Not Quite Donne (nqdonne) wrote in hd_holidays,
Not Quite Donne

Round Three

Greetings from the Sectus Residential! There is much talk of post-DH fests all over the place, and I wanted to let you all know the loose plan for hd_hols round three so you can plan ahead :D

Sign-ups will be in the next few weeks, a reasonable amount of time after the DH release so you can all read, but not too late, because we'll all need plenty of time to write! There will be some kind of component to the sign-up regarding Deathly Hallows, so all participants should be aware that from sign-ups on, this round will be spoilery.

Running dates will be either December 1 to December 31 or December 1 to January 10, depending on how many people we get. There will be no official participants cap, but if sign-ups get crazy out of hand, we may limit it. But we're hoping for over a hundred of you to jump in!

With staggered deadlines, first time participants' deadline will be November 10. Second time participants will be November 20. These dates may be altered *slightly* depending on the Smutmas dates, and how many of you are participating in both.

To give us a preliminary sense of numbers, please fill out the following mini-poll.

Poll #1026945 Do you plan on participating in round three?

I am going to sign-up for round three

Perhaps (elaborate in comments if necessary)

More announcements soon, and a new layout for the comm :D
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