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Happy H/D Holidays daisy_chan!! | It's all in how you wrap it - R

Title: It's all in how you wrap it.
Author: mereol
Rating: R
Pairing: Harry/Draco, written for daisy_chan's request at hd_holidays. Request details: angst, UST, smut, cross dressing, desperate urgency, kissing, infidelity, slavery, AU, dysfunctional but working at it relationship, unfixed sexual roles, drunkenness, snarky banter, Draco being ridiculous, A happy (or at least hopeful) ending is must.

A/N: I tried to hit some of your likes and avoid your dislikes. I hope you like it and Happy Christmas! Beta-read by beautiful_rain and by k8nkane. Brit-picked by _greensweater. Thank you all so very much. ♥

Draco finished knotting his tie and stood back to admire his reflection in the mirror. He ran a hand down the lapel of his blazer and narrowly avoided getting a hard-on over it.

Honestly, if there's something Muggles do well, it's virgin wool in herringbone.

"Lovely. That fabric works well on you, dear," said the mirror and Draco rolled his eyes.

As if there's one that doesn't.

He smirked at himself and blew a kiss to the mirror. Harry was due from work and then they were going to dinner. It was Christmas Eve, and they had a tradition of having dinner together, alone, and exchanging their gifts. Draco didn't want to share the gifts he gave Harry with anyone, and dinner tonight was the stipulation Draco had for spending all of the following day with Harry's friends. Christmas Eve was his.

Noise coming from the kitchen made him suspect Harry had come home already, but when he opened the door, he found only Hedwig standing serenely on the kitchen table, scratching at the letter affixed to her leg. Draco's stomach sank instantly. He knew what Hedwig arriving with a letter meant: Harry was running late again. The past few weeks had Harry staying at work later and later. He took the letter from Hedwig and offered her an owl treat from the container they kept on the counter. She nipped it delicately from his fingers and flew off. Draco sat down and unrolled the parchment.


I'm tied up here and won't be able to meet you for dinner.

Could you take care of something for me? We're giving Hermione and Ron tickets that I couldn't have dispatched by owl. Could you collect them from County Hall in South Bank? I want to have them for tomorrow. It won't take you long to pop over there. Apparate to Jubilee Gardens and the ticket counter is right there.

I'm sorry again. I had hoped to meet you for dinner, but I just got into something I can't get out of on my own. I'll be home late, but I promise to make it up to you. Sorry, Harry

Draco balled the letter in his hand and chucked it across the kitchen.

Well, isn't this just splendid? It's Christmas Eve, you fucking prick!

Harry was so often tied up at work that Draco might not have minded had it been any other night. This night was theirs; Draco had refused his mother’s customary invitation to the Malfoy Snow Ball because of it, too.

To be fair, Mother would most likely die of apoplexy if I actually accepted the invitation after refusing all these years. It wouldn’t do to do her in by a simple R.S.V.P. on Christmas, would it?

He smirked and walked out of the kitchen toward his bedroom with the intention of changing out of his suit before Apparating to County Hall.

Damn you, Harry. I'm not wasting Gieves & Hawkes on the Weasel for fuck's sake.

Despite his anger, he to care to hang his blazer (it had cost £1,600 after all) –and stripped off the rest of his clothes. He donned a pair of warm, loose-fitting trousers and a cashmere jumper he'd purchased for Harry two years ago. It was still in its box; Harry had yet to wear it. He snatched his wand from the kitchen table, thought of the hoards of ill-mannered and foul-smelling Muggles his father had told him frequented public places like Jubilee Gardens and shuddered before he Apparated.


Draco located the ticket counter quite easily. There was only one problem: it appeared to be closed for the night.

He cast a Tempus charm to check the time and swore.

Well, shite. Now what?

Despite it being Christmas Eve, he was surprised at how quiet it was. All his experience with Muggles made him believe that they were nothing if not incredibly noisy. The night had an almost solemn air to it though, and if he hadn't been so furious, Draco thought he might have taken a moment to enjoy the silence. It wasn't until he took a moment to look around with interest that he noticed the enormous structure rising out of the river behind him. He jumped in spite of himself and swore.

What the bloody hell is that?

He walked cautiously toward the gigantic wheel and noticed that the outer rim was moving, albeit very slowly. Closer inspection showed numerous capsules resting at the end of every spoke. Draco moved his hand into his pocket to wrap it around his wand. A magnification charm on one of the capsules revealed that there were people inside, gazing outward through the glass. No one seemed to be looking at him, but he broke the charm anyway and kept his hand on his wand as he stepped toward the wheel for a closer look. The sudden appearance of a person to his side drew his attention away from the structure and Draco jumped.

His heart began to pound when he realised that he knew that silhouette.


Draco said nothing as they stared at each other.

What. The. Fuck.

Harry broke into a brisk walk and was closing the distance between them fast. Draco crossed his arms upon his approach.

Grinning, Harry said, "Hi. You found the place all right, then?"

"Did you just meet me?" asked Draco, coldly.

"What?" said Harry, clearly taken aback.

"What about me made you think I would appreciate a prank like this?"

"This isn't a p--"

"You're supposed to be working after you cancelled on me for dinner. I gave up reservations at Andrew Edmunds, I’ll have you know; those are obscenely hard to get, even for me."

Harry paled as Draco advanced on him, shouting all the while.

"I didn't real--"

"You didn't what? Realise that you had plans tonight?"

"No! Of course I knew. I wanted to, er, surprise you with something different this year, that's all," he said with a gesture to the wheel behind him.

If his anger with Harry hadn't been absolute, Draco might have conceded that Harry's plan to surprise him had, in effect, worked. He was very surprised. The problem was that he wasn't the least bit happy about it.

He raised his eyebrows. "Surprise? What's the fucking surprise?"

"Well... this," he said and he gestured behind him again. "I made plans for us to, um, have dinner on The Eye; I wanted to... I have, ... thought you'd appreciate..." his voice trailed away.

Incredulous, Draco's eyes widened and moved from Harry's face to the enormous structure behind him. It was alight and it gave Harry's head a sort of halo effect, which Draco pointedly ignored.

"So," he said, "I'm not certain I understand. You honestly thought I'd appreciate being led to believe that you have to work late, again, and being sent on a fool's errand to Merlin knows where in Muggle London to collect a Christmas gift for the Weasel--"

"His name is Ron," snapped Harry. "Can't you use his name just once?"

Draco's gaze returned to Harry's face and he narrowed his eyes. "No," he said, simply. "Are there actually tickets to collect?"

Harry shook his head and sighed. "I didn't know how else to get you here. Look," he said, and ran a hand through his hair. "This isn't how I thought this would go at all." A longing glance toward what Draco now knew was called 'The Eye,' and Harry cast his eyes downward. "Why don't we go--"

Draco stared at his bowed head. "Where the fuck are we going to go? We've missed our reservations and the only thing edible at home is that castle roll you made last week." He ignored Harry's mutter of the proper pronunciation of 'casserole' and sighed. He wanted to kick something.

What a cock up.

"I dunno. Could we call the restaurant for a table, do you think?" Harry was saying.

"I'm sure they've given it away by now. It's the best restaurant in Soho," he sniped and as Harry's face fell, Draco made a decision he knew he would probably regret. He didn't want to fight with Harry, not right now anyway, so he decided to give their argument a brief hiatus until they got home.

"What is this, anyway?" he asked, and inclined his toward The Eye.

Harry peered at him through his fringe and Draco avoided meeting his eye. He knew Harry would be feeling smug about piquing his interest at last. "It's called The London Eye."

"Really. I get that. What's the point of it?"

Harry manoeuvered himself so that Draco was forced to look him in the eye. He held his hand out and Draco reluctantly took it, twining their fingers together.

Best to let him think he's won this round; it is Christmas Eve after all. He'll pay for fucking up my night.

"It's an observation wheel. Muggles built it to celebrate the turning of the century, or something like that. See those glass cars?" he pointed to the capsules Draco had observed earlier. "You ride in those as it goes round. As you get higher, you can see clear across London."

Draco would have appreciated Harry's child-like excitement had he not felt the need to say, "You're an idiot, you know that? Are you a wizard or not?"


"You have access to all sorts of magical means of transportation. Broomsticks, flying carpets, winged creatures... things like that, yeah? You've travelled across London on one or another of all those things, what would you need... actually, no, fuck that. What makes you think I need a trip on a bloody Muggle-made contraption to see clear across London? I have a broom, several in fact. I can fly. I don't need Muggle shite to--. What?"

Harry smirked at him and Draco stopped speaking.

"Of course, we could just fly, Draco. That's not the point, is it? We've flown to Scotland and back more than once. What we've never done, though," he said as he snaked an arm around Draco's waist. His mouth was pressed to his ear and Draco closed his eyes when he felt the world spin. It righted itself and he opened his eyes to the realisation that Harry had Apparated them into one of the capsules. "...is shag with the city laid beneath our feet."

Draco's eyes widened again and Harry sealed his mouth over his.


He broke the kiss and stepped back. "Look, I appreciate what you, um, had in mind. I just don't think-"

He felt Harry step in behind him again and hum in agreement. Harry's voice next to his ear said, "I'm sorry you’re fucked off at me about this, Draco. Could you just give this a chance?"

The capsule moved higher and Draco’s eyes fell on St. Paul’s Cathedral. The entire façade of the cathedral was bathed in crisp, white light. His eyes moved across the London skyline and he sighed. It really was a beautiful sight. He nodded and leaned his head on Harry's shoulder. Vaguely, he wondered aloud what had happened to the dinner Harry had planned.

"Um, dinner? I'm not... sure," said Harry, and Draco felt his upper body tense. He opened his eyes.

"What do you mean you aren't sure?"

"Well, I, didn't plan for... Um... We were supposed to check-in at the boarding platform!” he said exuberantly. “There were reservations there and..." his voice trailed away and Draco thought his excitement over missing their reservations was a bit less than believable. He was furious over missing the reservations he made, after all.

"So, we're actually not eating then?"


"I'm not shagging you on an empty stomach, Harry."


Draco smiled and turned around to face him. "You promised me dinner. It is clearly not going to be at Andrew Edmunds, and now it's looking like it is not going to be here either? I. Am. Hungry."

He poked Harry in the middle of the chest and frowned. Something beneath Harry's robe felt... off. He'd have expected to discover that Harry was still dressed for work, but it certainly hadn't felt as though a loosely knotted tie and oxford was under Harry's robes. "What are you wearing?"

Harry flushed and stepped back. He mumbled, "Nothing," and moved as though he was fishing for something in his robe pocket. "Well, I guess we should just go then? I'll make something when we get ho--"

"What do you have on under there?" Draco interrupted, and he retrieved his wand from his trousers. Pointing it at Harry, he fixed a look to his face that told him, quite clearly, that he should stay right where he was. To his credit, Harry didn't move a muscle below the neck. His brow furrowed and his eyes took on the stubborn look that for all it irritated Draco, was more than just a little sexy.

"It doesn't mat--"

"Oh, but it does. I got all dressed up for you, didn't I? True, I've changed my outfit since I thought we were going to a restaurant instead of, well... I want to see what you chose to seduce me in." He smirked at Harry. To his surprise, Harry flushed further and looked at the capsule door as though he could will it to open, irregardless of the fact that they were atop one of the tallest structures in London and there wasn't a broom or flying carpet in sight. They stared at each other, both of them challenging the other to back down. Draco wondered how long Harry's trademark stubbornness would hold out while he was held at wand point. He saw Harry worry the cuff of his sleeve and Draco grinned.

Not as long as I'd expected at all. Harry's hiding something.

"Abeo," he whispered, and Harry's robe vanished. He hadn't intended to rid Harry of all his clothes -- just his robe -- and Draco was gratified that the spell had worked as he'd intended. He inhaled deeply and lowered his wand hand. Ignoring Harry's groan of discomfort (or relief) he raised just the tip of his wand and muttered, "Incarcerous." Harry's arms were pinned to his body and his eyes widened in surprise.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" he said under his breath as he stepped forward, his eyes raking over Harry's body. He released him from the full body bind before he put his wand in his pocket and ran his palm over where the black leather stretched across Harry's waist. The tips of his fingers just grazed the stitching of the corset Harry wore and he exhaled deeply through his nose. "Is this part of the surprise too?" he murmured, and felt rather than saw Harry nod.

He knew Harry was watching him, his eyes riveted on Draco's face, but Draco had eyes only for the garment that adorned Harry's chest and torso. It was more of a dress than strictly a corset, with leather lacings on the top and bottom. Harry had neither chest nor pussy to reveal by unlacing the corset, but the dress fit him deliciously just the same. His figure was oddly hourglass-shaped and as Draco circled around the back of him, he saw why. The entire back laced up and Harry had pulled the strings tight to meet in the middle, giving him curves that would not ordinarily be there.

I just might have to add leather to the list of things that Muggles do well.

Harry wore garters that held up fishnet stockings. A cursory glance told Draco that not only had Harry gotten all dressed up for him, he'd shaved his legs, too.

He ran his hand down Harry's arse to cup his cheeks where they just peeked out between leather and fishnet. He slipped a few fingers in between arsecheeks and grinned to himself. Harry had shaved absolutely everything.

Happy Fucking Christmas, Draco.

"So...," began Harry in a confident tone that was this side of smug, "...still too hungry to shag?"

"Mm," Draco murmured as he worked his hand between Harry's cheeks. He nudged Harry's feet apart with his own and placed his free hand on Harry's shoulder. "On your knees," he said, quietly, and removed his hand from Harry's arse. A slight push on his shoulder and Harry dropped to the ground. Draco noticed him shiver and knew that it had nothing to do with the temperature inside the capsule.

He's been waiting for this.

Draco circled back around and ran a finger along the side of Harry's jaw. He bent at the waist and caressed down Harry's neck with the palm of his hand before delving between leather and skin to touch Harry's chest. His skin was moist with sweat and anticipation.

I should know by now not to underestimate him. Clearly he understands me better than I've ever given him credit for.

He brought his hand back up Harry's chest, over his neck, and cupped his chin. Coaxing Harry to tilt his head up to look at him, Draco stood to his full height. Harry gazed up at him, his eyes burning with lust. His lips parted and Draco watched as his tongue darted out to wet them.

"Did you even make plans for dinner?" he asked, and smiled as Harry shook his head. "I didn't think so. I have to say I'm impressed. You managed to coax quite the range of emotions from me tonight, haven't you? Did you enjoy yourself?"

Harry smirked at him. "I told you I wanted to do something different this year. I just wanted to give you something you really wanted but wouldn't be able to buy yourself."

"Hm. You put me through a lot tonight, which even I think is fairly fucked up, but you had yourself gift-wrapped in leather. I can't find any fault with that. It is most definitely something I would not have been able to purchase."

"Well, then," said Harry, and he clasped his hands together behind his back. He thrust his hips forward and Draco could see just how much he had been looking forward to this night. "What should we do now?"

They exchanged a long, heated look before Draco stepped forward. He wound his hand behind Harry's head and carded his fingers gently through his hair. A soft tug turned into a firm grip and Draco smiled as Harry's eyes widened again. "Oh, I'm sure I'll think of something. We've hours of Christmas Eve left; you're going to pay for fucking up my night," he said, and he sealed his mouth over Harry's.

The End
Tags: [fic], rated: r, round: winter 2006

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