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Author/Artist: naadi
Recipient: heyhoolou
Title: One Afternoon After Quidditch . . .
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Summary: Harry and Ron’s after-practice shower is rather unexpectedly interrupted . . .
Rating: R (NWS)
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended. All characters represented are over 18.
Warning(s): Nudity
Word Count: 250 + 3 illustrations
Author's Notes: I’m sorry there aren’t any ties in this, dear, but – *whispers* – bondage was on my squicks list. So I’m really hoping that an entrée of wet H/D with a side dish of clueless Ron will be to your liking. ^.^ Very sincere thanks to my fantastic betas for being wonderfully encouraging and enthusiastic and for helping me resolve the rough spots. *huge hugs* to you both!

One Afternoon After Quidditch . . .

“Room for one more?”

“Wha-? No! Get out of here, Malfoy! These are the Gryffindor showers!”

“I don’t see a sign, Weasley. Do you see a sign?”

“Obviously we’re in here, you git – how much more of a sign do you need?

“Hmm – some kind of a sign that you’re leaving now?”

“Oh, bloody hell. Let’s go, Harry. I’m never going to feel clean with this Slytherin slime ball in here.”

“Er . . .” *reaches for shampoo* “. . . I’m still going to be a little while, Ron . . . um . . . *cough* . . . maybe you should go on ahead. I’ll meet you back at the common room.”

“No way. I’m not leaving you alone with him!”

“Oh, keep your freckles on, Weasley! What do you think we’re going to do in here, all naked and wet and slick with soap . . . shampoo each other to death?”

“Ha! Very funny, Malfoy. But you can't fool me – I think you're up to something . . . something that involves Harry.”

*smirk* “Maybe you think we’re secretly shagging – ?”

“Arrrgh! Must you always be so disgusting, Malfoy?”

“And maybe you want to stay and watch . . . ?”

“Oh . . . ! *gag* I’m out of here. Harry, just come soon, okay?”

“Sure, Ron. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

*snicker* “Yeah, don’t worry, Weasley. I’ll make sure he comes soon enough. . . .”

“God, I thought he’d never leave . . .”

Tags: [art], rated: r, round: summer 2007

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