?”

“He’s working as the Potion’s Master at Hogwarts,” Draco answered and then grimaced. “Shite, don’t tell Hermione I said that.”

“Dean is a Potion’s Master?”

Draco nodded. “He got into it after Hogwarts and apparently is really good. He went to finishing school and apprenticed under some guy in Germany. Hermione only told him after Dean remembered that you all had taken some mind-altering potions that night.”

At Harry’s shocked look, he looked contrite. “I should have told you earlier that she has been asking around about that. Dean has been researching what you took and if there are any side effects to those potions. They’re hoping that they be able to figure out how you got here and…”

When Draco’s voice trailed off Harry finished, “If I can go home.”

Draco nodded, but somehow the thought of ‘home’ didn’t make him feel better. Harry felt himself be pulled close again, a bit tighter this time, and he wondered why Draco would care if he returned back to his time. ‘Harry’ would be there either way.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Ginny spy them and make a beeline for the couple.

“Harry! Draco! How are you?” Ginny asked, wringing her hair from the lake water. She was in a simple tank suit, but Harry thought she looked wonderful. They all looked wonderful.

Draco turned and smiled. “Good, Ginny, and you? What’s new?”

“Oh, Neville and I are great. Our Hannah is off to Hogwarts this year and all ready we’re worried.”

Harry asked, “Why?”

“You know, Harry. You’ve said it enough times yourself. She has a deviant streak just like Fred and George,” Ginny said.

No sooner than she said their names did they appear. “What are you worried about, Gin. We survived just fine.” Harry was pretty sure it was Fred who had spoken.

“It’s not Hannah I worry about. It’s her poor Professors!” Ginny defended herself.

George smiled, “Ahh…they’ll all be fine. We’ll stock her with new products and no one will know she’s behind any of the pranks.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of! Harry, tell them,” Ginny said, almost pouting. “They think that just because they got away with everything, Hannah will too!”

Watching in wonder at how his friends had aged but still were the same, Harry remarked, “I’m sure she’ll learn a lot, Gin, both in and out of the classroom.”

Neville walked up and Harry couldn’t believe how youthful he looked carrying a toddler.

“Uncle Harry!” the young boy squealed. “Hold me!” He reached forward and Harry swung him into his arms.

Draco made a disgusted face and said, “Nice, Potter. Hold the wet, stinky lake boy against your nicely pressed shirt. Glad I spent so much time getting it ready.”

The comments made everyone laugh.

“Seth, come with me and we’ll get you changed,” Ginny said to the young boy. He let himself be pulled out of Harry’s arms and followed his mother into the Burrow.

“Neville,” Harry said as he shook the man’s hand.

“Harry! Draco! Nice to see you both,” Neville replied. “Where’s the birthday boy?”

Harry looked around but didn’t see Quentin anywhere. He was just about to get nervous when Draco answered, “He just followed Molly into the kitchen. No doubt she’s letting him lick the spoons from making the cake.”

Pulling away from Draco, Harry was shocked to realize that he had been keeping tabs on the boy while still speaking to their friends. He grabbed Draco’s hand and squeezed it, once again amazed at his parenting skills.

“Well, time for me to get dressed, too. You’ll excuse me?” Neville asked and Harry nodded.

They stood for a time, just holding hands, watching the couples interact, the kids play some sort of chase game near the garden and friends tease each other. Here and there Draco made a comment or two about who was talking to whom, or reminded Harry which child belonged to whom. Harry found that he was quite pleased to realize that everyone was doing fine in their lives. Things weren’t perfect, that he was pretty sure of, but overall everyone looked happy. He remembered a time when he wasn’t sure that any of them had futures, much less happy ones.

Draco commented that they should say hello to Luna and Greg and they were just crossing the yard when Hermione came out the back door. A tall man who had black-as-night hair accompanied her, and Harry could only guess that this was Adam. He was weed thin and held the hand of a boy who could have been a miniature version.

Hermione grabbed Harry’s arm and pulled him to a quieter section of the yard. She introduced her husband and their son, Gabe, who was also leaving for Hogwarts in the fall. Draco reminded Harry that he was Gabe’s Godfather. Harry felt oddly proud to hear that.

“Dean Thomas should be here in just a little bit, Harry,” Hermione said. “I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve told him about your predicament. I asked around a bit to see if anyone remembered that party and Dean seemed to be certain that you each tried a potion that Seamus had mail ordered. He holds a position now that may help us figure this whole thing out.”

Harry smiled, knowing all of this but not wanting to break Draco’s confidence. The foursome was just getting into a conversation about how things had been going when Harry’s eyes deceived him.

A man, carrying a boy of no more than five, had just exited the house and was walking towards him. A woman, whose hair was rainbow colored, was walking with him, too. Harry’s entire body began to shake and he felt all the air ‘whoosh’ out of his lungs. He was so wrapped up in the sight that he barely heard Draco’s warning to remember that no one else was aware of his dilemma and to not make a scene.

“Tonks and Remus?” Harry cried. He had to blink back tears as the man embraced him. “I can’t believe you’re here!”

“Where else would I be?” Remus said with a huge smile. Bending to put the child’s feet on the ground, he said, “Be a good boy and go play with your cousins, James.”

The name caused a moment of surprise for Harry. “James? His name is James?”

“Who else would I name my child after but the man who was my best friend and the father of the man who made it possible for me to be legally able to have children?” Remus said, practically beaming.

Hermione nearly turned purple at his admission. “Remus! I told you not to share any details of Harry’s life with him! We don’t know if he’ll wake up one morning back in Hogwarts and we can’t have him trying to design his future from what he learns here about his past!”

Draco, Tonks and Adam laughed at Hermione’s admonishing. Harry, however, was reeling with shock. Remus was standing in front of him. He had assumed that the man had died, as Werewolves had short life spans. He hadn’t wanted to ask, and was pretty sure Draco wouldn’t have told him anyway, but he never imagined that he’d see his father’s friend here. And Remus had a child, something that was only possible because Harry had made it so! Harry wanted to know how, but knew no one would tell him.

Feeling all at once excited and frustrated, he embraced the older man again and said, “I am so happy to see you!”

After all made pleasantries, and Harry still hadn’t completely let go of Remus’ arm, the two men walked to a set of chairs and sat down. A few moments were spent looking out into the yard and watching James play before Remus turned his attention to Harry. “How are you, really?”

A smile escaped Harry before he could even think. “I’m good. I’m in shock at most things, but I am good.”

“What has shocked you the most?” Remus asked.

“Honestly? You,” Harry answered.

Remus looked at him intently. “Not being together with Draco Malfoy and having three children?”

The smile appeared again and Harry said, “No. I always hoped I find someone to be happy with and I’ve always wanted children.”

”So you’re happy with him, then?” Remus questioned.

Harry looked at him strangely. “I’m not really with him…well…I am…but...it’s not really me.” Smiling at his own words, Harry said, “That didn’t make much sense did it.”

“No, I can’t say it did,” Remus laughed.

“What I mean is that my future self is with him, not the me I know.”

Remus’ look turned thoughtful. “So, if you stay here and have no way to get home, you won’t remain with Draco?”

The thought had never crossed Harry’s mind, and he said so. “Hermione keeps talking like I’ll be able to go home.”

“But the possibility remains that you may not, Harry. What will you do then?”

“I don’t know,” Harry said, shaking his head. “I feel like I am balancing one extreme or the other. If I stay here I’m in a relationship with kids, something I’ve always dreamed of, but I’ve missed fourteen years of my life. I miss beginning my relationship with Draco, the kids' births…but if I leave I go back to being single and lonely until all those things start. I think of my 8th year at Hogwarts and all I can see is how lonely I was…am…was.”

“Do you not like Draco?”

“No! I do…I…he’s wonderful with the children and he’s taught me so much.”

Remus smiled, “But how do you feel when you’re alone with him?”

Harry blushed.

“You do like him, then?”

Embarrassed, Harry agreed. “It’s strange, Remus.”

“Why is it strange?”

“He makes me feel…wanted…special. He’s been helpful when I get stuck with something with the kids. He’s so different from his father, too. I don’t know where he learned to be such a good father, but he is,” Harry sighed. “He hasn’t made fun of me once since I have been here. He doesn’t pick fights or do things to make me look stupid, anymore.”

“That Draco is gone, Harry. The child he was has grown into the adult you see.”

Nodding, Harry continued. “He’s changed so much. I feel safe with him, which is so weird when I think of him how he was at Hogwarts. It’s just different now. And he obviously has feelings for me, but he hasn’t pressured me to do anything. Sometimes I wish he would.”

Remus paused at the admission. “You want him to pressure you into a physical relationship?”

“No,” Harry corrected, “I just would like to try it, I guess.

“To see if you like having sex with him.”

Harry blushed again. “Yes. I want to know what is so wonderful about it that I forgave him for everything he did. He was downright nasty as a kid. He killed Dumbledore and let Fenrir into Hogwarts! How could I possibly have forgiven him for those things? Can you tell me? I must have shared it with you.”

“You have, and no I won’t tell you. Have you asked him? That’s what adults do, Harry. They go to the source of the problem.”

“No,” Harry shook his head. “I can’t ask him that. He’s been so nice to me. I can’t question his motives for it.”

“Then go with the thought that you must have buried those demons at some point during your relationship. If you feel comfortable with there being a physical side of your relationship now, pursue it. I’m relatively certain Draco won't mind,” Remus said with a smile.

“Did I hear my name?” Draco asked as he walked up behind the two.

Harry jumped out of his seat, looked at Draco and knew he needed a few minute to think before he dealt with his feelings. Making excuses involving the loo, he took off back towards the house. Walking past his friends, he escaped into the house and found the bedroom he once shared with Ron. It looked smaller, somehow, and was obviously inhabited by one of the children. He looked at the pictures and posters on the wall and moved closer when something on the Cannon’s poster caught his eye.

It was a picture of the entire team and when he looked at the Seeker, he almost fell onto the bed. The blonde hair and gray eyes left no doubt as to who was their star player. It certainly answered why Draco was so concerned about the shape of his body before having Cissy and why he wouldn’t play a ‘pick-up’ game of Quidditch.

Harry got a shock when he spotted the man in the far right hand corner, too. It listed Ron Weasley as the partial Owner and General Manager. No wonder Ron had reddened when Harry questioned him!

This was all too much! Too many surprises, too many changes…even if they were all good ones…made Harry certain he needed to confront Draco and Hermione and hear everything, his future be damned. He couldn’t handle much more of this.

As he tore down the stairs, Molly stopped him. “Harry, dear, how old is Draco this year?”

Thinking, Harry said, “40. Why?”

“That’s right, just like Ronald. I forget who went to school with whom. I’m just getting the candles ready for his cake.”

“What do you mean, Molly? I thought we were here for Quentin?”

Smiling and patting him on the check like a child, Molly answered, “We are, but you didn’t think I’d forget Draco, too? I know he didn’t want a big fuss…something about no one knowing he’s 40…but he has to have a cake. That’s they way we do it in this family. You get a cake on your birthday, like it or not.”

“It’s his birthday?” Harry asked before he could censor himself.

Molly looked at him strangely and answered, “Next Friday, yes. Certainly you didn’t forget about his birthday, Harry?”

“No, no,” Harry said smiling. “I just wasn’t expecting you to do anything for him.” More intent than ever to speak to Draco, Harry walked out the door.

Ron grabbed him as he walked by and no amount of excuses could get him away from the debate Seamus, Fred, George, Greg and Ron were having on the chances the Cannons had to go to the Quidditch World Cup.

“Well you’re the General Manager of the Cannons Ron, shouldn’t you know?” Harry angrily asked.

The other men hooted at the teasing, but Ron was not laughing with them. He looked at Harry and then said, “Let’s go see Hermione.”

Hermione was talking to Draco and Remus, as fate would have it, and Harry was glad to see he could confront them all at once. He completely missed the fact that someone else was with them.

“Think it’s funny, do you?” Harry asked as they walked up. “’Harry’s’ the big joke, eh? Don’t tell me anything and then bring me here to be embarrassed.”

Draco stood and tried to take Harry’s hand, but he pulled it back as if he’d been burned.

“And you’re the worst! Did it slip your mind to tell me you play professional Quidditch?”

Hermione spoke quietly, “Harry, you knew we couldn’t share any details with you.”

“I’m probably stuck here, Hermione. I think I should know some details now!”

A voice from his right supplied, “Maybe not.” Harry spun to look and saw a much thinner, gray haired Dean Thomas looking at him.

“I think I may have found it, Potter. I think I know which potion you took that night.”

Harry’s anger deflated and he suddenly didn’t know whether to be happy or disappointed. When he thought he was stuck he had been angry with the lot of them for keeping secrets, but if he could go home, none of it would matter. He could be going home, which would mean the end of all of this but also mean leaving his children…and Draco.

“What is it, Dean?” Hermione asked. “Which potion did he take?”

“Well, I am not completely certain, yet. I have a bunch arriving by owl post tomorrow and should know before the end of the week at the latest what we’re dealing with.”

All five of them stood in silence until they heard Molly’s voice calling them for dinner. Suddenly not hungry, Harry tried to stay, but Draco whispered his request to come with him and Harry couldn’t say no.


After dinner and cake, the adults retired back to the garden and Fred and George produced some Ogden’s Old Firewhisky for all to enjoy. Harry was remarkably quiet during dinner, but answered politely when someone engaged him. Draco had been quite unhappy about his cake and would have thrown a spectacular fit, if he hadn’t have been so busy shooting worried glances at Harry.

Hermione and Ron were busy with their own families and the rest of the friends didn’t realize anything was wrong. Remus and Tonks had taken James home and Remus had promised to visit with Harry before the end of the week.

A game was suggested by one of the twins involving some dice and a lot of Firewhisky. Draco and Harry had brought Quentin home to stay with Bilbee and were allowing Sirius to stay with the Weasleys' for the night, so both decided to participate. Each of the other men played, as well as Ginny, and were feeling warm and happy after just a few hours. Harry had lightened up considerably, given the amount of alcohol he had imbibed.

“All right champ,” Draco said as the game came to an end. “It’s time to go home.”

“Home? I don’t want to go home,” Harry said, bewildered. “I want to stay here with you and the kids.”

Hermione, still sober, decided to end that line of thinking before Harry shared with the group what his definition of ‘home’ was. She helped get Harry to the fireplace, and sent him after Draco, so that he could catch him on the other end.

“Whoa, big boy,” Draco said as he grabbed Harry around the waist as he tumbled out.

Harry looked at Draco and inquired, “Do you like me?”

“What?” Draco asked, confused. “What are you talking about?”

Harry pulled back to stand on his own. “Do you like me? It’s a straight enough question.”

“Of course I like you. We have three children, for God's sake.”

Harry shook his head. “No, I know you like the other me. Do you like me?

“The other you?” Draco teased.

“Come on, this isn't easy for me.”

Smirking, Draco replied, “Yes, Harry, I like you.”

“Why do you like me?”

Draco sighed and said, “I like you for a lot of reasons, Harry, but lets go upstairs to our room. These shoes need to come off.”

After entering their room and getting comfortable, the two men lounged on the bed, facing each other. At Harry’s re-prompting, Draco answered. “To be honest with you, I was a bit worried when I realized that you were the you of 14 years ago. You’re different now…”

“Better?” Harry interrupted.

“Yes…no…not necessarily, just different. But after living with you for the last couple of weeks I remember why I fell in…like…you. You’re more curious and playful, much freer without the pressures of your current responsibilities. And even though you’re new to all of this, you’re not afraid to be vulnerable. It’s been a lot of fun to watch you learn our children’s needs and personalities. I’ve liked seeing you enjoy them and not worry so much about work and…everything else.”

Harry sighed. “So I worry a lot then?”

“Have you ever not been a worrier, Harry?” Draco chuckled. He put his hand on Harry’s cheek. “That’s just part of you.”

Harry, with his defenses and inhibitions down due to the Firewhisky, turned and kissed the inside of Draco’s wrist. His lips lingered longer than needed and it took a moment for his brain to catch up to his own actions. Suddenly nervous, he turned to gage the reaction.

Draco’s face was turning a wonderful shade of red and he looked surprised. It boosted his confidence and Harry decided to capitalize on the surprise. He leaned in to press their lips together. Although he initiated it, the tenderness in the kiss took Harry’s breath away.

Pulling back he almost giggled as Draco followed. Draco sealed their lips once more and made a contented noise, as Harry parted his own to let his tongue dart out. He cautiously tested out the new sensations and the kiss progressed quickly. Harry found that he was being divested of his shirt and he gave as well as he got. Draco’s hands felt like fire as they ran across his chest and over his shoulders.

Harry’s cock was hardening and his head was spinning. He decided he had to take control of the situation before it took control of him. Pushing Draco back onto his bed, he drew his hands down his chest and whispered, “Let me give you an early birthday present.”

“Harry!” Draco interrupted, “Are you sure? I don’t want to pressure you.”

Harry stopped. “Do you not want me to?”

“NO!” Draco practically shouted. “No, I just want to make sure you’re okay with this.”

Showing a smirk of his own, Harry replied, “Oh, I’m sure.” He began kissing his way down Draco’s chest and lined kisses along the top of Draco’s trousers as he unzipped them. Pulling off both the trousers and pants, Harry stopped to admire the gift Draco was giving him.

He bent to tongue the c-section line left from Cissy’s birth when he heard a chuckle, “Like what you see, Potter?”

“Yes,” Harry answered and was pleased to know from Draco’s reaction that it was in Parseltongue as he had attempted. “I love to see you this way. I’ve wanted to see you like this for a long time”

“Fuck, Potter!” Draco cried as he writhed on the bed. He grabbed himself, but Harry batted the hand away, wanting Draco’s cock for himself.

Harry licked his lips and as slowly as he could, lowered them down the length of Draco’s cock. He began an assault of movement, swirling his tongue around the head as he pulled up. He dragged his mouth off and kissed each sac, speaking in Parseltongue once again. “You’re so hot like this. Who knew that I could have you reduced to this with only a few words.”

Draco was panting and his hands were grasping the sheets. “Please, Harry, please!”

The words were too much for Harry, the power going to his head, and he returned to Draco’s cock with vigor. As he sucked and licked and rolled his tongue, he dropped a hand to himself and began to slowly tug. Needing friction, he began frotting against the bed. It didn’t take long and he soon was moaning at the deliciousness of the feelings and his orgasm was ripped out of him. He had to stop for a moment to catch his breath, so Harry whispered in Parseltongue, “Look what you did to me! I am a mess.”

Thrashing his head back and forth, Draco came with a shout. Harry swallowed every drop and when he pulled off, smiled in contentment. He kissed his way back up Draco’s body and planted a chaste kiss on his nose.

“Mmm…sleep now,” Draco mumbled. Harry laughed, but pulled the blankets over both of them and fell asleep with Draco’s arms around him.


“Morning,” Draco said the following day when Harry came down the stairs into the kitchen. He had jumped when Harry walked in, but covered it with am uneasy grin.

Harry smiled and returned the greeting.

Draco shuffled over and carded through Harry’s hair. “Are you still okay with what happened last night?”

“Very,” Harry said as he looked into his lover’s eyes. “You?”

“More than okay. You forget I was used to regular sex,” Draco teased. Suddenly he became serious. “Do you trust me, Harry?

Harry’s smile slowly slipped from his face and he answered, “Yes, Draco. Why?”

“Would you trust me to make a decision that was best for you, for our family?”

Nodding, Harry said, “Of course. Why?”

Draco pulled away, but didn’t answer. He went to get some tea from the stove for Harry.

Watching him and feeling conflicted between the words and the gesture, Harry asked, “Are you happy, Draco?”

Turning, Draco looked at him in bewilderment. “What do you mean?”

“Are you happy…with us, our family?”

Draco smiled but it didn’t reach his eyes. “Yes, Harry. I have always loved our life. We’ve worked hard and our children are healthy. You and I are good together.”

Sipping on his tea, Harry nodded. “I just wanted to make sure.”

“I really have enjoyed your time here, Harry. It’s been nice to see you so relaxed and care-free.”

Harry nodded and yawned. “It’s not over yet. What do you want to do for your birthday?”

Draco frowned and admitted, “You wont be here.”

“What do you mean?” Harry asked around another yawn.

“Dean Thomas and Hermione were here this morning and gave me a potion that will counteract the one you took at the party. I made the decision to put it in your tea.”

Harry yawned again and looked at the offending liquid. “Why?”

“Harry, you wouldn’t have wanted to take it. You would have wanted to stay here and as much as I want you to, you need to go back. Hermione helped me see that. You need to go back and experience everything yourself. You need to know how we fell in love and what it is like to create life,” Draco answered, but the pain was evident in his voice.

“What’s happening?” Harry mumbled sleepily.

Draco rubbed his chin and said, “You’re going to fall asleep and, hopefully, wake up back in your own time.”

Trying with everything he had to stay awake, Harry murmured, “But I can’t say good-bye to the kids…or Remus…or Ron. And what about your birthday?”

The last thing Harry was aware of was Draco kissing his forehead and saying, “I love you, Harry.”


Harry awoke and rolled over in his bed, noticing the annoyingly bright morning sunlight in the room. He groaned softly at the pain it caused, realizing that he must have drank too much at the Gryffindor party.

When he opened his eyes, he noticed the cranberry canopy over his dorm bed. No matter how many times he awoke to it, he never got tired of the sight.

He sat up and felt an odd pang of sadness.

“Must have had a bad dream,” he mumbled to himself.

Neville, who was sitting on his bed reading, said, “What was that, Harry?”

“Nothing, Neville,” Harry said and smiled at his friend. “You’re not studying for your NEWTS all ready, are you?”

Neville nodded. “Ginny says Hermione’s got her timetable drawn up all ready. She’s going to work on mine this week during break. Did you have fun at the party last night?”

“Yeah. I don’t remember much. I feel weird this morning, though, kind of like I am missing something.”

“Did you lose something?” Neville asked, starting to look concerned.

Sighing, Harry shook his head. “No. I just think I had a weird dream. Something about my future, I’m guessing, because I remember having kids.”

”Sounds like a nightmare, mate! Can you imagine…us with kids?”

Harry laughed, as any good friend would, and flopped back on his bed. He considered Neville’s comments and his dream and thought, ‘Kids would be nice someday, but I hope to be in love first.’ With no idea how or with whom that could ever happen, Harry grabbed a Quidditch magazine to read, and decided to let fate do her thing if that was ever to be his future.
Tags: [fic], [long/chaptered fic], genre: mpreg, rated: nc-17, round: summer 2007

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