Not Quite Donne (nqdonne) wrote in hd_holidays,
Not Quite Donne

Modly note

We hereby interrupt your regularly scheduled schedule for a small mod announcement!

Starting on December 21st 19th, we will start posting only three gifts a day. Just giving you all a heads up :D


Both of you have failed to meet your extension deadlines, or to check in with me. If I do not have a completed submission from both of you by the end of today, the 19th of December (which, incidentally, is my birthday), you will be dropped from the fest. You will also really be screwing over your respective recipients, and, for the love of Christmas, please don't. My modly birthday-inspired spurt of good will in giving you this extra day (of many extra days) expires when the clock strikes midnight on the 20th. Ahem.

If anyone is in contact with either of these participants, please tell them to check their email and to get their submissions into me, promptly. Thanks!

Onwards with the H/D goodness and happy fabulous December to everyone! :D :D :D
Tags: [admin] mod post

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