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Round Three Sign-Up post!

Forget all the LJ drama, think about all the fabulous stuff we were given to work with in Deathly Hallows and sign-up for round three of hd_holidays! Sorry to do this so soon after everything, but I figured giving you guys more time to write was a good thing.

Please read all the rules and notes before you sign up. Some things have been reworded for clarity or added since I posted the sign-up template.

General Rules
1. Fanfic should be:
  • At least 2000 words in length, beta read/free of spelling and grammar issues. Artists have no minimum requirement, but should think of the "under 2000 words" equivalent as something that is merely a sketch or done in MSPaint. In either case, you should put real effort into your gift!
  • It should also contain any and all HTML that you wish included (such as italics). We will NOT go back and edit these in for you; your fic will be posted as it is received.
  • Not part of a series, or a sequel to a fic that the giftee may not be familiar with.
  • Based on the prompt originally assigned to you. No switching prompts/recipients or having a writer write fic for your art without consulting with the mod first.

2. We are using staggered submission deadlines this time round - those who partcipated in round two will have a later deadline than those who are new to the fest. First timer's submissions are due by November 10. Second time participants submissions are due by November 20.

3. While there is no official extension cap for this round, the mod assumes the right to approve and deny extensions (and multiple extensions) as she sees fit. Behaviour from the last round of hd_hols will have a bearing on how lenient I am with your extension - if you strung us along last time, I am less likely to be generous.

4. Anyone who dropped out or was kicked out of hd_hols round two is not eligible to participate (see list below). Anyone who dropped out of round one, however, can have a second chance - but we may ask about the circumstances of your dropping out. Also, if you are known to be a frequent sign-up-and-runner, we may not allow you to participate.

Those who are ineligible to participate this round are:
- crucio_4_coffee
- ella_bane
- eloiselovelace
- ginevieve
- lanisfanfiction
- legomymalfoy
- mania_regale
- meridian_star
- msharrypotter
- rocktramp
- sirenmage
- thywillbedone

5. Submissions should be emailed to hdhols at You can also contact NQ directly with comments and questions.

Notes & Disclaimer

It would be helpful if you read r_becca's guide to being a good fest participant before you sign up. Please think very carefully before you sign up, and please only do so if you can make the commitment.

Disclaimer: I will be very strict about quality guidelines, so please do not sign up unless you agree to have your fic betaed by one or more competent individuals and will not take offence if I find your fic needs more beta work and send it back to you. I have never dismissed a participant due to quality issues, but taradiane and I reserve the right to do this in extreme cases (such as where the submission blatantly disregards the prompt). I am always open to discussion, so please email me with any concerns.

We also reserve the right to lock R/NC-17 content at any time, and to restrict that content to members over the age of 18. We may also move the comm off LJ at some point before posting begins.

Sign-Up Guidelines
Round three is a SPOILER ROUND, so please read Deathly Hallows before you sign up.
  • Please fill in every required field, and if you are asking for art or have no preference please include some prompts that lend themselves to artistic interpretation. I've had some very frustrated artists report that their recipients prompts are all fic-specific. Give some visual scenarios/ideas, including if you've listed you'd like to receive either.
  • Proxy sign-ups ARE allowed, so if you are going to be away during the sign-up period, you may ask a friend to sign up on your behalf.
  • Regarding author writing teams and/or author/artist collaborations. If you are an artist and would like to collaborate with a writer, please sign up alone, as an artist but mention in your SUBMITTING line that your artwork may or may not have some accompanying fic. If you are a writer and would like to collaborate with an artist, please do the same: sign up as a writer, and mention the possibility that there may be some art to go with your final submission. If you want to sign up as a writing team, you will need to email me directly before you sign up. I will approve these on a case-by-case basis; I would rather not have too many writing teams as it makes the assigning and chasing process much harder for me.
  • This is new, but you MUST put your age/make an age statement. No one under the age of 18 can write/draw and/or receive R/NC-17 work. Those who are under 18 may still participate, but I will not assign you to someone who will write you porn and vice versa – both your submission and the gift for you must be PG-13 or under. Those who turn 18 before December 1st, you may write/receive R/NC-17 work. I'm very sorry to those who live in European countries – I know your age of consent laws are different than the United States' and if it weren't for how hardcore and uncouth LJ is being of late, I would make special exceptions for you. But as things are, I'm afraid I can't :(

Please note that you should use the field regarding post-Deathly Hallows preferences to note whether you'd like epilogue compliant fic, fic set during DH canon, after the end of the war but before the epilogue, etc. Basically give your writer/artist guidelines for how they should take into account Deathly Hallows canon when creating your gift (this will also help me better pair up people in the epilogue-what-epilogue camp, etc. :D) You are also free to note here that you'd like a complete AU fic that disregards DH altogether.

Please fill in all required fields. Unless a field says "optional," it's required. Make sure to provide a working email address - I would prefer you don't use @ livejournal addresses.

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