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Author: enchanted_jae
Recipients: tracy and starlitshore
Title: Cocked and Loch'ed
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, Luna Lovegood
Summary: As editor of the Quibbler, Luna sends her two best reporters to Scotland to find evidence of the legendary Loch Ness Monster.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warning(s): Language, UST, explicit sex, slash (characters depicted in sexual situations are above the age of consent). Author assumes no responsibility for underage readers; pay attention to the warnings and rating.
Deathly Hallows compliant? Mostly AU, and EWE
Word Count: 7450
Author's Notes: I hope my recipients enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

"We're being sent where to look for what?" Draco demanded.

"I'm sending you to Loch Ness to photograph Nessie," replied Luna Lovegood patiently. As editor of the Quibbler, she could and did send her intrepid reporters on some rather bizarre assignments.

"Nessie is the name given to the aquatic monster said to inhabit Loch Ness," Harry elaborated.

"Oh, it's there; I've seen it," Luna remarked.

"Why didn't you photograph it then?" Draco snarked.

"I didn't have a camera with me," sighed Luna. "I did draw her, though." She scooted her chair back and rummaged about in a drawer, emerging with several crumpled and stained pieces of parchment. Harry and Draco each took some and flipped through them.

"It looks like a snake sticking its head out of the water," Draco stated.

"It's much bigger than a snake," Luna pointed out, "and its body is massive."

"Why are you sending us on this assignment?" Draco asked sourly.

Luna favored him with a beguiling smile. "You don't have to go if you don't want to." Draco sighed in relief, only to hear her continue, "You can go to the Himalayas to search for the Yeti, if you prefer."


'Death by boredom,' Draco thought wryly. 'What an ignominious way to go.' Aloud, he called across to Harry, "Seen anything yet?"

From his position on the other side of the bow, Harry replied in the negative and returned his attention to scanning the loch for any sign of disturbance at the surface. He was incredibly bored, but he knew he'd best get used to it. Luna had managed to secure a decent boat for them, one that included a cabin with two narrow bunks, a table and a couple chairs, a tiny bathroom with stool, sink and shower stall, and a small kitchenette. She wanted them on the water 24/7 until they found Nessie, which would likely be a very long time, indeed.

Harry found himself grateful that he and Malfoy had gotten over their childhood animosity. These days, their rivalry consisted of trying to outdo one another as reporters for the Quibbler. How they'd both come to be working for Luna was a different story. After the war, Harry had been tired of fighting and bitter toward the Ministry. When Luna had offered him a job working for the Quibbler, he had jumped at the chance. For Draco, it had been another matter entirely. With the bulk of his family's assets still frozen by the Ministry, he'd been forced to seek employment. He had discovered, however, that no one was willing to hire a Malfoy...until Luna came along. She'd had no qualms about hiring him on, and Draco's sharp wit and keen eye for detail had served him well in the role of reporter.

At first, Luna had avoided sending Harry and Draco on assignment together, but lately, she had been pairing them up more and more. Surprisingly enough, they worked well together, and Luna had been especially impressed with their collaboration on the article about hump-backed fuzzles. So far, however, no assignment had entailed them needing to spend more than a day or two in one another's company...until now. Harry wondered how long it would take before they killed one another.

Draco was trying not to think of the days and possibly weeks of dreary nothingness that loomed before him. He'd brought along a dozen books, but he was afraid they wouldn't last long. He'd also brought a miniature chess set, in case Harry could be coaxed to play. Draco found himself wondering how long it would take before they fucked one another.

He chose to ignore the tiny detail that Potter, to all outward appearances, was completely straight. No man could last for several days or weeks on a boat and not succumb to the need for sex. Draco had been attracted to Potter for some time now, and he knew that he, himself, was attractive; therefore, he reasoned that it would only be a matter of time before he got a taste of what the Golden Boy had to offer.

When it grew too dark to scan the loch, Harry and Draco retreated into the cabin of their boat. They worked together to prepare a simple dinner, and afterwards, Draco stretched out on his bunk to read, and Harry sat at the table, scribbling a quick report to Luna. She had assigned them a small spotted owl named Spot, and he sat on his perch in the corner with his head tucked beneath a wing. Harry finished his message, called Spot over, and sent the owl on his way.

Stretching his arms above his head while still seated (a maneuver he couldn't complete while standing), Harry sighed and looked at his coworker. "This is going to be one boring assignment," he lamented.

Draco glanced up from his reading. "We could fuck," he offered casually.

"Each other?!" Harry squeaked.

"Do you see anyone else in here?"

"I'm straight, Malfoy," Harry scowled. "But thanks for the offer."

Draco shrugged and went back to his reading, confident that Potter would crack sooner rather than later.

The next two days were more of the same. They had begun taking turns watching the water from the bow of the boat; one of them would keep lookout, and the other would take a break and rest his eyes. Harry began utilizing Spot to deliver messages to people other than Luna, as he wrote to Ron, Hermione, and Molly. Draco had made his way through four of his books, even though he'd gotten Harry to play chess with him one evening. The most excitement they had during that time was when Harry had spied a dark form at the surface of the loch in the distance, but when they approached with the boat, they realized it was only a log bobbing gently in the water.

Harry sighed and set down his muggle binoculars, rolling his shoulders to relieve the stiffness that had set in. He was grateful he'd purchased some prescription sunglasses, as they alleviated the glare off the water.

Draco emerged from the cabin to stand at the railing beside Harry. "Anything?" he asked.

Harry shook his head and yawned.

"Offer still stands," Draco remarked casually.

"I'm not having sex with you," Harry snorted.

"I'll even let you shag me," countered Draco.

Harry shifted uneasily as his body reacted to the mere suggestion of sex. "I'm not gay," he said crossly.

"It doesn't feel that much different to the top," Draco parried. "Except, of course, for the fact that guys are tighter."

Harry's cock gave an urgent throb, and he had to rein in his libido along with his temper. "You know what? Why don't you sit out here and keep watch? I'm going in to have a nap."

Draco watched him stalk away with a smug grin on his face. Nap, hell. He knew Potter was going into the cabin to wank.


Harry was sullen and silent during dinner that evening. Draco got tired of watching him push his food around on his plate, so he ventured to ask, "Did you have a nice wank this afternoon?"

Harry's spine stiffened. "I beg your pardon?"

"I asked if you had a nice nap," Draco replied innocently.

Harry scowled at him suspiciously, but he knew he couldn't flat out accuse Malfoy of baiting him. Instead, he merely shrugged in answer and forced himself to begin eating. They were stuck on this boat together for the foreseeable future, so there was no sense in fighting. Deciding to change the subject, he asked, "So, are you seeing anyone right now?"

"Other than you, do you mean?" quipped Draco with a cheeky grin. When Harry scowled darkly, he sighed and said truthfully, "I've been seeing someone off and on, but it's nothing serious, so you needn't fear that I've a boyfriend who will beat you up for buggering me."

Harry rolled his eyes in exasperation. "That's not why I was asking," he said gruffly. "I merely wanted to make conversation."

"Very well, then," Draco responded. "What about you? I haven't heard much about your love life since the Weaselette dumped you."

"Ginny did not dump me," scowled Harry. "We agreed to split up."

"Ah," Draco said, his eyes gleaming with mischief.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I think your girlfriend knew you needed to sort out your sexuality," Draco nodded.

"Would you lay off that?" snapped Harry. "I am straight! I like girls! In fact, just last week, I asked Luna out."

Draco sat up straight, and his eyes narrowed. "Before this latest assignment, do you mean?" he demanded.


Draco buried his head in his hands. "Don't you see, Potter? Luna sent you on this assignment to get you out of her hair, and I got sent along since we work well together, so it's all your fault that I'm stuck here on this godforsaken loch with only my hand for company!" Without waiting for a response, he pushed his chair back and stormed out of the cabin, grumbling about enforced abstinence.

Harry watched him go, too stunned to do anything but sit and mull over Malfoy's words. Had Luna really just wanted him out of her way? She had never given him a definitive answer when he had suggested they go to dinner together, and it was the following day that he and Draco had been sent on this latest madcap escapade. Shaking his head, he muttered, "She could have just said no."


That night, Draco decided to turn up the heat. He didn't flirt with Harry; instead, he spoke to him civilly when he returned inside the cabin, and as they readied themselves for bed, Draco turned out the lamp with a polite, "Good night."

Relieved that his partner had cooled down and wasn't trying to coax him into sharing a bunk, Harry punched his pillow into a more comfortable configuration and settled down to get some sleep. Draco seemed more restless than usual. Harry heard him shifting about, then what sounded like the rustle of sheets. And was that a moan he had just heard? Harry held his breath and listened more intently.

For modesty's sake, Draco had been wanking in the shower. Tonight, however, he was going to wank in bed and let Potter know how much he was enjoying it. Modesty be damned! Draco lifted his bum and pushed his pajama bottoms down, then grasped his cock and stroked it to full hardness. A breathy moan escaped him as he ran his thumb over the sensitive tip, and his back arched of its own accord. Draco tightened his grip around his shaft and began to stroke himself slowly. His breathing deepened, and he thought he heard an answering gasp from the bunk that was only a few feet from his own. Inspired, Draco wanked harder, moaning now in unabashed pleasure.

Harry was at once shocked that his coworker was behaving in such an outlandish manner and strangely turned on by Draco's obvious enjoyment in pleasuring himself. His own cock grew hard in a fit of envy, but he resolved not to touch himself. He refused to wank to the sounds of Malfoy wanking. Harry rolled onto his stomach and pulled the pillow over his head, hoping to drown out Draco's softly voiced pleasure. Without his consent, his body began shifting restlessly, rubbing his aching cock against the sheets. His face burned with humiliation, but he could no more stop frotting than he could stop blushing. When Draco gave a low cry, signaling his orgasm, Harry bit his pillow to stifle a shout as his own climax erupted from him.

The cabin went silent but for the harsh breathing of its inhabitants.

"Was it good for you, Potter?" came a derisive chuckle from the other bunk.

"Fuck you, Malfoy," rasped Harry.

"I'm ready whenever you are, Potter."


The following morning, Harry refused to mention what had occurred the prior evening, and thankfully, Draco didn't bring it up, either. His coworker, however, was obnoxiously cheerful to the point that Harry seriously considered tossing him overboard. He was finally granted some relief shortly after lunch.

Draco took his dishes to the small sink and rinsed them, then turned to Harry and commented, "We're running low on some supplies. Why don't we take the boat in, and I'll make a trip into town? You can take the boat back out on the loch and keep watch for old Nessie."

Harry considered the merits of the suggestion. They did need to restock some items, and it would probably do both of them some good to have a break from one another. He only wished he'd thought to bring it up first so that he could have been the one to go ashore, if only for a short time. Finally, he nodded his acceptance of the plan. "We're not to use magic," he cautioned, "so how will I know when you return?"

Draco thought it over, then announced, "I'll take Spot ashore with me. He can perch in the trees along the loch, then I'll simply send him to you when I'm ready to be picked up again." Once that had been agreed upon, Harry turned the boat to the nearest public docks and allowed Draco to disembark with Spot hidden beneath a jumper he had casually draped over his arm.


After an hour of scanning the loch with no sign of Nessie or Spot, Harry began to get irritated. It shouldn't have taken Draco so long to merely fetch some groceries, and he found himself wondering if his erstwhile partner had decided to knock back a pint or two at a local pub. The thought of Draco relaxing and enjoying himself had Harry gritting his teeth. His thoughts then continued in the same vein. What if Draco had gone to a pub, had a drink or two, then met up with some random bloke? Harry's stomach clenched painfully, but he assured himself it was due to anger. Wouldn't that be just like Malfoy to be shagging like a randy teen while leaving Harry to keep watch for that stupid, aquatic myth?

The more he thought about it, the angrier Harry got. That is, until another possibility occurred to him. What if Draco had gotten in trouble in the village? What if he'd gotten hurt? What if the bloke he'd picked up for a shag turned out to be a psychotic killer? Harry's stomach churned again with worry. He had just made up his mind to head back to the docks when Spot swooped down and landed on the rail at the edge of the bow. Harry ducked into the cabin to fetch an owl treat, then gunned the boat's engines to life. He spent a moment considering the merits of letting Draco wait on the docks for awhile, but he chastised himself for being childish and headed the boat to shore.

Draco had three grocer's bags at his feet, and when Harry arrived, he helped tie the boat to the dock before calling out, "Give me a hand with these!" With that, he grabbed one bag and vaulted aboard, leaving Harry to clamber down and fetch the other two.

Harry grumbled under his breath the entire time he was lugging the heavy bags onto the boat. He was certain Draco had grabbed the bag with bread in it and had left him all the canned goods. "What took you so bloody long?" he demanded, once he'd struggled aboard.

"Did you miss me, Harry?" Draco grinned. At his partner's fierce scowl, he shrugged and said, "I spent some time talking to the locals, trying to find any who had seen our Nessie."

"Did this involve drinking, by chance?" gritted Harry, setting his bags on the deck.

"Are you accusing me of drinking on the job?"

In an instant, Harry was in Draco's face, one hand clamped on the back of his coworker's neck as he leaned in close and sniffed. "I knew it!" he hissed. "Ale!"

"So I let some bloke buy me a pint at the pub," Draco said warily. His body was thrumming with the nearness of Harry's.

"Did you let him fuck you, too?" Harry growled, seething with anger.

"What if I did?" challenged Draco, eyes narrowed.

Harry didn't know which of them made the first move, but suddenly their mouths were crashing together, almost grinding over one another's, and their tongues were competing fiercely in a provocative duel. It was only when Draco moaned and pressed himself firmly against him that Harry came to his senses. Breaking free of the kiss with a gasp, he stepped back, finding a perverse sense of pride at the sight of Draco's blown pupils and flushed cheeks. Backing further away, Harry grabbed up two bags of groceries and headed to the cabin. "It's your turn to keep watch," he tossed over his shoulder before disappearing inside.

Draco cursed and kicked the deck chair in frustration. Pressing one hand against his groin in an effort to alleviate the pressure, he thought back to the randy blond he'd met in the village and wished he'd taken the chap up on his offer of a shag.


The tension between Harry and Draco escalated over the next two days, as sexual frustration took its toll on them. Draco learned, though, that the more he pushed, the further Harry withdrew. Deciding a change in tactics was in order, he abruptly switched to a more subtle seduction--one intended to wear Harry down. Rather than asking his coworker three or four times a day if he wanted to shag, Draco didn't mention it again. Instead, he made it a point to be within Harry's sight as often as possible. When he thought his partner's eyes were on him, he would deliberately stretch, allowing his shirt to ride up and expose his taut abdomen, or he would bend over, drawing attention to what others had assured him was a fine arse, indeed.

One evening, Harry was in his bunk, reading a book he'd borrowed from Draco, while Draco sat at the table, writing out their daily report to Luna. Harry's eyes kept flicking to Draco, noting that the blond had a tendency to suck on the end of the quill while thinking about what he wanted to write. Harry's cock was swollen and aching with envy, and he finally snapped, "Must you suck on that quill? I have to use it too, you know."

Draco set the writing instrument down and turned to favor Harry with a sly grin. "Would you rather I sucked on something else?"

Harry's mouth fell open. Draco wouldn't! Would he?

"How long has it been since someone sucked your cock, Harry?"

"That's...that's none of your business," he rasped through his suddenly dry throat.

"Has another bloke ever gone down on you?" Draco asked, voice sultry.

"Of course not!" Harry exclaimed, his face going hot even as his cock throbbed with need.

"There's nothing quite like it, Harry. Imagine what it would feel like to have someone who knows his way around a cock take yours in his mouth."

Draco's words poured over Harry like warm syrup, and a tiny whimper escaped his throat.

"Does the thought of it make your prick ache?" Draco continued relentlessly, rising now to his feet. "Let me make it better for you," he offered, plucking the book from Harry's nerveless fingers and tossing it aside before kneeling on the bed between Harry's slightly parted legs.

"Malfoy, I'm not..." Harry began to protest, only to have the words die in a whimper as Draco's hand cupped him through his pajama bottoms. Groaning, he arched into the hot caress.

Draco didn't give his skittish partner time to reconsider. Instead, he hooked his thumbs in the waist of Harry's pajamas and skimmed them down, grateful to see the other wasn't wearing underwear.

"Draco!" Harry's voice was little more than a squeak when that blond head dipped down suddenly, and his throbbing cock was enveloped in moist heat. "Fuck...oh fuck..." he moaned, threading his fingers through Draco's hair and hanging on as he was treated to the best damn blow job he'd ever experienced. Draco was obviously talented at this, and Harry gave up and relaxed back against the pillows, allowing the intimacy between them.

Draco took as much of Harry's cock as he could while his hand gripped and squeezed the base. Lifting his head until just the tip of that delicious prick remained in his mouth, he sucked hard, then swirled his tongue around and around before dipping it into the leaking slit.

Harry's hips left the bed, only to be gently pushed back down by Draco's hands. When the suction was applied again, he knew he was all but finished. "I'm going to come," he warned gruffly, but Draco didn't back off. Instead, he sucked harder, drawing Harry's climax out of him with skillful ease. Harry's hoarse cry resounded through the cabin, startling Spot on his perch. Draco's mouth never left him, so Harry knew his partner had swallowed the spurts of liquid he'd coaxed from his cock. When his flaccid prick was finally released, Harry slumped back into the pillows, limp and satisfied.

Draco rose from his crouch and shoved his pajama bottoms down, withdrawing his own aching cock and fisting it with ruthless abandon. His gleaming eyes met Harry's dazed ones, and that was all it took for Draco's prick to erupt in pleasure.

Harry watched in fascination as Draco wanked while still kneeling between his legs. When the blond's ejaculate burst forth, it spattered onto Harry's spent cock in an act that seemed almost more intimate than actual intercourse. Harry's euphoric afterglow flamed out as an embarrassed blush reddened his cheeks. Rolling off the bed with a squeak of dismay, he yanked his pajamas up and darted into the small loo, slamming the door behind him.

Draco sighed, partly in satisfaction and partly in consternation at Harry's prudish behavior. He grabbed his wand from the small table between the bunks and cast a cleaning charm on himself and the bedding, then lay down and pulled Harry's pillow to him, allowing his new lover's scent to lull him to sleep.


Harry had slept well that night, despite that fact that he had emerged from the loo after a long shower and a lot of self-berating to find Draco sleeping in his bunk, which forced him to take Draco's bed. His body was naturally relaxed as it always was after sex, and he had fallen asleep easily. Harry blamed the fact that he was surrounded by Draco's scent for the erotic dream he'd been having about his coworker when he woke up at day break.

Draco was already up and dressed, and he was in the kitchen area making breakfast. "Good morning," he greeted cheerfully when he saw that Harry was awake. His partner blushed to the roots of his hair, so Draco turned away instead of teasing him further with dirty talk. In another ten minutes, Harry was dressed and joining him at the small table. After watching Harry push his food around his plate, Draco set his fork down and asked, "Are you going to bring it up, or shall I?"

If anything, Harry's face got redder, and he visibly cringed.

"Very well, I'll go first," Draco sighed. "There's no need to be embarrassed about what happened last night. We are two healthy young males who relieved our sexual tension by getting off together. End of story."

"I've never...I've never done that before. With another guy, I mean," mumbled Harry.

"It wasn't so bad, was it?" Draco asked, unable to keep the smile out of his voice.

"No, I enjoyed it." Harry's words were barely audible, and they sounded as if they'd been crucio'd out of him.

This was the opening Draco had been waiting for, and he had to remind himself to tread cautiously. "There are other things we can enjoy," he pointed out quietly.

Harry lifted his eyes. "Other things?" he questioned.

"We could fuck," Draco shrugged. Harry's expression was a strange mixture of interest and dismay. "Tell you what, Harry," Draco continued. "You think it over today. I promise I won't bring it up again or push you to make a decision, as long as you let me know tonight what you've decided. Fair enough?" He released his breath as Harry nodded slowly.


Harry leaned on the railing, Muggle binoculars pressed to his eyeglasses, scanning the loch for any disturbances. Twice today, they had gone to check out unusual wakes, only to discover they'd likely been made by another boat somewhere in the distance. It was frustrating and boring, and the endless hours of doing nothing but watching the water left Harry plenty of time to think about...things.

Harry tried to concentrate on the mission, but it was impossible not to think about Draco's proposition. His mind skittered away from thoughts of the act itself, and he considered the possible ramifications of taking Draco up on his offer. Could he have sex with his coworker and not want to die of mortification each time he looked at him afterwards? What if he hated the experience? What if he liked it? Would that make him gay? What if he already was gay and just didn't realize it? Harry thought back to the time spent living in a dorm room with several other boys and recalled checking them out on the sly. That was normal, though, wasn't it?

Harry's cock had been semi-hard most of the day as he thought about shagging Malfoy, and the prospect of finding an outlet for his sexual arousal with a good fuck was becoming more attractive by the minute. Why not experiment with Draco? It could be considered a holiday fling of sorts. After all, who would know? Excited and nervous now that he had reached a decision, Harry spent the rest of the day in a state of heightened anticipation.


Midway through dinner that evening, Harry announced his decision in an unorthodox manner by asking, "Do you reckon we can transfigure the bunks into one large bed?"

Draco was grateful he'd just swallowed the bite of shepherd's pie. Tamping down the urge to whoop in joy at Harry's tacit surrender, he instead sat back in his chair and gave the question serious consideration. "I don't see why not," he said finally. "We'll need to move the nightstand out of the way first, however. Would you like me to wash the dishes while you take care of it, or...?"

Harry's bravado deserted him, and he kept his eyes on his plate as he replied, "I'd rather wash up, and you can...you know."

Draco couldn't help but grin. Harry sounded like he'd just agreed to be tossed overboard as live bait rather than accepting an offer of sexual satisfaction. "Very well, Harry," he remarked. "You take care of the dishes, and I'll...you know."

Harry raised his eyes to catch Draco all but laughing at him, and he was forced to admit that the situation was a mite comical. "Git," he said, a reluctant smile tugging at his mouth. Rising from the table, each went about his assigned task, and by the time Harry had finished the dishes, Draco had managed to levitate the nightstand, transform the two bunks into one, then replace the nightstand in the corner by the now-large bed.

Draco walked forward, placed a light kiss on Harry's lips, then said, "I'm going to have a quick shower. I expect you to still be here when I'm done," he added teasingly.

The banter helped Harry relax, and he gave Draco a firm push in the direction of the loo. "I've nowhere to go, prat," he laughed. "Now hurry up and primp before I start without you."

Draco scrambled into the loo and started the weak spray of water that passed for a shower on the boat. Hastily undressing, he stepped into the tiny stall and washed quickly. When he finished, he dried himself briskly then rummaged in the small cupboard over the sink and located the water-proof lubricant he'd been using to wank with. Putting one foot on the stool, Draco went about efficiently preparing himself for sex. He wasn't sure how Harry would react to this step in the process, so Draco thought it prudent to take care of it ahead of time.

Knotting his towel around his waist and over his jutting erection, Draco emerged from the loo, hoping that Harry hadn't lost his nerve. Draco didn't realize how tense his shoulders were until they relaxed at the sight of Harry propped up in the bed, long legs stretched out before him.

Harry had been having second thoughts, but they all fled as soon as he laid eyes on Draco, standing just outside the narrow door to the loo. Harry had never felt comfortable blatantly checking out another bloke, but he gave himself permission now. His cock had already been hard at the prospect of sex, but it swelled even further as he allowed his eyes to drink in the sight of Draco's nearly naked body. His partner was slim, with nicely defined muscles, and Harry found himself anticipating the feel of that lithe body beneath his fingertips and his hips. His cock gave an anxious throb, and Harry said, "Draco," in a husky voice.

Draco took the few steps to the bed and climbed on to it, tossing the lube on the nightstand before stretching out on his side next to Harry. Patiently, he waited for his partner to make the first move. "Touch me," he invited.

Tentatively, Harry reached toward Draco, his hand hovering a scant breath from the heat of Draco's skin. "I'm not sure how to..." he wavered uncertainly.

"Touch me the way you like to be touched."

Emboldened, Harry dropped his hand to Draco's shoulder and gave him a gentle nudge. When Draco rolled to his back obligingly, Harry ran his palm from his shoulder over the planes of his chest, where he paused to tweak a pert nipple. Draco gasped and arched, and Harry drew his hand back as if stung.

"Don't stop," rasped Draco. "You're not going to hurt me."

Harry hesitated an instant, then resumed touching the body in his bed. He found himself enjoying the sensation of Draco's sleek, smooth muscles beneath his hand, and Harry grew braver, trailing his fingers down his partner's taut stomach before worrying the edge of the towel still wrapped around Draco's waist.

Draco reached for the knot and undid it, causing the material to loosen about his hips. A rough sound emanated from his throat when Harry's fingers delved beneath the towel to stroke over one hip bone and before twining in the tight curls at his groin and tugging lightly. "Please, Harry," he moaned.

Harry's face was hot with a combination of bashfulness and arousal. "What do you want, Draco?" he husked. "Tell me..."

"I want you inside of me, Harry...oh, Merlin," breathed Draco.

Harry's cock surged painfully at the rough plea, and he quickly divested himself of his pajama bottoms. Draco half rose on his elbows, and his eyes fastened hungrily on the sight of Harry's jutting cock. Draco's tongue darted out to wet his lips, and Harry was overwhelmed with the sudden need to ease his ache in the sweet, receptive heat of Draco's body.

Draco's towel was tugged away by his partner's impatient fingers, and he spread his legs wide in encouragement.

Harry moved between Draco's open thighs, then hesitated as he was forced to consider the logistics involved in shagging someone with extra bits.

Draco noticed the panicked look in his lover's eyes and gently asked, "What's wrong?" Inside, he wanted to scream in frustration.

Harry gestured vaguely to Draco's cock and balls and stammered, "I don't...won't I...I don't want to smash your bits!"

One of Draco's eyebrows rose in surprise. "Perhaps it will be easier for you if I roll over," he suggested. Not waiting for a response, he pulled his legs up and did just that, turning to his fours and raising his arse.

His partner's sexually submissive posture sent a renewed surge of blood to Harry's cock, and he moved into position to mount Draco. Guiding his prick with one hand, Harry paused to smooth the other hand over Draco's bum and ask, "Are you sure this won't hurt? Don't blokes need to...er, be prepared?" he added, gesturing vaguely in the direction of the small tube on the nightstand.

"I've already taken care of it, in the loo, so you needn't worry that you'll hurt me," Draco replied quickly, nearly squirming now in anticipation. As he felt the blunt tip of Harry's cock press against his entrance, Draco held his breath, only to release it in frustration as Harry began pushing forward in tiny increments. He was in need of a good, hard fuck, and he wanted to be filled now. He pushed his hips back and sighed as Harry's cock sank into him.

Harry gasped as he was suddenly surrounded by the slick, grasping heat of Draco's passage. "Oh, god," he groaned, gripping Draco's hips hard and slamming all the way in. His lover responded with a sharp yelp, and Harry froze in dismay. "Did I hurt you?" he demanded.

"No...feels good," Draco panted. "Fuck me hard, Potter...I like it rough."

Harry had never been good at following orders, but fuck me hard was one he had no qualms about obeying. He pulled back, then drove forward again, plunging into Draco in a hard, fast rhythm. His lover was incredibly tight, and the way in which he writhed and whimpered under the pounding force of Harry's thrusts was driving him quickly to a much-needed release.

Draco gripped the blankets and buried his face in the pillow to stifle his sharp screams of pleasure. He should have known Harry would be a natural at this, and Draco arched and trembled beneath the onslaught of Harry's hard-driving cock. His lover was grunting in carnal pleasure behind him, and all too soon, Draco felt Harry shudder and spurt inside of him. Dismayed, he began to rise up from his forearms, only to have Harry collapse atop him, all but smothering him as his face was pressed into the pillow, muffling his frustrated curse.

"That was brilliant," Harry sighed happily, still draped in an ungainly sprawl on top of his lover. Draco huffed and squirmed irritably beneath him, and Harry raised up slightly. "Oh, you didn't come," he said lamely.

Draco turned his head to the side and pushed his disheveled hair out of his face. Quelling his urge to rant, he gritted his teeth and replied, "That's alright, Harry. I'll toss off."

Unwilling to leave his lover unfulfilled, Harry sat up and rocked back on his heels, drawing Draco upright and pulling him back against his chest. He closed his fingers around Draco's flushed and swollen cock and began to slide his palm rapidly up and down the shaft. Harry was rewarded when Draco's hips bucked up in pleasure.

Draco looked down and moaned at the sight of Harry's hand working his prick, and he thrust himself vigorously into his lover's fist. He'd been nearing climax while Harry shagged him, and it didn't take long for the passion to build to a fever pitch once more. Voicing his pleasure, Draco began to buck more frantically until he came with a shout, flinging his head back and his hips forward.

Harry had never before seen stars when his partner climaxed, but then again, he'd never gotten cracked in the nose by the back of a lover's head before, either. Bringing his other hand automatically to his nose, he ended up with one hand smeared with blood and the other coated with Draco's pleasure. Despite all that, he had to grudgingly admit it was one of his more memorable sexual experiences.

Draco turned with a lazy, sated grin on his face, only to have it turn to a scowl when he beheld Harry's bloodied nose. Vaguely, he recalled the back of his head colliding with something, and he suddenly grinned apologetically and said, "Sorry about that." Leaving the circle of Harry's arms, Draco reached for his wand, then turned and performed a quick healing spell on his lover's nose, followed by a cleaning charm on them both. Once those tasks had been completed, Draco returned his wand to the nightstand and burrowed beneath the blankets, yawning as he did so.

After hesitating a moment, Harry joined him. He was unsure of post-coital etiquette between two men, but as soon as he crawled under the covers, Draco snuggled up to him. Feeling awkward, Harry wrapped his arms about his lover and was surprised by how perfectly Draco fit against him. Draco sighed and nuzzled closer, and Harry grinned in response. He drifted off with a smile on his face, and for the first time since their assignment had begun, he slept soundly.


Harry decided that every morning should begin with a hot mouth on his cock. Mind still fuzzy with sleep, he reached down and sifted his fingers through silky-soft hair, wanting to remain in this hazy state of pleasure for as long as possible. The sudden scrape of stubble against the inside of one of his thighs brought Harry to full wakefulness in an instant. "Draco," he gasped, memories of last night rushing through his mind.

Draco slipped his lips off the cock in his mouth and grinned up at Harry. "It's about time you woke up," he teased. Darting his tongue out to flick over the head of his lover's prick, Draco added, "Are you up for a good morning fuck?"

"Fuck, yeah," Harry breathed, his hips squirming in anticipation. Draco sat back, and Harry began to sit up, only to have a hand plant itself in the center of his chest to press him back down.

"Relax," crooned Draco. "I'll do all the work." Reaching for the lubricant he'd left on the nightstand, he slicked two of his fingers, then reached back and began to prepare himself.

Harry watched in avid fascination. He'd never seen someone perform that service on himself before. It was a compelling and erotic sight, and Harry's cock gave a painful throb as he observed Draco working his fingers in and out of himself.

Once Draco deemed himself ready, he shuffled forward on his knees to straddle Harry. "Are you man enough to give up control?" he purred seductively.

Harry's tongue flicked out to wet his lips. "Do your worst," he challenged.

Draco's grin turned predatory as he lowered himself into position. Reaching back, he gripped Harry's cock firmly and guided it to his entrance before sinking down and impaling himself on the rigid flesh. He let out a low moan, which was echoed by Harry's rumbling groan. Draco didn't pause until he was fully seated, then he went still, savoring the satisfaction of being filled so completely.

Harry took a moment to drink in the sight of Draco where he sat astride him with his thighs spread over Harry's hips. His cock was erect and flushed with blood, and Harry couldn't resist reaching forward to take it firmly in hand.

Draco sucked in a startled breath, and his hips jolted forward, thrusting himself into Harry's fist. That precipitated the rhythmic motion necessary to bring both of them to climax. Draco began pumping up and down, riding his lover in wanton bliss.

Harry lifted his hips into each downward stroke, and at the same time, he continued sliding his palm up and down the shaft of Draco's cock. Part of him was amazed at how easily he had adapted to having sex with another male, and part of him was wondering why he hadn't tried it sooner. Draco was hot and tight and so unbelievably sexy that Harry thought he could come just from watching Draco ride his cock.

Draco was determined to climax mid-shag this time, so to that end, he quickly found the perfect angle that dragged his prostate over the head of Harry's prick. The roughened hand on his cock was helping speed things along, and he was soon giving voice to his pleasure in soft, panting cries. He increased his efforts when he felt his orgasm building in the tension across the small of his back and in the tightening of his balls. He threw his head back suddenly, arched his spine, and yowled when he reached his peak.

Harry couldn't believe how erotic it was to have his lover's release spatter over his chest, but the sensation was an unbelievable turn on for him. His hips continued to buck beneath Draco, although Draco was no longer cooperating, slumped as he was atop Harry and listing to the side. "Don't stop," Harry grated, gripping his lover about the waist and struggling to hold him upright.

Draco sighed and braced himself to continue, when he was distracted by a splash and a shadow passing by the small, round window. "Holy fucking shit, Harry!" he shouted. "It's Nessie!"

Wincing as he uncoupled almost violently from his lover, Draco leaned across Harry and fumbled for the only camera within reach, which was a small, 35mm Muggle camera. Not wanting to be seen by the beast, Draco squirmed until he was crouched next to Harry with his partner between him and the window and began snapping pictures out the small aperture.

Harry started to sit up, wanting to see the creature also, only to freeze when Draco hissed, "Be still!"

Draco continued to take photos as quickly as possible until the dark form slipped once more beneath the water. The encounter had lasted only moments, but Draco's heart was racing with excitement. Sitting up straight now, he beamed at Harry and whooped, "We did it!" He flung himself into Harry's arms, then laughed when he felt his lover climax against his stomach.


Harry unloaded the film from the camera while Draco scrawled a note to Luna, telling her of their success. Attaching the film canister and the note securely to Spot's leg, they sent the small owl winging away, then turned to grin at one another.

Harry's smile turned lecherous. "How about a celebratory shag?" he leered.


It wasn't until the following morning that Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy arrived in Luna Lovegood's office, hand in hand.

Luna smiled at them in delight, then began by saying, "Thank you for all the hard work you put in on this assignment." Her reporters nodded brightly, and she went on. "I'm pleased to know you got along so well together, although it doesn't surprise me."

Harry and Draco exchanged quick glances but held their tongues. Draco finally broke the silence by asking, "How did the photos turn out?"

"There are a couple very nice ones," Luna commented, opening a file on her desk and flipping through the pictures it contained. "She looks just like I remembered. Some of the photographs are a little blurry, but that's quite alright. I do have one question, though." Pushing one photo in particular across the desk, Luna asked, "Whose penis is that in the foreground?"


Tags: [fic], ewe, genre: au, rated: nc-17, round: winter 2007

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Recent Posts from This Community

  • Fics/art no longer hosted on private domain

    Long time no see! So, yeah. This update is a few months overdue, and for that I apologize. Archive of our Own H/D Holidays Collection That link…

  • Admin notice: AO3 collections

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