Not Quite Donne (nqdonne) wrote in hd_holidays,
Not Quite Donne

Four hours to launch!

Hello everyone!

In four hours I will post the first H/D Holidays Winter Round entry, then it will be an entire month of H/D goodness!

There will be four posts a day, every day, with the exception of a few days where there will only be three. Posts will be roughly between 6 and 8 hours apart (depending on the mods' work/life schedules). Longer fics will be hosted on

Some gifts may be posted without a recipient, and instead will be gifted to the community as a whole. Please give as much love to these gifts as you would any other. Sometimes someone drops and regifting isn't possible, but all the authors and artists have worked extremely hard and we want them appreciated equally!

Feedback is imperative! Please show love for all the submissions you read/look at, even if it's just dropping a short comment to say you enjoyed it.

That's it! Those who still don't have your stuff in: plz to be getting on that and the rest of you enjoy! Comment with any questions and otherwise countdown til launch...
Tags: [admin] mod post

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