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Author: klarsfeld
Recipient: hd_holidays
Title: Mr & Mrs Malfoy,
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, Harry/Ginny, Draco/Theodore
Summary: I can be more indifferent, more different than you. No, you can't! Yes, I can! No, you can't! Yes, I can! No, you can't, no, you can't, no, you can't!
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Deathly Hallows compliant? Irrelevant - the subject is not really touched upon.
Word Count: 7,300.
Author's Notes: The concept for this story was taken from the play Mr. and Mrs. Daventry by Frank Harris.

'Well, I don't not want to,' Harry was saying to his fiancée as they dressed.

'You don't want to, either,' Ginny remarked, pulling the straps of her dress over her arms. 'I don't want to – I don't mind admitting it.'

'I really don't mind or care or have a problem with going,' said Harry. 'This dress robe bizzo isn't much of a go, though.'

Harry looked at himself in a mirror and noted that Ginny, in her strappy silvery sparkly dress, looked far more sensible than he did in his dress robes. For not the first time in his life, he wondered if it might possibly be all right if he maybe just turned up to a Ministry function in jeans and a t-shirt?

'Bizzo?' repeated Ginny with amusement. 'You've been hanging around with Terry Boot again.'

Harry shrugged. 'It wasn't really hanging.'

It was more like nervous flirting, Harry recalled – he had been thoroughly amused by Terry's half-arsed come on. Harry had felt sorry for him and played along.

'You know he was caught off Diagon Alley having- what was it Hermione called it?' Ginny looked up in thought. 'Oh, right – "lewd acts" performed on him.'

Harry caught her eye in the reflection of the mirror and the pair shared a smirk.

'Some people,' Ginny remarked with teasing raised eyebrows and returned to her eyeliner.

'Hm,' Harry said in vague agreement. 'Some people will have it off anywhere.'

'Won't they just?' she said.

Ginny rose from her chair five minutes later and came to stand beside Harry, he nodded slightly and she sat on one of his legs.

'Look, Harry,' Ginny said, placing her arms around his neck. 'I know things have been … what they've been,' she said, giving him a look that he understood perfectly. 'I don't want to fuck around with apologies and excuses and whatever – I get bored, I get tired … you do, too, that's how we are.'

Harry didn't say anything, but he knew he didn't need to – she knew him better than anyone, even Hermione and Ron, and no one apart from himself and Ginny knew what it was like within their relationship. They were so alike, he realised, particularly where each other and their related feelings were concerned – he didn't feel hurt that she might feel bored or tired in their relationship. He felt the same way sometimes.

'I don't want to let you go, though,' she said, pressing her forehead to his briefly. 'I'll fight for you in a heartbeat, you know.'

'I know.'

'Good,' she said and kissed him, then stood up, took his hands, and helped him up onto his feet. 'Now, shall we play happy couples for the Ministry?'

'Play?' he said wryly, holding her hand as they walked towards the bedroom door.

'We are the diamond couple, after all,' she reminded him with a reflected expression. 'So let's give them the pictures they want.'

Harry gave a short laugh. 'Where's the scandal in that?'

'I'll make sure to flirt with all of the dignitaries and their wives,' she promised with a wink.

'I'll get caught with a waiter in a broom cupboard?' Harry offered.

'Now that,' said Ginny, 'is what they all really want.'


The ballroom at the Ministry of Magic twinkled with thousands of flickering lights and candles mixed with thousands of Galleons worth of flickering necklaces and tiaras. Harry hadn't worn his that evening – it didn't go with his dress robes.

Smiling at his own silly joke, Harry staked a place near an exit and smiled and said hello to everyone who smiled and said hello to him. As long as he could get away when he wanted to, he could live with this set-up.

Harry had lightened up considerably about Ministry functions over the years. Everyone he knew had been almost completely occupied with the rebuilding of the Ministry and the wizarding world that they hardly saw each other in a social setting anymore – it had been weeks since he had sat down with Hermione and Ron for more than five minutes, but tonight he would be able to do that and also fulfill the fairly boring duty of mingling with important witches and wizards at the same time.

'You look nice, Harry,' a voice entered his left ear from behind.

'Thanks, Cho,' said Harry, a grin on his face as his first kiss walked around so he could see her face. He surprised her by putting his arm around her and pulling her close so he could kiss her cheek – she didn't object, though, and when he looked up he caught a look of amusement on Ginny's face from across the room.

Cho walked away and back to the side of the wizard she had been with ever since she and Harry "broke-up" (if one could even call it that). He wondered if it was a very fulfilling relationship, but, then, he couldn't fault Hogwarts sweethearts – he was, after all, still with Ginny after all of that time.

She looked magnificent from the other side of the room – she looked magnificent up close, as well, he amended, but she was a particularly gifted social butterfly, and it was a pleasure to watch her charm the people both of them tended to reject based on their superficiality. To them he was just "Harry Potter" and she was just "Harry Potter's fiancée" – neither of them cared either way as long as those all of those superficials and pretenders put their hands in their pockets for the right causes.

Harry's thoughts were interrupted by a muttering voice that was gaining in volume.

'Hey, Ron.'

'That bastard,' Ron declared.

'Which one?'

'That one,' said Ron, pointing.

Harry followed Ron's pointing finger and rolled his eyes almost immediately: Theodore Nott and Draco Malfoy, their wives notably away from them.

'Why they don't all just fuck off already, I don't know,' said Ron, glaring at Malfoy in particular as Harry stifled a grin.

'I think Mrs Malfoy's father hedged his bets enough to get them a pass,' said Harry, as he always said to Ron when they saw Malfoy and his cohorts.

'I think Mrs Malfoy's father can just fuck off,' said Ron, as he always said to Harry when he offered that explanation.

Ron had a way of attracting a disdainful reaction from Draco Malfoy whenever their paths crossed – whether working at the Ministry or simply passing each other in Diagon Alley, Ron also had a way of over-reacting once he received it. Malfoy never seemed bothered, Harry noted – he seemed quite happy, actually.

Harry nodded every few moments as Ron related his list of grievances with the Malfoys – it was lengthy.

'I don't mind Mrs Malfoy's mother,' Harry eventually said when Ron commented that Draco's mother-in-law seemed too good. 'She has a sort of fuckable educator look about her.'

Ron pulled a face. 'How many of our professors were remotely fuckable?'

'Point taken,' said Harry. 'But still, she's not bad.'

Neither was Mrs Malfoy, Draco's wife, Harry noted silently. Ron had never forgiven Draco for being an arsehole, so he would never conceive of acknowledging the truth of the matter, and that was that Draco's wife had grown into the same sort of elegant frame her own mother had. Just as she always suspected she would, Harry imagined.

'Oi, Harry,' said Ron a few moments later, waving his hand in front of Harry's face. 'I said I was getting a drink- you coming?'

'No,' Harry shook his head. 'I think I might get some fresh air first- then I'll get drunk.'

'Brilliant,' Ron remarked, striding away through the crowd, though occasionally glancing around to see if Malfoy was near enough for him to glare at.

The exit Harry had placed himself nearby was actually the doorway to a large reception room. The lights weren't on, but there was a fire in the fireplace to the left, with a Rococo Revival-style sofa ("characterised by its elegantly high back and ornate armrests", Harry recalled from a verbatim delivered by Hermione) in front of it. To the right were a series of empty portraits, their subjects currently away from the room, and at the end of the room was a large desk, behind it a pair of large glass doors that led on to a balcony. Harry was making his way there when he heard the click of the doorknob behind him.

On seeing each other, Harry and the knob-turner remarked in unison:


It was truly remarkable how little Harry cared for Draco Malfoy these days. The animosity he had once felt was replaced by a handful of indifferent years where they sometimes saw each other, but it was nothing at all to Harry.

'What are you smiling at?' Draco asked.

'Nothing,' Harry lied, but he was smiling about plenty. It was quite grand to not give a fuck, really. 'How are you?' asked Harry. The question wasn't abrupt in its delivery, but it seemed out of the ordinary enough to Malfoy that it was quite sharp.

'There aren't any reporters,' Draco replied, his voice neither impolite nor not-impolite. What an emotional stalemate to be in.

Harry shrugged; he didn't want to get into a "thing". 'I suppose not.'

Draco decided to ask his own "abrupt" question. 'How is your fiancée?'

'How is your wife?' asked Harry.

'I asked you first.'

Harry laughed. 'This isn't a game.'


'Draco …'

'Draco, is it?'

'Isn't it?'

'And it's not a game, after all,' Draco said with a characteristic smirk and took a few strolling steps towards Harry.

Harry grinned; he liked confusing half-arsed mind fucks. He truly did – it amused him that anyone thought they could fuck around with him and have half a chance. He was Harry Potter, after all.

'So,' Harry said and began to approach Draco, as well. 'Did you really hate me that much?'

Draco smiled faintly. 'Absolutely.'

'Waste of time,' Harry remarked.


'Haven't really seen you around,' noted Harry. It was a half-truth – Harry saw Draco around the Ministry when he bothered to turn up. He also saw Draco's face in the papers regularly enough.

'Haven't really been around.'

'Gallivanting with your wife?'

'I thought you hadn't seen me?'

'Well, I haven't, really.'

'I see.'

Harry cleared his throat, but kept a knowing smile on his face – it wasn't much different from the one on Draco's face and he realised they must have both looked like a pair of fucking idiots.

'You seem very much in love,' Harry remarked. 'You and wife, I mean.'

'Me and wife tried,' said Draco, and though he continued to wear his ridiculous smile there was a definite hint of reality in what he was saying.

This genuinely surprised Harry – neither of the Malfoys seemed like the "in love" type to him. Their marriage was a great public success – it didn't need to be a private one, at all.

'You did?' said Harry.

'Yes, well,' said Draco in the next moment, his voice lofty. 'I had my heart set on my marriage.'

There was a moment of silence and Harry voiced a question with a short tone of voice; it didn't really relay how he felt, but he had asked it before he could change his mind. 'Did you, really?'

Draco gave him an odd look – a titled head do-you-mean-that-like-it-sounds? kind of look. 'Do you, really?' he asked.

'Excuse me?'

Draco shrugged. 'I saw you looking at me.'

Whatever Draco meant by that … but when the meaning did catch up with him, it momentarily shocked Harry before colouring his cheeks; he laughed at the implication. 'I'm looking at you right now,' he pointed out.

'Really,' said Draco.

Harry was confused by the response; he didn't make anything of it as Draco came closer to him.

'Let me lay it out for you, Harry,' said Draco, now only a couple of feet away. 'I think you're going to want me to …' he trailed way and gave Harry a quick appraisal.

Harry crossed his arms. 'Want you to what?'

'I think you're going to want me to fuck you.'

At this Harry burst into laughter – it was as shocking as it was … ludicrous. Ludicrous is what it was, Harry decided. Ludicrous, Harry repeated in his mind and crossed his arms for good measure.

'I think so,' Draco said with a confident nod. 'There probably isn't time for it, but there's that. I'm not opposed to that-'

'Oh, you're not? Thank goodness.' Harry shook his head, and in the back of his mind he was already walking out onto the balcony as he had planned. In reality, he remained where he was. Harry could be honest with himself and say there was something curious about what Draco was saying and that he was interested in knowing why and hearing what more of it there was, but that was all he would admit to.

'Stop interrupting,' said Draco.

'Oh, sorry,' said Harry with an amused smile.

Draco smiled, too. 'I would quite happily fuck you-'

'Thanks! Oh, wait, sorry- no more interruptions.'

'But, as I said, time.'

'Blast,' said Harry with mock sadness. 'No time for a fuck, but you could always go down on me instead.'

Draco stared while Harry laughed at his own suggestion, and the latter soon calmed down.

'I don't really feel like that right now,' said Draco with a shrug. 'Maybe another day?'

Harry grinned, still amused and amazed. 'Maybe!'

'In any case,' Draco began again. 'I'm not opposed to engaging in … anything with you. My wife knows that I like-'

'That doesn't surprise me.'

'I would only ask that you don't tell yours.'

'I'm not married yet,' Harry said quickly, but then gave Draco a sharp look. 'And why is that, anyway?'

'Because I don't think she can keep a secret,' Draco replied. 'And this won't be public. You understand.'

Harry rolled his eyes again. 'Completely.'

Draco seemed remarkably at ease saying these things. He would never have thought Draco could be particularly calmly-spoken, but he realised that he had never really been in situations where he was required to listen to Draco speak like a normal person. The only memories Harry had of him where of their enmity at school and their mutual indifference afterwards.

'Now, are you ready?' asked Draco, checking a nearby clock for the time.

'Draco … I don't even like you. I really don't,' Harry promised him with a smile. 'I'm sorry- oh wait, I'm not.'

Draco grinned. 'You will like me.'

'Truth be told … I really probably hate you more than I don't,' Harry said. It was as good of a time as any to play his biggest and most relevant card.

'I wouldn't call you a favourite, either,' Draco admitted. 'But that doesn't change the fact I'm inclined and you're blushing.'

'Stop it,' Harry said, taking a step back. 'This has gone on long enough, and- and!' Harry continued when Draco got closer. 'I do not blush- not anymore, for fuck's sake.'

'It has gone on long enough, hasn't it?' Draco demanded, following Harry where he went. 'Aren't you sick of it? Don't you just want to do what you want to do? There aren't any photographers here-'

'Oh, please,' Harry turned so that he and Draco were face-to-face. 'What is wrong with you?'

'Just let me- you can stop pretending.'

Harry started to back away again. 'Let you what?'

'Come here.'

'Absolutely not,' Harry refused.

Draco came close to Harry again, but this Harry didn't move away.

'I don't usually have to work this hard,' said Draco.

'Then give up,' said Harry.

Draco gave a small grin. 'I don't usually do that, either.'

'Look,' said Harry, who had run out of reasons to stay where he was. 'I don't know- maybe you've had too much to drink? Or maybe I haven't had enough? Or …'

'Stop fighting with me and come into my arms this instant,' Draco commanded, mere inches away from Harry now.

Harry wasn't prepared to admit he was too tired to keep fighting, so all he did was stop where he was, and with that he was in Draco's arms.

'You don't convince me,' said Harry after their first embrace. 'I always-'

Draco shook his head. 'It doesn't matter,' he said, his mouth lingering on Harry's lips before he spoke again. 'Stop talking.'

It was an unusual moment for Harry for more reason than one. He had had opportunities to be with other men before, but he had never been interested in them – or he had never been interested enough. He loved Ginny and he wanted her, but Draco had been right – by letting Draco kiss him he had moved to a place where he could stop pretending he had other desires. At least to himself, and to Draco of all people, it seemed.

'For a life-changing realisation,' Harry said when Draco started kissing his neck, 'this certainly is tawdry.'


Harry shuddered with pleasure. 'Nothing- do that again.'

Draco obliged him and Harry felt the familiar feeling of his heartbeat racing – it was like when he and Ginny were first together.

'Is this the kind of experience you can only share with someone you've more or less been at total odds with for half of your life?' Harry mused.

'No, I do this with friends all of the time,' Draco said matter-of-factly as he began to rub his hand along Harry's cock through his clothing.

Harry managed a barely-there response that could have been "what?" but might also have been an unintelligible moan of pleasure.

While this continued, Draco removed his wand from within his robe and directed it upwards; white sparks flew from the end of Draco's wand and dissolved in the air.

'What was that?' Harry asked, laughing nervously as Draco kissed neck. 'I won't get pregnant.'

Draco made a small and derisive laugh. 'That spell doesn't work,' he said and pulled back to look at Harry's face. 'But that spell,' Draco informed him, removing Harry's glasses as he spoke, 'does offer a small amount of protection.'

Harry was bewildered; he couldn't figure how a spell directed nowhere in particular could offer any sort of localised protection to either of them. Beyond what he heard or assumed he was completely ignorant as to how the whole … thing with two men worked … maybe-

He was saved from having to finish his own ridiculous thought by an explanation from Draco.

'The spell will tell us if anyone approaches the room with the desire to enter it,' said Draco, who had since removed Harry's belt and replaced it on Harry's waist with one of his own hands. 'It is also a temporary lock – it keeps out anyone or anything that isn't meant to be here and it keeps the same things from entering while we're inside.'

'I don't know that one,' Harry admitted.

'Yes, you do,' Draco disagreed. 'It's in the book Granger wrote at the end of last year … You didn't read it?'

Harry shook his head and was slightly defensive when Draco tsked him with the shake of his head. 'I had stuff to do,' he insisted, giving the same excuse he had given Hermione when she had asked him what he thought about the chapter on glamours verses transfiguration.

'You don't have any diseases, do you, Harry?'

Harry looked at him in surprise; it was a relevant question, but certainly something of a mood-breaker. 'What?'

Draco smiled and gave what could have been considered an innocent shrug if it didn't have such a question behind it. 'Harry.'

Harry nodded. 'I understand, and I'm OK,' he said. 'You just keep taking me aback- and,' he said, placing his hand against Draco's cheek, 'if you intend on telling me you plan on doing much more than that, I'm just going to laugh at how ridiculous-'

'But I do,' said Draco, removing Harry's hand from his face and kissing it briefly.

It was ridiculous, Harry reflected, to say something like that, but it seemed the young cynic in him had died and by those words all he was was taken aback.

The next few moments passed in silence as Draco led him by the hand to a large desk at the back of the room. There was an indescribable look in Draco's eyes when he kissed Harry again; Harry didn't know what to make of it – the situation had passed from being a mad and unlikely random encounter long ago.

At least, it had for Harry, and part of the fear tied up in what he was about to do was not related to his inexperience with this kind of physical relationship or the betrayal of his fiancée and Draco's wife. He realised he was afraid that Draco felt differently about this than he did, and he wondered if this was just a mad and unlikely and impossible desire and that soon it would be over for him but not for Draco.

It wasn't the time to discuss such things, but he was certain he would later wonder if it hadn't been a mistake to give in to what he wanted so quickly.

'I want you-'

Harry focused. That was what this was about.

'I want you to know,' said Draco with much consideration, 'I won't regret this. And,' he added with a deep breath, 'I don't want you to, either, and-' he interrupted Harry who had tried to say something in between. 'I want to see you again.'

Harry smiled. 'Anything else?'

There was a lot more, Harry knew – the look on Draco's face showed that he was aware this was not a standard occurrence and despite what happened that night, there were still other things both of them had to say to each other. Secretly, Harry preferred it if they didn't bring up the past – it was done, and he was sick of it.

Draco cleared his throat. 'I don't want to leave you under any false impressions - I don't love you,' he said plainly, giving Harry a pointed look.

Harry snorted. 'I don't love you, either, but I don't think it's necessary.'

'Just making it clear, Potter,' said Draco with a smirk, and there was something of the old Draco he remembered from school in him again.

'Hm,' Harry murmured with a slight roll of his eyes as Draco directed him to turn and face the desk; Harry bent down slightly as he planted his hands on the surface.

'I think I could have a very real fondness for you,' Draco spoke into his ear. 'You're not completely unattractive, Harry.'

'Thanks,' said Harry, his breath hitching up slightly when he felt Draco's hands at his waist, seeking their way underneath. He shuddered when Draco placed one of his hands directly on Harry's cock – it was much better than before when Draco had touched him over his clothing, and immediately his breathing sped up with Draco slowly stroking up and down.

Harry saw in a nearby mirror that Draco had closed his eyes, and he realised why the spell from earlier was so important to Draco – he liked to listen. The spell would give them the freedom to make any noise like they liked – Harry could yell out "Fuck me hard, Malfoy!" and nobody would know. He smiled in amusement at how foolish that sounded, but also at the grain of truth within it now …

In any case, it would be impossible for Harry to disappoint Draco at this stage, and he made no attempt to school the breaths he took at all.

'Oh,' said Harry, a grin coming to his face when Draco pressed against him and he felt Draco was hard – he quietly cursed that the nearby mirror was not full-length. 'I've never, oh, fuck-'

'Never what?' said Draco, his kisses keeping Harry from responding immediately.

'I've never … never … Fuck, Draco.'

All Harry could do was breathe, but there was a look of pleasure on both of their faces when he said Draco's name. That it sounded like Harry was begging Draco to continue fazed Harry less than he thought it should – it excited him as much as it did Draco.

'Slow down,' Harry eventually gasped between breaths. 'I'm going- to come.'

'I want you to,' Draco whispered into his ear.

It was an unusual moment – Harry and Draco both in agreement and wanting the same thing. Harry couldn't resist the pull – his ability to hold on was not as great as Draco's talent for handjobs, it seemed.

Harry took a deep shuddering breath after he had come before and turned to face Draco. 'What was that "facing the desk" for?'

'I like it like that,' said Draco. 'It gives me more options.'

'I don't understand that.'

'You don't have to.'

The silence that fell upon them next wasn't uncomfortable – Harry regained his breath while Draco admired him doing it. Harry noted, much to his surprise, that Draco didn't clean himself up straight away. In fact …

'You're not,' Harry said in disbelief, looking at Draco's hand as he brought it closer to his face.

'You don't think I will?'

'It's not a dare,' said Harry in amazement as Draco examined the substance on his hand more closely.

Draco gave him a sly look before running his mouth along his come-coated index finger. 'Different,' he declared.

'What the fuck,' said Harry, more as a statement rather than a question. He grinned after Draco kissed him again. 'That's actually a bit hot, really,' he admitted.

Draco laughed; it was an oddly attractive kind of laugh – not the bastardly one Harry remembered from their school days.

'What were you trying to say before?' Draco asked as he cleaned off his hand.

Harry remembered and his cheeks went slightly red. 'Er … I was going to say that I'd never gone down on a wizard before.'

'Well … I highly recommend it?' said Draco, once more not at all willing to give in so easily.

Harry was emboldened by his admission and made a direct request: 'May I do it to you?'

Draco gave Harry a look that was almost like real affection. 'Oh, Harry,' he said, placing a hand against Harry's cheek. 'No fucking way.'

'What?' Harry spluttered. 'Why not?'

Draco shrugged. 'Well, if you're never done it before I hardly want your mouth down there, do I?'

'And this … is standard practice? To give head I need experience, but no one will let me go down on them to get the experience I need to give head?' Harry was incredulous.

'Some people are less discerning.'

'Well, I do have some experience,' Harry sniffed in mock sadness. He wouldn't recount the details because it wasn't for him to share them without Ginny's permission- she was extremely unlikely to give it in a situation like this.

Draco held up his hand stop-right-there-like. 'Not interested.'

'You're married,' Harry reminded him.

Draco smiled another of his faint smiles. 'What I do with my wife is not related to what I will do with you.'

It was a seductive promise – for Draco, anyway. Everything he said to Harry seemed like a vague or direct promise; the part of Harry that wanted to know why was almost totally drowned out by the one that just wanted to suck Draco's cock.

'Kiss me again, won't you?' asked Draco. 'You start.'

'We're taking it in turns?'

'We can later,' Draco said with a wink.

'I have never seen you do that before,' said Harry, placing an arm behind Draco's back to draw him closer.


'Wink at me,' said Harry, tilting his head to the side as he engaged the kiss Draco had asked for. This was a slower and more deliberate kiss than the desperate and searching ones they had shared earlier – the only sound that could be heard was the flickering of the fire.

Harry's other hand had found its way to Draco's waist, but it wouldn't stay there for long. As they became entwined, the hands Draco had placed on the sides of Harry's waist had moved up to his shoulders. There was a subtle push downwards and Harry drew himself away from Draco in surprise.

Draco shrugged and then smiled. 'Think of it as work experience.'

'You're sure?' Harry asked, unable to hide the eagerness in his expression.

'I think I like your mouth,' Draco replied, and for his coyness was rewarded with another lingering kiss.

'That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard,' Harry declared.

Draco laughed. 'Shut up and go down on me, already.'

Harry grinned as he descended, though he gave Draco a curious look when one of Draco's hands began to stroke his hair. It wasn't the first display of tenderness between them, but every time one occurred, Harry was surprised.

'Why do you do that?' Harry asked as he loosened Draco's belt.

'I can be affectionate and want your mouth around my cock at the same time,' answered Draco; he then shrugged. 'I'm complex.'

'I see that,' Harry nodded. 'You don't think it's too much?'

'No … do you? I can stop.'

'No – I just find it a bit strange, really.'

'Since you are, in fact, facing my cock as we speak, I'll make this brief,' said Draco. 'I have learned to value the things I have. Yes, this is just another case of someone putting their cock in someone else's mouth, but you don't have to do it, so why would I keep one of the things I enjoy about sex from you or this particular encounter?'

There were too many words in that sentence for Harry – he needed clarification. 'What's the thing?'


Harry stopped short from making a sentimental remark or asking Draco how he could be such a bastard when they were younger – everything Draco said sounded exactly like him, except … it didn't. Harry paused as he thought about it, but soon received a tap on his shoulder.

'Now, if you please,' said Draco. 'Won't you suck me off?'

Harry took a "now or never" approach to this situation like he did all others; he was never one to back away – he was more of a go for it and damn the consequences sort.

He gave Draco's cock a few familiarising strokes with his hand to start with and heard a promising sigh for his efforts. Harry had received head enough times to be very familiar with the practice, so, oddly enough, the person guiding him … was Ginny.

The memory of coming from blowjobs past propelled Harry – he opened his mouth and his tongue gave a few tentative licks. Realising it wasn't poison, he took the tip of Draco's cock into his mouth and sucked.

'That's good,' Draco encouraged him, his breathy voice and hair-stroking hand snapping Harry back.

'Fucking Hell,' Harry declared, looking up at Draco with wide, disbelieving eyes and a grin. 'I have just sucked your cock.'

Draco had his own look of disbelief. 'What?' he said. 'Fuck? I know.' Draco laughed, though he was interrupted by a shudder when Harry gave his cock a few more strokes with his hand.

'I just can't believe it,' Harry said. 'It's like …'

'Learning to ride a broomstick all over again?'

Both of them burst into laughter – it was very childish, but Harry wasn't out of his head enough to know that they needed things like that. It was a real shock to their systems – it was unreal and like a dream and a nightmare, or at least some other bizarre phenomena, like déjà vu, except they hadn't had the chance to do it again yet.

Draco's laughter was once again subsided by Harry's actions. He relaxed when Harry's mouth took half of his cock in again, but tensed up in that delightful fuck,-I-know-I'm-going-to-come feeling when Harry's mouth applied pressure.

There were many ways about head, this Draco knew, and this Harry would learn in time after they had a few more encounters. Draco was more of an active receiver, Harry eventually noted, in that at a particular point he would stop merely being sucked off, and-

'Ha- Harry,' Draco eventually stammered out, placing a steadying hand on Harry's shoulder. 'I'm, I'm going to help you- do you understand?'

There were a few moments between Harry not understanding and Harry totally getting it – Draco began thrusting slightly into his mouth.

Draco Malfoy is fucking my mouth … I don't even know what to think.

It was another go-for-it-and-take-action kind of moment for Harry – if he didn't learn what to do immediately he might choke on cock. He both winced and was slightly amused at the potential headlines such an occurrence would entail – another part of him (guess which? Harry smirked to himself) was strangely aroused by the notion a photograph of the event would be taken. It would be too good of a photo not to run, but somehow Harry didn't see The Daily Prophet being brave enough.

The same part of Harry that enjoyed the notion of a photographic record of this encounter (though not so much the part where he choked) was becoming aroused by Draco's incredible, incredible moans. Harry shuddered before electing to touch himself, his own strokes matching the pace of Draco's fucking and his own sucking. It was a perfect rhyme.

Harry also renewed his earlier wish for a full-length mirror – there was something very appealing about the prospect of seeing himself with Draco's cock sliding in and out of his mouth (or his mouth sliding up and down, as had previously been the case). Pornographic images of himself and Draco during various acts (photographed for The Daily Prophet or not!) flashed through his mind – they enticed him to go on because he wanted those images to be a reality.

The desire to fuck Draco and do nothing else grew with each stroke of Harry's own cock – he wanted Draco to come, then he wanted to kiss him, and then he want to fuck him. In that order, he decided.

The first part of Harry's plans occurred in moments when Draco came, accompanied by his own high-pitched breaths.

'How was it?' Draco asked between breaths.

Harry licked his lips before answering, still stroking his own cock and wearing a thoughtful expression. 'It was worth it.'

Draco gave him a bemused smile. 'You won't be swallowing again?'

'Mm. I think I will,' Harry replied honestly. 'Part of what I liked about it was hearing you while you came, and … feeling you come, as well, if that makes any sense. You have a pretty amazing cock,' Harry said with a grin.

'I enjoy that you can say these things to me,' Draco said, leaning down and forward to give Harry a quick kiss of affirmation. 'I really couldn't give a fuck what you have to say about anything else,' he said, taking Harry by his hands (his cock-stroking one and his free hand) and pulled him up into his arms. 'I usually have Theodore putting his hands down my trousers when you give those reports at the Ministry.'

'So that's why you always sit at the back,' Harry murmured. 'Wait- Theodore? Is he better than me?'

'You're very competitive, aren't you?' Draco remarked. 'He has been doing it longer, you know, but I don't-'

Draco stopped – it seemed like he had said more than he wanted to. It made what he was going to say even more tantalising to Harry.

'What?' Harry asked. 'Tell me.'

'I don't want him like I want you,' Draco admitted, his voice devoid of any sentiment. 'Maybe I'll feel differently after we've fucked every day for a month, but … maybe not. Ever since I realised you would do this I've had hundreds of images of us together in my head.'

Draco had known – how had he known? Harry frowned – was it that obvious? 'When did you know?'

'Tonight – I know a lot of positions,' said Draco, explaining the "hundreds of images" that had occurred to him. Harry really only had one major image of them together in his mind – he knew he shouldn't, but he had to bring it up again …

'I'll laugh at myself for saying this later, but … there really isn't time for a fuck?' said Harry with a grin.

'I'll laugh at you now,' said Draco. 'I don't have anything with me- I can't exactly … well, dry fuck you, as it were, and I don't really want to work under those conditions, either.'

'Work?' Harry repeated with a chuckle.

'I want to be able to slide in and out of you with ease,' said Draco with another kiss.

'Fuck,' said Harry in amusement. 'That is such a cheesy thing to say.'

'Maybe,' Draco admitted with a smile.

'Isn't there a spell for this?'

'There is,' said Draco.

'Of course, you'd know.'

'Of course,' Draco returned Harry's mischievous expression. 'There is a spell,' he replied, 'but it's not a very good one. Who do you think came up with it? Some hard wizard in a bind who needed a quick fix. Besides, I don't really know how the Minister would feel if we came all over his desk and carpet, anyway.'

'That's not a problem,' said Harry. 'There are any number of things that will clean that up.'

'You're insatiable,' Draco remarked, his lips meeting Harry's again.

'I want you inside me,' Harry declared between kisses.

Draco gasped as Harry began to suck on his neck. 'How I can not be when you say that … I don't know.'

Harry's knees felt weak, he was of half a mind to give up standing altogether and just let Draco support him by holding onto his cock. 'You're incredible,' Harry told Draco through excited breaths.

'I know,' Draco agreed. 'I can't fuck you right now,' he said, once again directing Harry to face the desk, 'but there's something else …'

It very soon felt colder than it had a moment before. 'I have no trousers on,' Harry remarked with a slight laugh.

Draco kissed Harry's neck in reply, his hands briefly touching Harry's cock as he settled on his knees.

'What are you …?'

Harry buckled when Draco's tongue entered him and he sprawled forward onto the desk.

'Are you all right?' Draco asked in concern.

'Yes,' Harry gasped, steadying himself up onto his palms – he looked down and beside himself. 'Do that- do that again.'

He couldn't see Draco's arse-obscured face (of course), but he knew Draco had to be grinning. He hoped in the future his cheeks would be familiar enough with the curve of Draco's mouth that they could tell when he was smiling. Right now, however, the expression-related education of his arse was being obstructed by the tongue-related education it was receiving.

Harry found himself rocking forward with each thrust. Another smile came to his face when Draco's hand reached up to join Harry's own to stroke his cock – he decided he would do the same to Draco when this was finished.

The room was filled with the sound of Harry's gasps of pleasure – every time Draco thrust he grasped at the desk, his breath more and more frantic. He could hear his own heartbeat pounding loudly and making the windows shake in their panes-

'Wait …' Harry managed to get out.

That was not his heartbeat.

Draco had stopped and Harry turned around to look at him. 'The spell,' they said in unison.

Draco's spell was manifesting a warning: the room pulsed with a heartbeat of its own, warning that someone was coming …

Harry jumped when he heard the knock on the door ....

Knock. Knock. Knock.

… followed by the rattle of the doorknob and a familiar voice.


It's Ginny, Harry mouthed the words to Draco as he pulled up his trousers and staggered towards the centre of the room. Before Harry could register any response from Draco, he heard another movement … this time from the Rococo Revival-style couch!

Harry's jaw dropped when he saw the elegant figure of Mrs Pansy Malfoy stretch and stand up.

'What. The. Fu-' Harry started to say but was interrupted by Ginny's knocking.

'Harry? Harry? Why is the door locked? What are you doing?'

The colour drained from Draco's face so quickly that it caught Harry by surprise, not as much surprise, however, as when Pansy approached Harry, squared up to her full height, and then plunged a diamond covered fist into his face.

Harry reeled back as Ginny cast a spell. 'Alohomora!</i>

The spell had no effect and the room remained sealed, its heartbeat still pounding in the ears of the occupants.

Though he had bigger problems at that moment, Harry winced when Pansy finally spoke - her voice was acid. 'You're a mess,' she told Harry and Draco both and waved her wand across their clothing, removing any trace of what had just transpired between them. She gave Draco a quick appraisal before turning back to Harry, who was still holding his face. 'That will do,' she remarked, her voice cool, and turned to the door where Ginny was still knocking. 'Draco.'

Draco, who remained as useless as he had been at school, Harry thought with a frown, raised his wand and cast the appropriate spell, the heartbeat of the room desisting immediately and the door unlocking with a click.

'What is going on in here?' Ginny said when the doors flew open – she, too, had her wand drawn. 'Harry!'

'I'm all right,' Harry said as she rushed to him. Ginny examined his face briefly before rounding on Pansy and Draco. 'You,' she said, directing her wand to Draco.

'Please put your wand away,' said Pansy, her voice still icy. 'You might hurt someone.'

Harry caught a flicker of amusement on Draco's face and he wasn't the only one – Ginny saw it, as well.

'Why don't you take your so-called "husband" out of here before he has to face a disciplinary hearing,' Ginny suggested, taking a step back to stand beside Harry.

Anyone else might have been offended at the suggestion a disciplinary hearing of some sort was necessary, but that wasn't what upset Pansy.

'What do you mean by that?' Pansy demanded. Just as she had scrambled to create a plausible excuse for why she and Draco and Harry were in a locked room together, she would scramble again to deflect any aspersion cast on her marriage.

'Come on,' Ginny scoffed. In any other circumstance Harry would have applauded her, but now that he was the beneficiary of Pansy's spin, he couldn't back Ginny up. He wondered if all of the stories he heard about Pansy's temper were based on situations like this one, and he wondered why it was she remained with Draco.

As the two witches argued, the two wizards returned to being their former selves. Neither Harry nor Draco had a spark of any kind in their eyes as they met each other's gaze – strangely, or perhaps typically, there was something in that for both of them.

It took Ron and Hermione's timely intervention (Ron on the side of a riot and smashing the place up, Hermione on the side of getting everyone to be quiet and leave) to break the party up. Ginny didn't notice Harry's unharmed glasses peaking out from Draco's robes.

Harry watched Draco as he and Pansy walked away; Draco didn't look back. He wondered how all of that could have happened and for things to have returned to the way they were so easily and without incident. Harry grinned – it wasn't half bad.

'What are you smiling at?' Ginny asked.

'Malfoy,' Harry said with a shake of his head. 'He is so fucked.'
Tags: [fic], rated: nc-17, round: winter 2007

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